Schweitzer leads all Republicans in Montona Senate Poll….

The former governor, who told The Hill last week that he’d consider a bid to replace Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), has a 54 percent approval rating in the state, with 37 percent disapproving, according to the poll.

 Even IF Obama looks like garbage ….Schweitzer comes out fine….

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) leads former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot (R) by 47 to 43 percent, and has a 50 to 40 percent advantage over Rep. Steve Daines (R-Mont.). Daines has said he’s considering a run, while Racicot has remained silent on the race.

If Schweitzer decides against a bid, however, it becomes much more difficult for Democrats to hold the seat.

President Obama’s approval rating in the state is just 36 percent, with 54 percent disapproving. By an 8-point margin, voters prefer a generic Republican to a generic Democrat for the seat.

The two Republicans already in the race, former state Sen. Corey Stapleton (R) and state Rep. Champ Edmunds (R), barely register in the polls when tested against Daines and Racicot, and are blown out by Schweitzer.


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One thought on “Schweitzer leads all Republicans in Montona Senate Poll….”

  1. Run Brian Run!

    Baucus was the first casualty for voting against background checks, and largely as a result, Schweitzer is a stronger candidate.

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