Colbert-Busch ‘went there’ on Sanford ‘s being AWOL in office and his girlfriend…


Exchange of the Day

The State has this exchange from last night’s debate in South Carolina’s first congressional district:

Elizabeth Colbert Busch: “When we talk about fiscal spending and we talk about protecting the taxpayers, it doesn’t mean you take that money we saved and leave the country for a personal purpose.”

Moderator John Avlon: “She went there, Gov. Sanford.”

Mark Sanford: “I couldn’t hear what she said. Repeat it, I didn’t hear it.”

Colbert Busch: “Answer the question.”

Sanford: “What was the question?”


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8 thoughts on “Colbert-Busch ‘went there’ on Sanford ‘s being AWOL in office and his girlfriend…”

  1. I am amazed Sanford voted against money to dredge Charleston Harbor and improve access to the Port. Very short sighted of him. The business community in Charleston must be concerned about him getting back into office again.

    And now, after voting to impeach Bill Clinton, he invokes his name to seek forgiveness for his own sexual misconduct. Difference, the people of South Carolina paid for his airfare to Argentina.

  2. Much of the Charleston business community are hypocrites.When Sanford voted against that,they ran to Lindsey Graham who they accuse of being a “liberal” to hdlp them get the funds.

  3. Or they could have Colbert-Busch who used to work in the industry as their Member of Congress. Actually, I think they will get her.

  4. Remember TPR, you predicted Sanford would win this one for sure. Those folks in South Carolina know him and like him — rememeber.

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