The Affordbale Healthcare Law changes will effect only a small group of Americans….

But this fact will remain a secret that the GOPer’s will ignore and hold against the President….

Obamacare Implementation Really Won’t Be That Bad

The implementation efforts for President Obama’s health care reform law have been subject of criticism from Republicans and hand-wringing from Democrats, but Josh Barro argues that “conservatives have been accidentally managing expectations for implementation.”

“Implementation won’t much affect the 78 percent of Americans currently covered through Medicaid, Medicare, or employer group health plans. It will make some people who currently buy individual coverage worse off. But only 5 percent of Americans get insurance through the individual market, which is already hugely dysfunctional.”

“There will also be people who lose group health coverage, when premium subsidies make it attractive for their employers to send them to shop in the exchanges… But neither this effect nor any problems faced by people with existing individual insurance is likely to create a clamor for repeal that is any more effective than the din of the last three years. That is because the most obvious way to fix the problem of those who have trouble in the health exchanges will be to fix the exchanges, not repeal them.”

Wonk Wire….

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8 thoughts on “The Affordbale Healthcare Law changes will effect only a small group of Americans….”

  1. Majority of Americans in public opinion polls James B, want Obamacare GONE forever.

    You know it’s gonna be a rallying cry for the GOP in the 2014 midterms and other issues such as Voter ID.

    1. How about the majority of American’s don’t
      KNOW much about the Affordable Healthcare

  2. State budgets went down the crapper under Bush little boy. You really need to check your facts. In fact, most Republican Governors used the stimulus to shore up their budgets, and then complained about the stimulus of course. Sort of like you.

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