Celebrating a ‘God-written’ union of man and woman….

A look at a marriage between a man and women in Alabama…..

Their belief in God….and the uniuon of Marriage

And the people at that wedding, who are calmly accepting America’s changes….

Even though many may NOT agree with those changes….

…from the Washington Post…..

The happy pair, Randall Jared Wilson, 24, and Amanda Joy Horsley, 23, stood arm in arm at an altar woven with leaves. The Rev. Brent Philips held a gilded Bible in his left hand and a microphone in his right.

“Hello!” he said, and just then the mike began to malfunction. “Hello? Check, check?” A truck swooshed by along a two-lane road beyond the pines and crepe myrtles. “All right,” he said, smiling, deciding to discard the mike and raise his voice. “Here we go!”

And so, three days after the U.S. Supreme Court legally bolstered same-sex marriage and at a time when a majority of Americans accept the idea, a wedding was underway among people who do not.

The place was a horse farm in Wilsonville, a town that advertises itself as “family-centered,” which is understood to be husband-and-wife-centered. The county was Shelby, one of the most conservative counties in the country. The state was Alabama, where the constitution denies recognition of same-sex marriages or any union “seeking to replicate marriage,” which it defines as a “a sacred covenant, solemnized between a man and a woman,” which is exactly what the couple and most of their guests believed it was.

“For Randy and me, marriage is about our commitment to each other as one man and one wife,” Amanda Joy, who prefers to be called A.J., had said before the wedding. “Even with the decision of the Supreme Court, for us, this union is just a picture of the love God has for us. And to explain that to the world as a husband and wife, that is our heart.”

“People think that I don’t want people to be together because they’re homosexuals, and that’s not it,” Randy had said. “People have a right to be together — that’s fine. I just believe marriage is religious, and I want to keep my religious things sacred. I don’t know if that’s mean or not, but I don’t want my religious beliefs to be diluted — not by heterosexuals or homosexuals. I don’t know, is that controversial?”


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10 thoughts on “Celebrating a ‘God-written’ union of man and woman….”

  1. I’m willing to bet these are good people. I hope the couple have a happy life together.

    1. No reason think otherwise….

      In contrast to the author’s storyline…I saw people who where accepting of the Same-Sex POV….Not happy…But Ok with it as a thing of change

  2. Apparently, what Randy wants is a special right to legal marriage. Tough luck, Randy, you lost nothing whatsoever when the US Supreme Court expanded that right to a group of Americans you’ve sought to deprive of their rights.

    1. The court ruled that legally married couple’s of ALL types have the same rights for federally protected benefits….

      This country was founded under the principal of the separation of church and state….

      The Supreme’s did NOT rule on the states rules of WHO are married in their state although that seems to be coming down the road….
      Randy got married….
      Good for him….
      He and his wife/partner will receive ALL they entitled to from any Federal program or service….
      And so eventually will any Same-Sex couple in any state that recognizes their marriage….

      That Right the Court just affirmed….

  3. Why CD? Why should lesbians only be allowed to marry men and gay men only be allowed to marry women? How does that benefit society? Are there other groups of people that you would like to restrict from getting married?

  4. Re your post of 1:03

    In my opinion,Kennedys opinion will shortly open up the floodgates to all sorts of Equal Protection lawsuits by Gay couples who marry in a state that allows such and then move to a state that doesnt.

    And I think they will win.

    This was what Krauthammer was getting at in his article you referenced the other day.

    In effect Marriage will be effectively nationalized and ,while states like Alabama can say they “dont recognize” gay marriages,it will be a distinction without a difference as Gay married couples will,in effect, enjoy the same rights as a heterosexual married couple.

    Except that the state of Alabama wont “recognize” such

    1. I agree to some extent
      But as I cautioned the drop in commentator this morning
      This WILL. Take time
      Just as Obama has had problems with HIS agenda
      So will this issue for some state
      I think I pointed out that 2/3 of the states have restrictions
      On their marriage detonations still

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