Job Growth Not Happening in Republican led states…..

….the piece is from a Democratic group….

The Poll and Graphic information though ARE from Pew…..

What do Maine, Wisconsin, and Wyoming all have in common? They are the only states to have negative job growth in the last year–according to a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts–and they’re all governed by Republicans. With Republican governors like Maine Gov. Paul LePage threatening to shut down his state if he doesn’t get tax cuts for the wealthy and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker focusing his attention on an intrusive forced ultrasounds bill, it’s no wonder these states are underperforming their peers. While Democratic governors are focusing on job growth, it seems that Republicans just haven’t gotten the memo.

Check out the chart from Pew below or on their website:


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4 thoughts on “Job Growth Not Happening in Republican led states…..”

  1. Well, in the biggest Midwestern Swing State called the Buckeye State (Ohio) and let by a GOP Governor named John Kasich (R) there is Job Growth.

    1. It’s THAT what the GOP was blaming Obama for NOT doing?

      Turns out he ain’t the problem, eh?

  2. People are cutting back on lobster, cheese, and beef.


    The First Ladies campaign against obesity.

    It’s Obama’s fault once again!

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