We have a Shut Down coming at us people…..Update…The Shutdown IS going into effect

The U.S. Capitol is pictured. | AP Photo


It’s moer of a partial one in fact….

Most of American will NOT feel any of it…

But people who work in those department effected WILL….

Right now my feeling is Boehner feels he HAS to get this to satisfy the Ted Cruz people….

There has a focus on negociating something in the last few hours but what?

The Ted Cruz group want the Healthcare Bill….

Right now Senate majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama have made it clear they’ll talk about anything BUT….

ANY changes in Healthcare….

With that…..What Next?

Does this go on for a few hours?

A few Days?

A few Weeks?

If it last the long?

Will the GOP House try to drag the country into a Recession?

Just to politically hurt a President they hate?

Will their efforts to rewrite the 2012 election results work?

Will the President change his mind and delay the law or mandate?

How far will the Ted Cruz crowd go with this?


Update from twitter…..

RT : Reid repeats himself on saying the Senate will not go to conference on the CR.

President Obama late tonight signed the military pay bill into law, a White House official tells CNN’s Jim Acosta.

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38 thoughts on “We have a Shut Down coming at us people…..Update…The Shutdown IS going into effect”

  1. Get this …..

    Boehner is UP within his party….

    The House people are almost soley worried about getting picked off in primary runs from the Right…..


    Hating Obama as their President…..

    1. Not a good look for those who work FOR the Government and will be told to saty home without pay….

      This sucks….

      It’s politics at it’s worst…..

      The Tea party/Ted Cruz people get what THEY wanted…..

      800,000 people are effected and more….

      It could cost a Billion a week….

      Anyone who tells you they KNOE long this will last is full of shit….

      1. Wolf Bitzer is WRONG when he says NO one wants a shutdown….

        The Tea Party/Ted Cruz people DO WANT the shutdown to wear on their shirts!

          1. Harry Reid talking to Schumer In The Senate….(On the House GOPer’s)

            ‘There are over there negotiating with themselves’

            1. Obama talks to the military in uniform ….

              You’ll get paid….

              to civiliams….

              I’ll fight for you to get your money from Congress….

              He says he will fight to get rid of the sequester so the US will have the greatest military….

              (He’s co-oping the GOP possible saying they got money for the military)

              1. Harry Reid and The President are playing Hard Ball now….

                …from twitter….

                Chuck Todd ‏@chucktodd 4m
                Reid just announced he will table what House sends over. Translation: Reid officially will reject House move to a conference at 930a tmro

  2. I see that former pdog101 contributor and prognosticator SE-779 has made his 2014 forecasts (see his riders on the storm blog). He has the GOP picking up 12 seats in the Senate which would give the GOP 57 seats in that body, a net 40 additional GOP seats in the House and an additional 8 seats in gubernatorial races. he also has joe Lhoto becoming the next NYC mayor.

    1. He, he, he….

      SE has Lhota winning the NYC Mayor Race????

      The guy is 40% BEHIND de Blasio

      The GOP PICKING UP 12 seats?

  3. I want what he’s taking. And, yes indeed, where are those moderates. But, then, of course, today was never going to happen right?

    1. I said the Sequester won’t happen….

      I was wrong….

      I have said the Government shutdown WAS gonnan happen….

      Boehner needed it and indeed could NOT stop it….

      I do think that this could hold until the 17th when the House Conservative’s would also NOT apporve the Debt Ceiling….
      Indeed Keith I think the Conservatives you and Jack are talking about could hold on until the country
      stopped dead in it’s tracks….

      The solution to this WILL be moderate and pragmatic GOPer’s breaking from the Tea Party/Ted Cruz crew…..

      1. ….from twitter…..

        Ross Douthat ‏@DouthatNYT 10m
        Lots of conservatives in my feed explaining why the government shutdown isn’t a big deal. Not many explaining why it’s a good idea.

      2. ….from twitter…..

        POLITICO ‏@politico 10m
        #Breaking: The Senate voted 54-46 to reject a motion to go to conference with the House on the issue of funding the government

  4. October 1, 2013, 1:53 AM ET

    In Final Vote, House Passes Motion on Budget Negotiators

    By Kristina Peterson
    in The Wall Street Journal‘s “Washington Wire”

    WASHINGTON – House Republicans early Tuesday passed a motion reiterating their budget and health-care demands, the final act in a long day of legislative activity that failed to avert a partial shutdown of the U.S. government.

    On a 228-199 vote, the House passed a measure instructing House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) to appoint a set of negotiators to work out a budget resolution with a small group with senators. But the GOP move carried no concessions on the party’s central demand—that Democrats agree to scale back the new federal health law—and it brought lawmakers no closer to reaching a deal to resume government operations.
    More In Budget Battle

    Senate Democrats had already rejected the House measure. They said they wouldn’t enter negotiations until the House agreed to reopen the government by extending its funding for several weeks and without requiring changes to the new federal health law, the Affordable Care Act.

    The House Republican motion approve early Tuesday reiterated a demand to delay for one year a requirement in the new health law that most individuals carry health insurance or pay a penalty. It also restated support for the House position that new limits should be placed on government subsidies for lawmakers’ own health-care premiums and those of their staffs.

    “The House has made its position known very clearly,” Mr. Boehner told reporters after the final House vote. “We should fund the government, and we think there ought to be basic fairness for all Americans under Obama.” He was referring to the government subsidies for lawmaker and staff insurance premiums that Republicans say are unfair.

    Mr. Boehner sidestepped the question of whether the House would now be willing to consider a spending bill stripped of health-care riders, as Senate Democrats have demanded. He said he hoped “the Senate will take our offer to go to conference and let us resolve our differences.”

    The Obama administration late Monday ordered much of the federal government to suspend activities and furlough workers due to the standoff in Congress. The administration acted because lawmakers failed to pass legislation to fund the government by midnight Monday, when agencies ran out of money with the end of the fiscal year. The new fiscal year began Tuesday.


    Vote titles and bare results (pass/fail/agree) but no actual roll calls (names or numbers) currently available at the House Clerk’s site — maybe her staff got shut down — but I think 228-199 must have been very close to straight party lines.


    Whenever the proposal for a conference committee hits the Senate, I’m sure it will be tabled 54-46.

    We’re only at the beginning of this protracted nightmare. Worse is still to come. When anyone comes to his or her senses is another question altogether.

      1. I’ll make a point here….

        Since MOST American’s ARE NOT affected by this ?

        Most American’s are gonna be concerned today and tomorrow….

        But will get used it….

        The Conservatives will be embolden to keep at this….

        Again the National Republican image WILL go into the toilet…

        But the guys leading this do much care….

    1. YES DSD!…..

      The trhing here that rational American’s DO NOT understand is the the Tea party/ Ted Cruz people are HAPPY there is a partial shutdown….

      Everytime the media reports this these people give a Cheer!

  5. saying the national GOP image will go into the toilet is misleading because it suggests it is not already there.

  6. Don’t be too cocksure about how public reactions will play out: 46% blamed the GOP but 36% blamed the President and something like 13% blamed both.

    It doesn’t take much to change the balance.

    I don’t think the GOP will come out looking better, but it’s far from a slam dunk that the Democrats will benefit on balance.

    1. Right NOW the Dem’s base ARE Up…..

      The GOP rightwingnuts are UP also….

      But if this goes long? (I think it could)

      It’s gonna leave scar tissue even with GOPer’s (those laid off, those with home purchases messed up, etc)


      The GOPer’s ARE taking a media pounding right now….

  7. I was slightly mistaken, the House’s last vote (now up but not the one before it) wasn’t entirely party-line. Seven Democrats voted to ask the Senate for a conference, and nine Republicans voted against.

    Three Dems and one GOPer did not vote.


    But it makes no difference since the Senate tabled this later in the morning, as promised, 54-46.

    Democrats voting aye (7):

    Ron Barber (Ariz)
    John Barrow (Ga)
    Dan Maffei (upstate NY)
    Sean Maloney (NY)
    Jim Matheson (Utah)
    Mike McIntyre (NC)
    Collin Peterson (Minn)

    Republicans voting nay (9):

    Kerry Bentivoglio (Mich)
    Paul Broun (Ga)
    Charlie Dent (Pa)
    Mike Grimm (NY)
    Walter B. Jones (Ga)
    Peter King (Long Is., NY)
    Frank LoBiondo (NJ)
    Thomas Massie (Ky)
    Frank Wolf (Va)

    Not voting (4):

    Spencer Bachus (R-Alab)
    Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY)
    Bobby Rush (D-Ill)
    Nydia Velázquez (D-NY)

  8. I only saw the end of the President’s speech (after about 1:12 p.m. EST), but he seems to have lost his touch, no doubt after losing speechwriters. As with his Syria speech, he no longer seems to connect very well, instead sounding tetchy and preachy.

    When Bob Hope tried a comeback on TV but didn’t get the response he was used to, he felt that he’d lost his timing and shouldn’t try again, at least before a large public. Obama is probably suffering from not getting the useful feedback he got when campaigning.

    1. Note…..

      GOP negotiation = Give us what we want…First your Healthcare Law…then we want WHATEVER you have done repealed

      1. CNN is reporting that the GOP will start to offer up clean bills to pay for seperate parts of the Government….

        This is exactly what Ted Cruz suggested yesterday….

        The funding will be aimed at government services that impact the most American’s….

        Could this be a way for them to get to Debt Ceiling deadline while showing their base they are still in the fight?

        What will Democrats do?

        Ok this?

        Or say no…Just clean bills?

        1. I just remembered something…


          You should be VERY happy about what’s going on….
          You have the Tea Party / Ted Cruz partially shutting down the Government….

          Your so called RINO’s
          ARE hiding out or quiting the Congress…

          You have the Conservatives trying to shut down the US Governmnet over Healthcare…

          ALL those things you’ve wanted since Obama took the oath of office….

          BUT Daniel…

          The Healthcare Law IS moving ahead….

          1. Dana Bash on CNN is slowly parading out some of the GOPer’s that pragmatically dropping off the shutting down the Government…

            She’s talking to Rep Scott Ringel (R-VA) who say there could be as many as 14 fellow GOP’s who WOULD vote for a clean bill….

            1. …from twitter….

              John Harwood ‏@JohnJHarwood 9m
              NJ Gov Christie, enjoying DC mess more than anyone: “hope they figure out what we pay them to do: run the govt, not shut it down.”

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