Will there be a Government Shutdown Tomorrow Oct. 1st 2013?…PDog Poll

As requested we’re up with a PDog snap poll asking for votes from our readers on if they think the House and Senate will be able cut a deal to NOT shut down the American Government (Actually partially do so)…Or Not…..

Please put in your vote……..

The poll will close tonight before 11:59 PM….

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…from Nice Kicks…..


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What drives those who who do Not like or Trust their President…..

The Cult of Obama

by DEBRA HEINE @breitbart

In response to The cult of government:

Even creepier than the cult of government is the cult of Obama as exemplified by a caller on CSPAN, today.Even creepier than the cult of government is the cult of Obama as exemplified by a caller on CSPAN, today.

These are the people who will loyally support their Messiah through all of his lies, flip flops and scandals because in their eyes, he’s incapable of doing wrong.

They will allow their children to be used as miniature propagandists singing songs of praise to him. They will allow themselves and their children to be used as political props at Obama speeches. When Obama says their health care premiums will go down by 3000% they applaud wildly. When Obama gives a partisan speech while a mass shooting is unfolding only a few miles away from the White House, they think nothing of it. When Obama said the IRS targeting of conservatives was “outrageous”, and those responsible would “be held fully accountable”,  they swooned. When he said two months later that it was a phony scandal, they swooned. The Messiah knows all – he can do no wrong.

They’re not interested in hearing about his troublesome family background,  his radical associations, or his support for post abortion infanticide in the Illinois Senate. All they know is the great Obama narrative he has  so carefully cultivated – the God-like Obamessiah – who all must love or they’re dirty rotten racists fiends who are going to H-E-double toothpicks.

It’s kind of a scary situation.

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THE KOOL-AID CAUCUS in the House…..

…from twitter….

Keep in mind, we’re talking about a short-term CR. We’re gonna have to do this all again in 6 or 10 weeks. Makes GOP demands even crazier.

photo…huffington post/ap

That’s what the Huffington Post calls the House Conservative GOP members…….

House Republicans may appear to observers to be pushing the government toward a shutdown, but that’s not even remotely how they see it.

The GOP rank-and-file still believe that the Senate might accept and the White House might sign a one-year delay of Obamacare in exchange for two months of sequester-level spending to briefly stave off a government shutdown.

“How dare you?” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said when reporters asked how the House would respond when the Senate rejected its offer. He grew angrier as he continued to question how one could assume the bill was dead on arrival in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

“I have never foreseen a government shutdown and I continue not to see a government shutdown,” said Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.), who was a senior Hill staffer before being elected to Congress in 2010. “The Senate has plenty of time to deal with this. This is good, common middle ground that is in this package. I think we’re gonna get a big bipartisan vote in the House. I think we’re gonna get a big vote in the Senate too.”

Voters in survey after survey overwhelmingly say Republicans will be to blame for any shutdown. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has repeatedly said that all GOP attempts to attach Obamacare changes to a government funding bill will be rejected out of hand. President Barack Obama has consistently promised a veto.

Yet it hasn’t penetrated. House Republicans’ inability to recognize the same reality as voters and their opponents has made it virtually impossible to come to a deal.

“We just need to stand firm. I think we may get Democrats on this,” said Rep. Tom Massie (R-Ky.).

A reporter asked why the president would sign a bill undermining his signature health care law. “He had 22 Democrats vote for a delay of the individual mandate back in July. I think you will get Democrats. I will predict that,” Massie said Saturday afternoon…..


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Gerrymandering and the Our Government right now….

First, kill all the ‘gerrymander-ers’

byIan Reifowitz @ Daily Kos….

Yes, I know Shakespeare didn’t actually endorse killing all the lawyers, (the line is spokenin his play Henry VI by a villain). And yes, I know “gerrymanderers” isn’t really a word (try and say it 10 times fast). What I also know is that gerrymandering, among otherfactors, has created a Republican House majority where virtually all its members havenothing to fear from being seen as too right-wing, in particular on fiscal/spending issues. Not only is their extremism a problem because of the noxiousness of their views, it is especially dangerous because of the way our Congress was designed to function—namely that, absent a landslide victory, one party can make it virtually impossible to get anything done, even the most basic tasks like paying our bills on time. Gerrymandering feeds that extremism, in particular on the right and in particular in the House of Representatives.

At least in the Senate, at some point, Republican primary voters may realize that nominating the Christine O’Donnells, Todd Akins, Sharron Angles, Ken Bucks and Richard Mourdocks of the world only leads to Democratic victories in all but the reddest of states. Either way, those extremists did not become senators. In the House, however, Stuart Rothenberg currently ranks 211 out of 234 Republican-held House seats as safely Republican in 2014. The safety of these seats means that the only flank 90 percent of House Republicans need to cover is their right flank, as no Republican nominee will be too Teahadist to lose a general election in these districts—thanks in large part to gerrymandering.

Look, I have no problem with the Republican Party campaigning to repeal Obamacare, as they did in 2012. But they lost. The people spoke, and re-elected the president. The party that loses cannot be allowed to implement its agenda as if it won. It certainly cannot be allowed to threaten defaulting on our debts if it doesn’t get its agenda passed—after losing an election. That would mean the end of democracy as we know it. Non-extremist Republicans like Sen. John McCain understand this. As President Obama succinctly putit:

That’s why we have elections.

It’s not just that the extremist policies put forth by tea party Republicans offend any decent sense of morality, deny the notion of the common good, and would weaken us as a country. It’s that our Congress is structured in a way that the extremism of one group can—if one party has the White House and Senate and the other holds the House of Representatives—literally bring the country to its knees in a way that could not happen under other kinds of legislative systems.


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Open Thread for September 29, 2013….The Healthcare/Shutdown Show Plays Center stage

Here we go again people….

How many times have we been here?

The Republican’s in Congress trying to screw President Obama by getting rid of his signature program the Affordable Healthcare Law…..

Meaningless votes against the program in the House….

Rants against the program which they are correct in saying has been poorly explained…

And No offerings of reasonable changes in the law….

The Healthcare Exchanges kick in on Tuesday even if the House and the Senate can’t get a Continuing Resolution done….

The Program is here to stay….

The President is gonna be around for another 3 years….

We’ll see how the show plays…..

And how many people would be hurt by it having a prolonged run….

Oh, yea….

That will NOT include Congress which had made sure they get around the Law and the shutdown of the government if that should occur….


Almost as bad as the Business Masters of the Universe, eh?

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Senate Hawks want MORE sanctions against Iran….

These guys want to make sure the Iranian’s don’t roll President Obama, eh?

Declaring themselves “underwhelmed” by President Hassan Rouhani’s peace overtures, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) took to The Washington Post to make their case. Their op-ed throws cold water on the White House’s optimism that administration officials can reach a deal with Rouhani to avert a showdown over Tehran’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

“We expected a charm offensive. We readied ourselves for a possible diplomatic breakthrough. But we were left underwhelmed,” they wrote.

“In the coming days, we will be outspoken in our support for furthering sanctions against Iran, requiring countries to again reduce their purchases of Iranian petroleum and imposing further prohibitions on strategic sectors of the Iranian economy.”

The senators outlined “four strategic elements” they say are “necessary to achieve a resolution of this issue: an explicit and continuing message that the United States will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapons capability, a sincere demonstration of openness to negotiations by Iran, the maintenance and toughening of sanctions and a convincing threat of the use of force.”

They said they had been “cautiously hopeful” ahead of Rouhani’s visit to the U.N. General Assembly in New York last  week. But they said they were disappointed by several incidents……


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As the Republicans follow the Conservatives off the Polical Cliff…..

The show is now ‘ We don’t want to repeal it….We want to delay it for one year?’

Cruz says this morning….’ I didn’t want to repeal it…I wanted to defund it?’

Why GOP Will Lose Fight Over Obamacare

David Frum: “All in all, it’s hard to see any positive outcome emerging for Republicans from this confrontation. Yet the party is charging forward anyway. Why?”

“The short answer is a breakdown in the party’s ability to govern itself. It can’t think strategically. Even when pressed to do something overwhelmingly likely to end in disaster, as this shutdown looks likely to do for Republicans, the party has no way to stop itself. It stumbles into fights it cannot win, gets mad, and then in its anger lurches into yet another fight that ends in yet another loss.”

John Avlon: “Republicans have lost control of the conservative populist forces that helped them ride to congressional victory in 2010. These folks are happy to ruin if they cannot rule. But the real reason the rot of polarisation is setting in is because the rigged system of redistricting has created safe districts where Republican congressmen will only lose their seats if they are challenged from the right in closed partisan primaries… So the GOP congressional leadership is caught in a trap of their own making, without the ability to govern responsibly as they not-so-secretly see fit.”



Boehner and the GOPer’s are now crying that the Senate isn’t coming back until tomorrow to vote on the house  bill….

The Show goes on….

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The Healthcare Law Excahnges will kick in on Tuesday…People have choices to make

While the show goes on in Congress…..

The fact is the Affordable Healthcare exchanges will open for business on Tuesday….

People are going to have make choices and the Administration has been remiss in explaining what those choices are….

The Healthcare Law IS complex….

But it will offer millions of American’s a chance to get Healthcare Insurance and in most cases….


While some people desperate for coverage will need no persuading to sign up, for others the decision will amount to a series of complicated calculations that would challenge an accounting whiz, let alone an ordinary human: Are the new plans less expensive or more generous than existing ones? How do premiums and out-of-pocket costs compare? Are the networks of doctors and hospitals the most desirable? Who qualifies for how much of a subsidy, and what is the tax penalty for a miscalculation?

How millions of people answer these questions over the next six months will be vital to determining whether the Affordable Care Act lives up to its name and its ambitious goal of helping more people buy the coverage they need.

Much is at stake for insurers as well: they must attract enough healthy people to pay for the care of sicker patients and price their offerings to keep premiums low enough to be competitive but high enough to be sustainable.

Health insurance “is a very complex product,” said Lynn Quincy, a senior health policy analyst for Consumers Union in Washington. “It is going to be more complex this time around because things are changing, and people are confused about the changes.”

As the state insurance exchanges are set to open, we talked to people around the country who will be among the first to give them a test drive. For some, the law could provide welcome relief from mounting medical bills; for others, a break from rising premiums. Still others must decide whether insurance is right for them at all…..


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On the House Vote to send the Country into a Shutdown…Based on the Healthcare Law…


Check the comments to this post for the House vote sequence….

The partisn politcal name calling is now ggoing on as the House Republican majority votes for something it KNOW’s will cause a partial shut of their Government…..

It HAS come to this on the stage of this political theatre….

A full political theater was on display in the late hours of Saturday night, as a bitterly partisan battle over funding the government and the health care law unfolded only a matter of hours before a potential shutdown of federal operations on Tuesday.

It’s doubtful that significant numbers of Americans were tuned into C-Span for a debate that coincided with the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.” But for those who were, lawmakers from both side of the aisle made sure viewers got a show.

“Your hate for this president is coming before the love of this country,” Scott, the Georgia Democrat, declared.

“The president will talk to the dictator of Tehran but won’t negotiate with a House of Representatives with a majority elected by our constituents to do everything in our power to delay, defund or stop Obamacare,” Culberson scoffed.

The conclusion was essentially foregone long before the first lawmaker stood up to deliver remarks on the House floor. Democrats would lend their support to pass a military pay bill, but not before they got up to whack Republicans over the looming shutdown.

Repeatedly, Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.), who was presiding over the chamber, tapped his gavel to remind lawmakers to direct comments to the chair, not directly to others.

But that didn’t stop the attacks from coming.

“If we don’t send an exact bill back to the Senate, not a colon, not a semicolon, not a paragraph, not a word different, the government will shut down,” warned Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.).

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel brought up the Road Runner, an old Looney Tunes cartoon character, to accuse Republicans of pushing the economy off a cliff. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said of tea party-backed lawmakers: They “came here not as public servants, but to destroy and decimate our government.”

Republicans rolled up their sleeves and threw some punches, too.


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Texas Governor Rick Perry’s wife understands that ‘Abortion Could be a Women’s Right’

Now she was careful to say She wouldn’t do it….

But in an interview she deliberately tipped toe around an issue her husband has stud STRONGLY against….

That issue of Abortion and the Texas laws against it being practiced widely in that state is surely going be a part of the Wendy Davis …Abbott campaign for Governor next year…..

One gets the impression that current Governors wife ‘could’ be a different page then her husband…..

Could that page be the same as a female Democrat running to take up her husbands job when he leaves?

Anita Perry: Abortion ‘Could Be A Women’s Right’ (VIDEO)


Anita Perry, wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), declared Saturday that abortion “could be a women’s right.”

When pressed on women’s rights by Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith at the 2013 Texas Tribune Festival, the First Lady of Texas said, “That’s really difficult for me, Evan, because I see it as a women’s right. If they want to do that, that is their decision; they have to live with that decision.”

“Mrs. Perry, I want to be sure you didn’t just inadvertently make news,” Smith replied. “Are you saying that you believe abortion is a women’s right, to make that choice?”

Smith pressed again, asking if she believed it’s a person’s decision within the law, to which Anita Perry replied, “Yeah, that could be a women’s right. Just like it’s a man’s right if he wants to have some kind of procedure. But I don’t agree with it, and that’s not my view.”


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Senator Ted Cruz has few GOP friends right now in the US Senate….


Oh, there’s quite a few reasons…..

But mainly cause he’s out on his own…

And gone after his fellow party Senator’s to the delight on right wing Conservatives….

These are things a Junior Senator is NOT supposed to do……

He weakened the GOP’s position in the coming budget debates: Right now Republicans should be unified in their opposition to President Obama’s budget policies. The president’s approval rating is at the low end of his tenure, and the country supports the GOP’s position on reducing spending. Why did Sen. Cruz drive this enormous wedge in the Republican Party on the eve of big and important fights with the White House?

He’s fooled the grassroots: By suggesting that Obamacare could actually be defunded through his Senate action, he confused voters by setting expectations that could never be met. Furthermore, he was an enabler to interest groups who sold that “bill of goods,” as Sen. Tom Coburn put it, so that they might raise more money from the grassroots.

Pressure: Members of Congress are getting lots of heat from their constituents to support Cruz in his effort. He will be able to cause headaches in the future based on the permanent false distrust he has created between members and their constituents.

Jealousy: In a matter of months, Cruz has built a base of support that allowed him to act as the de facto Republican leader of the Senate.

Breaking Reagan’s Commandment: Cruz says he has not attacked Republicans specifically, but in his alliance with Jim DeMint, the former South Carolina senator and now president of the Heritage Foundation, he has done something more powerful. He has helped raise money to run advertisements against incumbent Republican senators.


Please check out some of the things Cruz has made his fellow Republicans pissed at….
It is their view that in the end Cruz’s antic will play to strengthen the President’s hand in dealing with the budget and debt ceiling…..
That will help Cruz with rightwingnuts but could mean less Republicans in Congress when the dust from the 2014 midterm elections clears….
But the Cruz and the rightwingnut don’t really care about THAT do they?
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A Govt Shutdown would Not effect many….At First….

But if it was to drag on?

That’s a different story…..

What Happens in a Government Shutdown?

CBS News: “Programs deemed essential — like air traffic control systems, Medicare, and food inspections — would keep running. The U.S. Postal Service is self-funded, so operations would continue uninterrupted.”

“Still, millions of federal workers deemed non-essential would be furloughed with no guarantee of back-pay. Social Security checks and veterans’ benefits would still go to recipients, but they could go out late, since there would be fewer workers to process them. Additionally, passport and visa applications could be put on hold, as well as small business and home mortgage lending programs. National parks and museums would be closed.”

“While monuments in Washington would be closed, the Capitol building would stay open. Congress is exempted from the furloughs, though some lawmakers could protest that rule.”

Wall Street Journal: “The federal government employs roughly 2.8 million civilians and has an annual payroll of more than $200 billion. But the U.S. economy is enormous and, by many accounts, life would simply go on for most people post-shutdown. The military would still be on duty. “Essential services,” such as air traffic control would continue. Social Security checks would still arrive in the mailbox.”

“Still, there are many places where the effects could become palpable very quickly. The federal government may be a massive public-sector employer, but in many ways the distribution of its employees is like that of a private-sector giant, with a big central headquarters and key satellite offices that are the base of many local economies.”

For a complete list of what’s affected if the government shuts down, the White House has posted agency contingency plans…..

Wonk Wire…..


Let’s remember the Conservative House Caucus wants less government …..

So the cuts will play good probably in their districts to voters who are against ‘Big Government’ and their Democratic President….And would help them in a primary campaign against someone coming at them from the hard right….

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Lt Gov Dewhurst warns his fellow GOP party members in Texas to come out a vote….

Dewhurst reminds Republicans in Texas that elections are not won on anything else but the number of votes….

The Texas politican will be runnig against Texas Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis  and while Dehurst has upwards of $20 Million in his war chest….He knows that national Democrats are gonna be pouring help and money to get out the Democratic and Independant voters in Texas for the Governor race vote….

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said here on Saturday that Texas could turn blue if Republicans get “complacent.”

“If we’re complacent, yeah, it could happen,” said Dewhurst, who last year lost to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the state’s GOP Senate primary.

Dewhurst, speaking at the Texas Tribune Festival, said efforts to flip the deep-red Lone Star State to the Democrats probably wouldn’t be successful “today,” but could eventually pan out. The state is home to Battleground Texas, an effort to turn the state blue led by Obama veterans.

Elections are “decided by who turns out,”



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The Iranian President returns Home to mixed reviews on Peace talks….

American politicians and others in the Middle east aren’t to excited about what can happen in talks to stop the Iranian’s Nuclear weapons pursuit for relaxed sanctions….

It seems that there are some in Iran who feel the same way…..

While the crowds that greated Iranian Presiant Rouhani where Not big…….

ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani leaves Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport upon his arrival from New York, on September 28, 2013.

Some the crowd where angry that their President had spoken of accommodation with America….

Others though, Where excited and praised their President for his efforts…..

One wonders how much time Rouhani will be given to pursue his push…..

One also wonders if others in Iran embrace the notion of No nuclear weapons as much as their President does…And will they let him keep his plan to NOT gain them?

Many Iranians seemed surprised but pleased by the possibility that the long troubled relationship could soon be mended.

“Hassan went to New York to bring back a message from Hussein,” Ali Zamani, a 52-year-old bank manager, said jokingly, referring to the first name of the Iranian president and Obama’s middle name. Hassan and Hussein are central figures in Shiite Islam, brothers who are revered as saints.

The Friday announcement, made via Rouhani’s Twitter account and verified by Iranian state media, capped a month of diplomatic moments between the United States and Iran that only weeks earlier seemed unfathomable. Both sides discussed their openness to begin direct talks in the days leading up to the General Assembly, but when Rouhani did not attend a luncheon for heads of state, many feared momentum would slow.

Newspapers picked up Friday’s news with evocative headlines. “Obama’s last minute call to Rouhani,” the reformist daily Shargh declared over a story that hailed the presidents for agreeing to prepare “the grounds for cooperation as soon as possible.”

Most dailies published large photographs of Secretary of State John F. Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on their front pages Saturday. The images of the two men smiling were taken at ameeting of top diplomats held to discuss ways to resolve international concerns over Iran’s nuclear program.

Hard-line officials here wasted no time in offering their own interpretation of the events.

“The world’s respect for our president is a result of our nation’s resistance,” Ghasem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, told the Fars News Agency on Saturday.

“Obama and Rouhani’s telephone conversation shows Iran’s power. When the U.S. president wants to talk with our president, it demonstrates that Iran’s position in the world is important,”


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The House pushes for a Govt Shutdown with a One Year Healthcare Delay offer…

I’m beginning to think that there WILL be a shutdown of some sort…

GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner doesn’t have the votes to get past his conservative GOP caucus in the House right now and they DON’T really care what happens with the Government….

After all making the Government go away is something these people have said they want anyway….

We KNOW that if President Obama gives in to this ….The Healthcare Law will never come back….

Besides the Healthcare exchanges start to works as of Tuesday even if there IS no Continuing Resolution on the Budget….

Stay tuned….

There is talk that the Senate will come back tomorrow to turn down the House Bill….

The show must go on!

Republicans seemed to recognize that risk Saturday. Their new proposal also includes a measure that would continue to pay U.S. military forces, eliminating one of the most politically sensitive impacts if a shutdown comes.

“The American people don’t want a government shut down, and they don’t want Obamacare,” Boehner and his lieutenants said in a statement, after Republicans met in the basement of the Capitol. “We will do our job and send this bill over, and then it’s up to the Senate to pass it and stop a government shutdown.”

If the bill passes the House, it would be a serious risk for Boehner, a beleagured speaker who has often seen risks turn out badly in the past.

Even before Saturday’s meeting began, it was clear that senior Republicans understood these possible consequences. Some rank-and-file Republicans said they now see no way out of the shutdown.

Rep. Thomas J. Rooney (R-Fla.) said a shutdown was now “likely.”



Actually giving the GOP the shutdown is probabaly the ONLY way Boehner can any wiggle room in this….

Just as Senator Ted Cruz did his speaking thing and then voted for closure….The shutdown will probabaly be enough to shake lose the few GOP votes to put together with Democrats to get a CR done and to increase the Debt Ceiling….

Both things WILL get done eventually , or the American Economt will be put back into the toliet by the GOP which will blame the President but be worried about voter backlash in swing House District election next year….


…from twitter…

Reid: To be absolutely clear, the Senate will reject both 1-year delay of the Affordable Care Act and the repeal of the medical device tax


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