GOP Moderates try but fail to get a clean vote….

Nice try….

But No Cigar…..

In the end…..

Moderates and Pragmatic GOPer’s could not get the votes….

The Ted Cruz crowd have this right now….

The size of a bloc of GOP moderates ready to bring down a vote on the House floor over the government-funding bill shriveled from 25 lawmakers on Saturday to just two when the House voted just now to pass the rule.

New York representative Peter King and Pennsylvania representative Charlie Dent, two key moderates, voted no, while four hardline conservatives, including Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, voted no because the bill didn’t draw a hard enough line against Obamacare.

The episode is a reminder of how congressional centrists aren’t as reliable as ideological warriors when it comes to keeping threats. But it also took a personal appeal from Speaker John Boehner and the particular circumstances of the vote to sway the group.

During the rule vote, Boehner went to the back of the House chamber to deliver a message to the would-be moderate revolutionaries. “Trust me,” Boehner told them, according to King. Boehner said he understood their concerns, but he had a plan that would make the dire situation turn out alright.

When Boehner has made similar appeals to the conservatives, it has often fallen on deaf ears. In both parties, those further toward the left and right flanks tend to have greater certitude about their views, prompting a willingness to buck the party line. Moderates, by their very nature, make unlikely participants in a rump rebellion…..


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16 thoughts on “GOP Moderates try but fail to get a clean vote….”

  1. Two?

    Come on James give us one of your lectures about the so called”moderates”

    Your “moderates” except for TWO(wow,) have voted to halt the federal government,

    Where is the “moderateness? ”

    And,oh please, some more of that BALONEY about what they REALLY believe.

    Who gives a damn about that corney BS.

    Bottom line?

    They voted to do this.

  2. These “moderates” are basically paper tigers then.

    Powerless against the Tea Party

    If they are going to vote hardline I will call them hardline.

    Otherwise what’s the point?

    1. The moderates along with the Conservatives are worried about getting primaried by Tea party/Ted Cruz types coming at them from the right….

      They ARE out there….

      But as the piece and you point out ….

      They are mumbling but NOT willing to step up….


      I believe in the end the Dem’s are gonna have to get them and their House members together with Conservative pragmatists to vote OVER the 20 to 40 hard right Tea Party/Cruz bloc to get anything done….

      What a sense of Deja Vue just came over me!

      This has happened how many times before?

      This country’s politicians have NOT passed a on-time regular budget in how many years?

  3. “Conservative pragmatists? ”

    Is that your new name for the so called”moderates?”Funny, when I labelled them that last week ,you argued with me for two days.

    You know the people that have voted to close down the government?

    Their motivation (which you obsess over) is irrelevant.

    They DID it.

    1. Well Jack we agree to disagree

      But I stand by moderates tag for some GOPer’
      In a concession to you I have labeled Conservatives that
      KNOW the Cruz/Tea Party shit is bogus and have begun
      To speak out….

  4. Agree to disagree is just another way of saying, “I’m wrong, but cannot admit you are right.” Who has begun to speak out? Crazy Peter King? They voted to shut down the government, and are what they are teabag supporters.

    1. Your agree to disagree is NOT MINE
      That’s ok

      There are moderates and pragmatists in the GOP
      That are beginning to speak up
      How they vote is another
      When they finally vote on the CR and Debt Ceiling
      I expect those GOPer’s and Dem’s to united to get the votes

  5. So OBSESSED is James with finding these elusive “moderates”(interestingly he has never actually named the Republican legislators who fit that term),he now amusingly resorts to claiming that when this thing ends ,those Republicans who eventually vote to do so will prove to be “moderates,” even though, they helped cause the whole thing to begin with!

    Preposterous as that sounds!

    Of course what he is referring to are some CONSERVATIVES who realize the political risks that the shutdown carries and for THAT reason will likely fold the tent at some point.But make no mistake,there is nothing “moderate” about ANYONE who would take action to close down the federal government.That act alone deprives them of any claim to that description.

    1. It appears that politicians of ALL persuasions that are scared of being primaried will follow the Cruz/Tea Party crew like ‘limings’….

      THAT in itself does NOT make them Conservatives…..

  6. Most of this disagreement between you and Jack revolves around semantics. Because there are few conservatives who ever post on this blog, we (Including myself) tend to disagree over minor things.

    At the risk of getting into a discussion that I don’t want to get into, Jack can be relentless when he disagrees with a label. Recall his objection to CD calling himself “Conservative Democrat”, and now he is relentless with the term “Republican moderates”.

    As of today, the GOP is getting most of the blame for the shutdown. If this continues, it will pressure those Republicans in swing districts (or those Republicans who recognize that the long-term implications of a shutdown is not in their long term political interest) to object to the shutdown. I get the impression that both Jack and James would agree with that statement. But James will insist on calling those Republicans moderates, and Jack will object. I really see this disagreement as very little more than an argument over semantics.

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