Does Mike Bloomberg know how to smile?

Aw Come on Mr Mayor!….

You got money….

You’re gonna retire in few months ….

What’s the Matter?


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14 thoughts on “Does Mike Bloomberg know how to smile?”

    1. The Mayor prides himself on being serious….

      Instead he SHOULD be smiling…..

      Enjoying the ride…

  1. Although I obviously don’t follow the details of NY politics, from where I sit, Bloomberg has been a very good mayor for NY. I probably would have voted for him.

    And who cares if he is not smiling?

    1. From where I sit, you KNOW, I wouldn’t have voted for the guy….

      Businessmen….Rich Businessman seem to lack empathy for their less forunate citizens….

      I DO NOT have him as my Mayor so I’m happy….

      The smiling part is a human thing….

      If You ain’t smiling, I’d think you ain’t having a good time….

      But sitting next to a 3 foot frog would make he laugh (Even if I wanted to bite that sucker!)….Ruff…Ruff….

      1. And I’m sure New York City resident’s will BE Happy when he stops trying to tell them HOW MUCH soda they can drink!

          1. and he’ll leave THIS TIME and not bamboozle the City Council into letting him run AGAIN!

            Oh, wait!….

            What would he be THIS TIME?

            He’s been a Democrat…a Republicans…He’s NOW and Indie…What’s Left?

  2. James, Perhaps you are smiling all of the time, but no one else does. And by the way, No one else is smiling in the picture either. He looks pretty normal to me.

    And of course Bloomberg doesn’t fit neatly into either party. Isn’t that obvious? Lots of people switched partys, including some regulars on this blog.

    Bloomberg’s soda rule would have saved lives and reduced healthcare costs, so at a minimum I can’t get too excited against it.

    1. You should have voted for him if you lived in the City….

      But thank Goodness he’s gonna be gone….

  3. Bloomberg has been divorced for ten years — what an inane comment. And James, we get it that you don’t like the guy. But many things he has done — on gun control, smoking, and even soft drinks I support. He doesn’t shy away from unpopular but important positions.

    1. I just don’t like the guy
      Obviously a small majority of NYC voters liked him on the last election….
      I’m sure he has done some good
      But I find that on the whole NON-New Yorkers
      Speak more highly of him then those who live in the city….

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