Grover Norquist thinks Defunding Obamacare is ‘not wise’


Even this anti-tax guy KNOWS some in his party are barking up the wrong tree on the Affordable Healthcare Law ….

And look….

He thinks that in the end the Republicans will try get some sort of Immigration Reform….

What’s up with this guy….Is he losing his Conservative?

Norquist: GOP must ask for ‘reasonable things’ in fiscal showdown with Obama  

Grover Norquist says Republicans must ask for “reasonable things” in this fall’s fiscal showdown with President Obama.

In an interview with The Hill, the head of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) criticized the strategy of some Republicans on defunding ObamaCare as “not wise.” Norquist noted the Senate and White House remain in Democratic hands and that President Obama is not going to agree to gut the landmark achievement of his first term.

However, Norquist believes a one-year delay of ObamaCare could be ultimately accepted by the president because some vulnerable Democrats on Capitol Hill are worried that implementation problems of the healthcare overhaul will hamper their reelection bids. He also said the eradication of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a controversial part of ObamaCare, is possible in the coming months.

Other highlights of the interview include:

* Norquist predicts immigration reform will pass before the 2014 elections. He claims that the GOP has moved significantly away from its anti-immigration reform stance last year. The ATR president has praised the Senate for its passage of immigration reform earlier this year.


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2 thoughts on “Grover Norquist thinks Defunding Obamacare is ‘not wise’”

  1. Grover Norquist, although an ideologue, has some sense of politics: see how successful some of his initiatives and coalitions have been.

    Kimberly Strassel said the same thing in her Wall Street Journal column last week: that defunding Obamacare is feel-good purism, while delaying it, or parts of it, is a practical and doable goal.

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