Tumblr intro’s a new form of advertising….

The changes appear to have been in the works well before Yahoo’s splashy $1.1 billion acquisition, announced earlier this month. Tumblr rolled out sponsored posts to its once ad-free site last year and had plans to increase advertising on the site even before the acquisition.

Tumblr had already introduced ads to the Radar and Spotlight sections of its site, where Tumblr highlights noteworthy content and accounts, and to the mobile version of its site. Starting this week, Tumblr is giving sponsored posts even more visibility, telling users they’ll now see ads in their Dashboard, the main feed of posts users see when they log on to the site. (The mobile Dashboard already offered such ads.)

According to TechCrunch, users will see no more than four ads in their feed a day, and ads will be identified by a dollar-sign on the top right-hand corner.

tumblr ads dashboard
An ad from Denny’s as it appears in the Tumblr Dashboard.

Tumblr promised in its announcement that the sponsored posts “will simply blend in with the posts from the blogs you follow,” but users aren’t so sure…..


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4 thoughts on “Tumblr intro’s a new form of advertising….”

    1. everytime these sites change something it causes a readjustment…..

      the good ones leave the cahneg button in the hands of the people using the site….

      Google and facebook have learned that….

  1. yeah.. but this is about pushing ads… no choice there….. twitter tried some of the same once.. didn’t go that well…..

    1. Yup Mac
      Free stuff still needs a revenue stream
      Ads are gonna be tried
      One way or another

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