Elizabeth Warren…the darling of Progressives…

Almost like TedCruz for the Conservatives…..

Newly minted Massachusetts Senator Warren is now the star of the lDemocratic left…..


After Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at a luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif., last month, women from the audience swarmed around her, many of them asking the same question: will you run for president?

Ms. Warren’s fiery speech at the national A.F.L.-C.I.O. convention this month set off even more excitement, with some union members standing on their chairs applauding and shouting out to her. And when she joined a MoveOn.org conference call this summer to promote her student loan legislation, 10,000 people got on the line — the liberal group’s biggest audience on any conference call in four years.

In Democratic circles, disappointment in the promise of the Obama presidency and unease over a possible restoration of the Clintons have made the senator, who was sworn in just 10 months ago, the object of huge interest and the avatar of a newly assertive, fervently populist left eager for a more confrontational approach to politics.

Ms. Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, said in an interview that she was not interested in seeking the presidency. And despite talk of a draft movement among some activists, it is difficult to imagine her taking on former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But in seizing on issues animating her party’s base — the influence of big banks, soaring student loan debt and the widening gulf between the wealthy and the working class — Ms. Warren is challenging the centrist economic approach that has been the de facto Democratic policy since President Bill Clinton and his fellow moderates took control of the party two decades ago.

“She is reshaping the Democratic Party and leading its charge toward a more economic populist orientation,” said Markos Moulitsas, the publisher of Daily Kos, a leading liberal blog.

Ms. Warren’s fund-raising muscle is also getting attention. Democrats around the country seek her help, and she has a network of 350,000 individual campaign donors — a remarkable tally for a new senator.


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22 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren…the darling of Progressives…”

  1. I’m unaware that Elizabeth Warren has threatened to shut down the federal government if she didnt get her way.

    Thats a little bit of a difference.

      1. Let’s face it
        Cruz is taking advantage of the lack of leadership in the GOP in the House and Senate

        Politics does not like a vacuum

  2. This is getting kind of absurd (though I guess understandable): any woman who draws any sort of notice on the right or the left is suddenly seen as next election’s presidential timber and the vindicating champion/role-model of free American womanhood rising up: Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Christine Quinn, Debra Davis, Elizabeth Warren, Martha Coakley, Gabrielle Giffords, Condoleezza Rice, the Cheney sisters (when they’re of age), …

    1. It’s not absurd DSD
      It’s the media constantly looking for something

      The GOPer’s messed up with her
      They should have left her at CFPB

      She’s actually good for the left wing of the Democratic base

      If I where advising Hillary?
      I’d make sure Hillary got to know and stayed on good terms with Warren…..
      That sure would protect Hillary’s left flank
      Something she she lost early in 2008 ….

  3. In what way is Warren “almost like” Ted Cruz? Does she tell the Dems in the House what to do? Does she promote herself at every opportunity? Is she visiting Iowa and South Carolina? Does she make up facts?

    Comparing Warren to Cruz is insulting.

    1. You can be as insulted as you want Z

      Like Cruz she will be able to help Dem’s raise money
      She will remind them that there is a left in their party
      She will get media attention for the party
      She will get progressive to show up on issues
      She will attract females to the party

      All these things and more will come from her
      People here cry when I say things even if they truth and
      Like it or not people
      Warren is NOW a politician
      And they ALL have good sides and bad ones

      She is different from Cruz in that HER PARTY
      Has leadership
      And she is ranting against OTHERS
      NOT HER PARTY members

  4. DSD, Elizabeth Warren was seen as presidential material before she even became a senator. I, for one, think she is extraordinary. And that was not even remotely true of the other women you mentioned – except for Condoleeza Rice.

    1. Condi Rice?????

      She couldn’t handle Rumy and Chaney
      HTF Could she be President?

      HTF could a BLACK female with Bush 43 as her sponsor
      Make it?

  5. You referenced that all politicians have good sides and bad ones and that Warren is a politician.


    What do you see “bad” about her?

  6. I have no antagonism to Elizabeth Warren specifically, in fact I admire what she’s done for consumer protection and financial control, both in her academic work and in government and politics.

    What I don’t like is overhype or exaggerating what has yet to be proven or known. For example, while I’ve been an Obama supporter, I was never a true Obamaniac (or Deaniac before then).

    I also didn’t like the style of Prof. Warren’s early campaign.

  7. James, Why do you think your comparison of Warren and Cruz is insulting to me? It is only insulting to Warren.

    Had Condoleeza Rice ran for office in 2008 or 2012, I believe she would have had an outside chance at getting the GOP nomination.

    1. Sorry if you aren’t insulted…..

      I was reponding to this…..

      ‘Comparing Warren to Cruz is insulting.’

      Condi Rice would NEVER be able to be a serious GOP candiadte….

    1. He, he, he…..


      Come on Z……

      be serious……

      Herman Caine?…..

      Jack and Keith would be ALL over the idea that a Black male or more even female as a serious GOP candiadte?

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