Five Thirty Eight looks at the 36 races for Governor in 2014….

Which Governors Are Most Vulnerable in 2014?
By MICAH COHEN @ FiveThirtyEight

A lot can change before Election Day 2014, when 36 states will hold elections for governor. But at this early stage — when decisions on whether to run or retire are considered and made — 10 of the 32 governors who are eligible to run for re-election have net negative approval ratings in their states.

The two most unpopular governors up for re-election in 2014 are Gov. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, an independent, and Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois, a Democrat. But the remaining eight governors with net negative job approval ratings are Republicans, including four who rode the 2010 Tea Party wave to power in blue and purple states and now appear to be in some danger: Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, Gov. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, Gov. Paul LePage of Maine and Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan.

The chart below includes the three most recent job approval polls for each incumbent governor eligible for re-election in 2014. (The four states holding an election where the governor is term-limited — Arizona, Maryland, Nebraska and Arkansas — along with Massachusetts, where Gov. Deval Patrick has announced he will not run again, are not included.) Surveys conducted before 2012 are not figured into the averages.

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  1. Otter, Bentley, Haley, Mead, Fallin, Abercrombie, Brown, Shumlin and Cuomo will win re-election in their respective states.

    Perry’s obviously NOT running here in Texas due to term limits (which I mentioned last week).

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