Edward Snowden Update 6/30/13…Stuck in Russia…

Forget all the passport bullshit…..

Snowden CAN be sent anywhere ….A Passport or Visa isn’t the problem….

The problem folks is the US has made it plain and simple that ANY country accepting him is gonna have a shitstorm rain down on them from America….

That includes Ecuador….The Chinese WHERE smart….

They shipped him out….

The Russian supposedly haven’t let Snowden leave the Moscow Airport….

Meanwhile his father has tried to float a trial balloon asking for a deal with the US…..

I haven’t heard a thing about that and don’t expect to…..

Finally, Julian Assange , of Wikileaks , who is holed up in the London Ecuadorian Embassy now admits that Snowden is running out of places to go…..(Just like Assange)

Stay tuned….

The story has stalled….

But Glenn Grandhall is trying to keep it alive by releasing stuff now in the UK’s Guardian , thus assuring that paper and the Washington Post some headlines and increased readership…..

“This is the decision of Russian authorities. He doesn’t have a passport. I don’t know the Russian laws, I don’t know if he can leave the airport, but I understand that he can’t,” Correa said. He said that the case was now out of Ecuador’s hands. “If [Snowden] arrives at an Ecuadoran Embassy, we’ll analyze his request for asylum.”

Snowden traveled from Hong Kong to Moscow on his U.S. passport. Although the U.S. had already revoked it, Hong Kong authorities said they hadn’t received the official request to cancel the passport before Snowden left.

An official at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London (where Assange himself has been holed up for a year, avoiding extradition to face sex-crimes charges in Sweden) had also issued a letter of safe passage for Snowden. But Snowden apparently did not use it for his trip to Moscow.

And it doesn’t appear that the Ecuadoran government would make a similar gesture again.

On Sunday, Correa told the AP that an Ecuadoran official at that embassy had committed “a serious error” by issuing the first letter without consulting officials back home. Correa said the consul would be punished, although he didn’t specify how.

Correa’s tone seemed to have shifted after a conversation with Vice President Biden on Friday. Where Correa had earlier been defiant, he now voiced respect for U.S. legal procedures.

“If he really could have broken North American laws, I am very respectful of other countries and their laws, and I believe that someone who breaks the law must assume his responsibilities,” Correa said, according to the AP.

Snowden’s escape plan — if it could be called a plan — was unlikely from the beginning.

After revealing himself as the leaker, he sought to hopscotch 12,000 miles from Hong Kong to Russia to Ecuador (perhaps by way of Cuba) — evading both U.S. law enforcement and the world’s news media on a trip to the other side of the world…..



One must not forget ……

Not too long ago the US rounded up a WHOLE spying network with a very pretty woman involved….

The FBI and Attorney General Holder wanted to put them in jail….THAT didn’t hapopen…..

While Holder was talking to the media ….The State Deprtment had a talk with the Russian’s and next thing Holder knew his spys where ona airplane to Moscow…..

I’m sure the American Government is repeatily reminding the Russian’s about THAT…..

The American Governmenet wants Snowden back….


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