Hours before the Healthcare Law exchanges start some GOP internal stuff…

I KNOW there are some people out there that think that a shutdown of the Government (It’s actually a partial shutdown) will stop the Healthcare Law….That is NOT true….

Depending on how the question is asked most American who something about the Law and its programs do NOT want the Government shut down to defund it….They just want Congress and thr President  to work together to make adjustemnts to get the law right….

The Republicans involved in Congress may NOT say it outloud….But they KNOW the Law is here to stay and that the current political thaetre is just a means for them to fundraise and play to the base of their party which keeps moving to the right dragged by a decliing Tea party …..


Very Few Support Defunding Obamacare

A new Morning Consult tracking poll finds that just 7% of voters support delaying or defunding Obamacare.

Think Progress: “On the other hand, 39% of voters want Congress to either let the law take effect or expand the law even further. Another 29% think that Congress should work on making improvements to Obamacare, but ultimately leave the law in place. By a two to one margin, the poll’s respondents said ‘the results from the 2012 presidential election represented a referendum on moving forward with the Affordable Care Act.'”

Are Republicans Worried Obamacare Will Work?

Kurt Eichenwald: “At this point, it has become obvious that history will look back on the four-year war on Obamacare as one of the saddest, most bizarre, and most dishonestly embarrassing episodes of our time. I have given up trying to understand the vehement opposition of so many who cannot offer up truthful reasons for their objections, and instead fuel the hatred and fears of the uninformed with the most illogical, mendacious, and fundamentally bizarre arguments that have ever been marshaled. By comparison, Joe McCarthy’s McCarthyistic McCarthyism was an exercise in reason…”

“So, what accounts for the current, last-ditch, fumbling-fuming on the part of the G.O.P. to stop Obamacare, going so far as to threaten a shutdown of the government in an effort to overturn the clear voice of the American people that was expressed in the last election? It’s hard to say. But I think I have an answer: The lies are about to be exposed. And the Republicans are terrified of what the country will think when the veil of mendacity is torn away.”

Van Hollen Says Cruz is Running the House

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) told reporters that Sen. Ted Cruz “is dictating policy in the House of Representatives today,” National Journal reports.

Said Van Hollen: “Sen. Cruz is essentially running the show in the House. If Speaker Boehner doesn’t want to exert leadership he should go ahead and turn the gavel over to Speaker Cruz.”

All from Politicalwire….

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2 thoughts on “Hours before the Healthcare Law exchanges start some GOP internal stuff…”

  1. Finally,someone says the truth

    Eichenwald has it right,

    Republicans know that once the health care act is in full effect,it will never be repealed and,in fact, will likely morph fairly rapidly into single payer national health insurance which they abhor as it puts everyone on the same level,a concept they find to be anathema.

    Indeed, despite their protestations to the contrary,they really dont care much about the individual mandate which a few yeras ago many of them supported.

    Its the whole idea of national single. Payer health insurance thats driving them crazy,

    1. The BIG secret is the fact the GOPer is stuck
      With the bill….

      But the Show WILL go on
      Trying to blame the President, Democrats, Harry Reid
      And whatever for something that is on it’s way to
      HELPING MORE AMERICAN ‘a obtain cheaper healthcare…


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