Political Roundup for September 10th, 2013…Romney Money…Red Racing Horses

by: Daniel Surman
Another primary night here at RRH. Our preview of the New York City primaries, the Colorado recalls and other local races will kick off with a preview at 4:00 PM ET


Kasich: A very early look at what a campaign by Governor John Kasich would look like if he tries to run for President again after a successful reelection.

Romney Money: Potential candidates are scouting Romney donor networks, and Rubio to the greatest degree seems to be the likely beneficiary. Romney allies are looking for someone who 1) isn’t too ideologically rigid and 2) didn’t snub the Romney campaign, according to the article.


Montana: It looks like Democrat recruiting hopes in the race are now resting on the first-term LG John Walsh, the former state adjutant general. I’m a little surprised there is no mention of former LG John Bohlinger, who ran on Schweitzer’s ticket as a Democrat but previously served as a Republican state Senator; he has not ruled out a run. Walsh reportedly is seriously looking at the race while remaining publicly mum.

Alaska: Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell (R) has been unoffically in the race for a long time, but that looks to change September 12th, according to his website. Just nitpicking here, but his URL seems kind of long and his slogan a bit of a mouthful (it is just a splash page right now).

South Carolina: There is a poll that exists that has Lindsey Graham at 42%, Lee Bright at 13%, Nancy Mace at 10% and Richard Cash at 7% in his Republican primary. I can buy those numbers, although they seem a bit low for Graham. However, I 1) haven’t heard of the pollster, 2) am not encouraged by the one day in the field, and 3) don’t like that the too-brief writeup doesn’t clarify this was a telephone survey of likely voters. The pollster, for what it’s worth, is Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone Communications.

Arkansas: Again, some details lacking here (pollster Global Strategy Group had a prior relationship with Pryor, but this poll was commissioned by an unnamed “Arkansas issue campaign.”), but we have the important parts. Senator Mark Pryor (D) leads Rep. Tom Cotton 43%-37%. Of course, 43% is nowhere near that magic 50% threshold that observers like to see incumbents at…..


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