Christie knocks Obama …Is he trying to track back to the right?


The New Jersey GOP Governor added to his right leaning again today…..

First he disputed the Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage act and today he criticized the   President  for being…..“more concerned about being right than he is concerned about getting things done.”

These are NOT things are gonna harm his ability to pick up the phone and speak to the Democratic President….Obama knows this IS part of the game……

But if this does continue I’m gonna have to change my tune of Christine having NO chance with the GOP Presidential sweepstakes come 2016….Like Romney he’s from a blue state…..

Unlike Romney….

People from BOTH parties actually like the guy…..

(And he run’s Even with Hillary in the polls right now)

(Can the GOP try this a second time?)

So much for the Chris Christie-President Obama bromance.

The New Jersey governor, distrusted by conservatives after his hug of Obama following Hurricane Sandy, slammed the president at a town hall meeting on Friday as “more concerned about being right than he is concerned about getting things done.”

He also repeatedly described himself as a “conservative” leader.

The moment, which the Democratic Governors Association gleefully emailed around, was written up by the Newark Star-Ledger.

The episode illustrates the delicate dance Christie faces as he tries to rack up a wide reelection margin in Democratic-tilting New Jersey, without further inflaming conservatives in key presidential primary states.



Christie will always have to contend with the image above…..

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15 thoughts on “Christie knocks Obama …Is he trying to track back to the right?”

  1. “People from both parties like the guy.”

    TheDemocrats who “like” him mostly do because Right Wingers dont.As he moves Hard Right to position himself for a Republican nomination run ,that support will fade.While Right Wingers will see his moves as mere political posturing to get their support.Thus,the paradox :

    Any Republican who comes across as in the least “moderate” must move way Right to have a chance at the nomination.and unlike in times past (see Romney)the Rights sway over the party is so great that GOP nominees are unable to go with the old Nixon dictum to “gallop back to the center “after securing the nomination,thus lessening,if not eliminating their chance of victory.

    1. I”m gonna have to disagree to some extent on Christie’s approval numbers…..

      He IS popular with Democrats and Republicans in his state and around the country….
      Polls have him even with Hillary …

      His no nonsense thing comes thru to people….
      This has NOTHING to do with Right or Left wingers ….
      He IS a the Governor of a blue state…
      So his politics HAS to be moderate….

      Now his utterances the last few eeks are NOT even hard right….
      There ARE Democrats who are NOT happy with the ascention of gay rights…
      His comments today are NOT hard core….

      He ‘s NOT gonna hurt for these two comments with Democrats who like his style….

      I do Agree with you that ALL this stuff that works in New Jersey and the East is NOT gonna let him ‘gallop’ back to the center…..

      1. He, he, he….

        All they gotta do is look at the Sandy visit picture ….

        That would enough to get the rightwingnut’s blood boiling!

  2. if Anyone other than Christie was in the picture it would be a portrait rather than a landscape.

  3. As I stated the main reason he is popular with SOME Democrats nationally is because he has been “portrayed” in the media as some kind of “moderate.He isnt.Actually he Is a pretty standard Conservative Republican.Such is the extremism in todays Republican Party that a guy like Christie,who is well to the Right of Ronald Reagan is perceived to be a “moderate.”

    A few Democrats and others are enthralled with this mythical creature,the “moderate” Republican,a species that politically no longer exists.Accordingly,when a guy like Christie comes around, acting friendly to Obama and talking gruff to Right Wingers(and others),he is instantly hailed as the second coming of the “moderate.”

    As he continues his Rightward moves as he must to be a viable candidate for the Republican nomination,I expect to see his positives among Democrats and some Independents to drop dramatically.

  4. Christie and Rubio are already getting the Guiliani treatment from GOP primary voters.

    I’m sure they will both move to the right to try and get the nomination, but I doubt it will help them.

    At the same time I don’t think in 2016 the Republican Party will do as they did in 1964 and go with an extremist doomed to fail in the general election like Cruz or Rand Paul.

    At this point if I had to guess I’d say the party will go with someone like Jeb Bush. The wingers who really want a sure loser like Paul or Cruz will holler a little, but they’ll buck up and vote for him in November–like they always do.

      1. He sure is taking his time though on making up his mind…..

        Anybody on if Jeb DOESN’T run?

        Who would rise to the top since some here don’t think Rubio or Christie will make the cut…..

    1. And the ‘mythical moderate ‘ do get a pass from their voters because their actions in moderation from time to time give them wiggle room and good polls….
      Which is the DIRECT opposite of the right wingnuts who are out theere ALL the Time….
      And THAT solidifies their negatives….
      This is a media game I suppose

      Politics IS preception….
      People CAN be MORE than One thing….

  5. “Politics is perception”

    To some extent?Yes, but when the rubber hits the road, issue stands DO matter.Take Mitt Romney.You and in fairness others were quite big on labelling him a “moderate” although his issue stands were indistinguishable from any conservative Republican.Perhaps in his heart of hearts he was.Who knows?Yet I would submit that his issue stands (see self deportation)killed him with Hispanics.

    Maybe,if he had been elected,he would have pursued a more “moderate” immigration policy.But his STAND on that issue helped cost him the election,although his “perception”,at least in your and others eyes was as some kind of closet “moderate.”

    Psychoanalysis can be a zero sum game sometimes,particularly in politics.

    1. I just pointed out that the media paints Christie and Romney as moderates….

      You reminder Jack is good to have…..

      And yes I subscribe to the theory that some Republicans are MORE Conservative than others ….
      But I quoted a comment from a kid in ‘Law and Order’ TV show who pointed out to detectives, who thought they KNEW their suspect as one thing…..the fact that ‘we are NOT just one thing’, that can be applied to politicians also….

      We have economic Conservatives that are moderate on social issues and vice versa….

      Human beings ARE complex things….

      That said….

      On the whole I agree that we should be wary of Republican Trojan Horse’s…

  6. Thats true that there are fiscal conservatives/social moderates,economic libertarians/ social conservatives etc.I guess the most obvious split in todays GOP is between the foreign policy neo cons and the Libertarian tyoes like Paul.

    However,,as a POLITICAL matter,no candidate will win the Republican presidential nomination who doesnt adopt uniformly conservative positions across the board.

    Accordingly,debating the above, while interesting on some level, has NOTHING to do with who the Republican Party will nominate for President.

    He will be a Right Winger whose only hint of “moderation” will be such analysis as you describe

  7. Christie Todd Whitman was considerably to the right of such liberal and moderate New Jersey Republicans as Clifford Case and Millicent Fenwick.

    But even though Chris Christie is considerably more moderate than many NJ Republicans, he’s still (in my vague impression) well to the right of Christie Todd Whitman. He probably wouldn’t have been nominated if he hadn’t been seen as well to Whitman’s right.

    ¶ As for Mitt Romney, his first year or so as governor of Mass. was relatively moderate and bipartisan (for one thing, the Massachusetts General Court or legislature was crushingly Democratic and had strong Democratic leaders) — for instance Romney Care.

    But then he started spending less time in-state than visiting key Republicans in states like South Carolina, where he made a point of dissing everything about the Bay State.

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