Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest 4/30/13: How much lower can Tom Corbett go?

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Leading Off:

• PA-Gov: Yow. These Pennsylvania polls are getting to the point where we have to hope GOP Gov. Tom Corbett doesn’t wind up like former North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue (who opted against seeking a second term because her job approvals were so bad) or former Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons (who got trounced in the Republican primary when he tried to run for a second term himself). Because with numbers like these from Quinnipiac, Corbett really might be tempted to bail—or an upstart might attempt to deny him renomination. Just check out the trendlines from Quinnipiac’s last poll in March:

Joe Sestak (D): 48 (47)
Tom Corbett (R): 34 (38)Allyson Schwartz (D): 47 (42)
Tom Corbett (R): 34 (39)

Rob McCord (D): 44 (38)
Tom Corbett (R): 38 (42)

Indeed, Corbett’s favorability rating has sunk to an epic new low of 29-43, down disastrously from 39-44 last month. (His job approval, though, barely budged, clocking in at 38-47, versus 39-49 in March.) And Corbett’s head-to-heads now resemble PPP’s early March results, results that seemed a bit too good (or bad) to be true at the time. But both firms now see Corbett at around the 34 percent mark, which is so hellaciously awful for an incumbent that it’s almost hard to comprehend.

If things don’t change dramatically, the only question may be which Democrat has the honors of doing Corbett in. Quinnipiac tested a multi-way hypothetical primary, but only Schwartz and Sestak registered, each with 15 percent. No one else was higher than 3 (including McCord), so the picture remains wide open. However, only Schwartz has actually declared her candidacy, and as Quinnipiac shows, she’d crush Corbett as thoroughly as anyone.

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15 thoughts on “Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest 4/30/13: How much lower can Tom Corbett go?”

  1. How would he do that? Play racial politics like Wilson did? How would that happen in PA? Oh, and Pete Wilson hasn’t been Governor for almost twenty years. Can you come up with some more current comparisons.

  2. Keith, Corbett can say that he inherited an economic mess from Rendell and had to cut lots of stuff in order to make PA more stable in terms of bringing businesses to the commonwealth.

    He also will say that NO PA governor has been voted out when seeking re-election, and he’s looking to buck the trend of unpopular governors to win re-election.

  3. Corbett can say whatever he wants to, but voters will remember that PA unemployment hit a 30 year low while Rendell was governor, so that strategy oesn’t sound promising.

  4. CD, how does what you have described for Corbett resemble anything that like what Wilson did in California? Pete Wilson backed a proposition that denied benefits to immigrants, he won that election and now look what has happened in California — all Democratic, all the time. So, I encourage Corbett to follow your advice. CD, you appear to be stuck in the 80s. Try reading for a change.

  5. CD, explain how in any universe Corbett (who btw is on track to lose re-election and may not run) could do anything like what Pete Wilson and the Republicans did in California. Yep Jack, he provides the Republican Party line.

  6. So now we are using wikipedia. Do you have a brain? Corbett is underwater, unpopular, and will lose the next election. But, please explain why you think he can pull a “Pete Wilson”

  7. From TPR’s wikipedia page:

    Additional polling conducted in March 2013 shows Tom Corbett as the most unpopular sitting Governor in the United States.

    Better pull more than a Pete Wilson

  8. Keith, Corbett can say that the Feds are forcing states to accept a health care plan that they don’t want and he will also say he balanced the state budget due to budget shortfalls from the Rendell years.

    His achievements since taking office on January 18,2011:
    *More than 100,000 private sector jobs have been created under Corbett’s watch.
    *Privatized PA’s state-run wine and spirits stores. Corbett estimated the sale of retail and wholesale licenses would raise an estimated 800 million to $1 billion

    1. Ok
      I checking the comments
      I had to clean up just ONE

      The Fed have NOT forced state to do exchanges
      In fact over 20 have asked the Feds to set up
      THEIR Health Exchanges thus having the Feds spend the first money

      Once Congress approved the law
      Every state had make a choice
      States that do their own exchanges have to staff them up themselves

  9. I doubt many voters in Pennsylvania care that no Governor who sought reelection was denied it.

    In fact I can’t imagine a single voter who would be determined to toss Corbett out pause to reflect on that historical trivia and have his or her mind changed by it.

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