Lines harden in the Sequester Political Brinkmanship….

The deadline for the sequester cuts to begin to kickin is less than 24 hours….

They ARE going to happen….

The President is gonna have the leaders of both houses of Congress over for a chat tomorrow….

That’s gonna be a good show but one doubts it will be much more than that…

The President has upped the anti by coming out with specific local cuts he will enact….

Thus putting pressure on House memebers that are up for re-election in 8 months from now…

This political theatre WILL go on till the end of April when the effects of the announced cuts ACTUALLY start….

Understand this….

No matter what ?


That’s a given…

The fight is gonna come down to the President putting together a group in the House to get his tax increases……

The Senate will advance a bill and work will be in the House ……

The President has the advantage now….


BOTH sides ARE gonna have to bend in the end….

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The US Economy GREW last Qtr by .01% instead of dropping….

When the report came out that the US Economy dropped by the .01% figure the media went a little nutso….

But Economists correctly predicted that the number WOULD be revised up….

And it has been…

The American Economy continues to grow Very slowly…..There has been No slide backwards…

Defense spending IS declining already even before the sequester cuts kick in….

The economy in the U.S. managed to barely expand in the fourth quarter, erasing a previously estimated contraction, as the smallest trade deficit in almost three years helped overcome the biggest plunge in defense spending since the Vietnam War era.

Gross domestic product grew at a 0.1 percent annual rate, up from a previously estimated 0.1 percent drop, revised figures from the Commerce Department showed today in Washington. The median forecast of 83 economists surveyed by Bloomberg called for a 0.5 percent gain. Federal military outlays declined at a 22 percent annual pace, the biggest decrease since 1972.

The pace of growth indicates Federal Reserve policy makers are likely to maintain asset purchases intended to boost the expansion, which may be curbed by automatic government spending cuts set to take effect tomorrow. At the same time, healing in the residential real estate market and sustained gains in consumer spending even as the payroll tax rose show the economy probably picked up at the start of this year.

“The growth rate is still very pitiful,” said Harm Bandholz, chief U.S. economist at UniCredit Group in New York, who projected a 0.2 percent increase. “At least, the awkward minus sign disappears.”


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Ohio GOP Governor Kaisch moves past 50% Approval level…

Strange things DO happen in politics, eh?

A little while back the guy would have lost to Mickey Mouse…..


Kasich Approval Jumps in Ohio

A new Quinnipiac poll in Ohio finds Gov. John Kasich’s (R) job approval is at an all-time high, 53% to 32%, the first time in two years that he tops 50 percent.

Said pollster Peter Brown: “What a difference a few months make. Not that long ago, Democrats were licking their lips at the prospect of taking on an unpopular governor who had a disapproval rating in the 50s. Now his job disapproval rating is just 32% and his chances of re-election appear to be much better than they were thought to be as recently as December.”


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Political Pundits aren’t always right…

No they aren’t….

And us political junkies often have to watch paid pundit’s say things that make NO sense and sometimes are plain WRONG….

If following the 2012 presidential election sometimes made you want to scream at your television, imagine how political scientists felt.

As they watched, helpless, the pundits paraded across their screens, spouting theories about the way politics works that academics know to be wrong. In the words of Morris Fiorina, a political scientist at Stanford: “Like all election seasons, the 2012 campaign was rich in commentary that was at odds with or unsupported by findings from political science.”

Fiorina is the author of a recent article published in The Forum, a political-research quarterly, that seeks to dismantle some of the most widespread misconceptions. It’s called, fittingly, “If I Could Hold a Seminar for Political Journalists …” (I came to it from a link on George Washington University Professor John Sides’s invaluable blog The Monkey Cage, which educates journalists about political science on a daily basis.)

If you’re a pundit, someone who loves a pundit, or a cable-news viewer who enjoys feeling smarter than the people you see on TV, here’s what you can learn from Fiorina’s analysis.

1) The electorate is not “polarizing.” It’s “sorting.”

An electorate is “polarized” if voters are increasingly drawn to extremes — the right getting more conservative, the left getting more liberal, and moderates dwindling. An electorate is “sorted” if voters are increasingly settled into ideological camps, that is, conservatives are almost all Republicans, liberals almost all Democrats.

Pundits talk all the time about “polarization,” but it’s not happening. As Fiorina points out, the percentage of Americans who call themselves “moderate” is the same as it was in the 1970s (the American National Election Studies survey has put it at between 20 and 30 percent since 1972). Nor are we more divided when it comes to issues. In the words of a 2012 Pew study, “The way that the public thinks about poverty, opportunity, business, unions, religion, civic duty, foreign affairs, and many other subjects is, to a large extent, the same today as in 1987. The values that unified Americans 25 years ago remain areas of consensus today, while the values that evenly divide the nation remain split.” The commonplace idea that Americans today are irrevocably divided into politically extreme camps just isn’t the case.

What has happened to the American electorate in recent decades is sorting.

A few decades ago, there were thriving factions of conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans, among both voters and their elected representatives; that is to say, the parties themselves were internally diverse. Nowadays, however, ideological consistency is the rule. This is the real reason behind many phenomena commonly, and incorrectly, attributed to “polarization,” Fiorina points out, such as the massive decline in ticket-splitting. Today, voters are likely to find that all the candidates who agree with their views belong to the same party, whereas in the 1970s, many House and Senate candidates didn’t have much in common with their party’s presidential nominee.


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Is President Obama out to get rid of the GOP?

A piece on the Republican’s complaining that President as Rush Limbaugh says……”You know, not just to annihilate Republican Party/conservative ideas, but also people, the people who carry them, the people who believe in them.”….

Lets see…..

The Republican’s won the majority of the House seats in the November 2010 mid-year elections and promptly shut down ANYTHING that has the Democrats and President Obama even breathed on….

They where ecstatic!

THEY would lead the country….Not the President….

Last November President Obama WON a second term by FOUR Million votes….

The Democrats GAINED seats in the Senate and House…..

Meanwhile the Republicans just sang the same song ….


Even when a Hurricane put people out of their homes….

Even when it was pointed out that cuts would destabilize the countries economy….

Even now when the President has managed to make people forget HE suggested the Sequester and BOTH He and Congress approved it!

But the Republicans’s haven’t figured out that blaming the President….The master of the media and with the ability to spread the pain to a local level is making them look like shit…..


It was alright for the GOP then to roll Obama….

But THOSE days are gone….


Indulging the self-pity of the voters has been a worsening ailment of American politics for years. The essential difference between Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher—founders of their respective parties in their current forms—is that he did it and she did not. She told voters to “pull up your socks,” or ”get in your car,” or “polish your boots,” or “eat your vegetables.” Over at Reagan’s, you could have pancakes for breakfast every day, because you’ve suffered enough. Self-pity is a powerful force. It’s usually bad policy but good politics.

But what’s going on now is different. Now it is the politicians themselves, and their affiliated media, which complain loudly about feeling bullied by their opponents. So far, the disease has only spread among Republicans. Big, bad President Obama, creepy Harry Reid, that B-word Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the gang of toughs called the Democratic Party are picking on the poor defenseless GOP. As a campaigning theme, it seems insane. The GOP has long prospered by portraying Democrats as the wimps, dangerously weak and unfit for command. Does the name Michael Dukakis ring a bell? And in really heady moments, like 1984, when Reagan earned his second term, or 1994 and 2010, when sweeping victories in off-year elections seemed to foretell an imminent landslide, Republican fantasies of one-party rule involved the triumph of their party, not humiliation by the other side.

In fact, moaning about how weak you are compared with the opposition seems so obviously a political mistake that we can only reach one conclusion: This must be sincere.

Rush Limbaugh recently spent two days of his radio show wallowing in political self-pity. “I have alerted you and anybody who will listen that what the objective is at the White House is the annihilation of the Republican Party, the elimination of all viableopposition—and on a personal level. You know, not just to annihilate Republican Party/conservative ideas, but also people, the people who carry them, the people who believe in them.”


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Ashley Judd IS making calls to Kentucky House Dem’s….

I’d guess she’s gonna run folks…..

House Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark of Louisville said he spoke briefly to actress and potential U.S. Senate candidate Ashley Judd, who asked to meet with Clark but didn’t tip her hand about her political future.

Clark said the phone call was “short” and he said he told her he would meet with her after the 30-day session ends in March.

Here’s what he said about it:

Judd also left a message last week on Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo’s phone but referred to him as “Representative Adkins.” Rep. Rocky Adkins is the Democratic floor leader.

Stumbo said he returned her call and left a message but didn’t correct her mistake. The two haven’t spoken yet.

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No one hates Republicans more than we do. Except for other Republicans…Daily Kos…

by kos @ Daily Kos

U.S. President George W. Bush (R) waves alongside U.S. Republican Congressman Chris Chocola from Indiana in Mishawaka, Indiana February 23, 2006. REUTERS/Jason Reed

Club for Growth President Chris Chocola during a congressional run back in 2006. Judge him by the company he keeps … and kept.

That GOP civil war is getting nasty!

LaTourette, who retired from Congress in January and hopes his organization will be a key factor in 2014 Republican efforts, said in a statement, “The Club for Growth is a cancer that has attached itself to the Republican Party.” LaTourette added, “The Club repeatedly backs candidates who espouse bizarre views on rape, incest, immigrants and even witchcraft. … The left wants to caricature the Republican Party as out-of-touch and extremist and the Club spends millions to help them do this.”


A Club for Growth spokesman quickly shot back at LaTourette in an interview with TheDC.”It’s not surprising. He’s a liberal,” Club for Growth spokesman Barney Keller said. “He’s defending his fellow liberal RINOs. He’s never met a bailout he didn’t like. is designed exactly so voters are aware of the other Steve LaTourettes out there.”

Pow!There’s Karl Rove versus the Club for Growth, and the tea party versus Karl Rove, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal saying that the GOP must stop being the “stupid party,” which it has no intention of doing. You have right-wing Republicans already tanking the GOP’s chances of picking up the open Iowa Senate seat next year (ultra-nut Rep. Steve King will be unchallenged for the nomination), not to mention putting the Georgia one at risk by chasing the incumbent into retirement.

It’s hard for these guys to focus on Democrats as long as they’re beating the shit out of each other. All the while, changing demographics and social norms push them further into the margins. Remember, it wasn’t just the Todd Akins and Richard Mourdocks who lost last year. The GOP establishment candidates all got their asses handed to them as well.

Yet they’ll be fighting this internal war all the way through the 2014 election cycle, while we get to focus on sending House Speaker John Boehner back to the minority and making the NRA as radioactive as it deserves to be.

Best of all, the things that make Democrats more popular with mainstream voters also make them more popular with base liberals (like protecting Social Security). But the things that would make the GOP more competitive—like dropping social issues, compromising more, not hating brown people, and accepting the validity of science—are violently opposed by their base.

So they might as well fight each other, because they ain’t gonna get far fighting for new votes.

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Lew Easily Wins Confirmation to become Treasury Secretary…


Jack Lew moves from White House Chief of Staff to Treasury with a easy confirmation vote (76 – 26) in the Senate……

Lew follows Timothy F. Geithner, whose tenure drew controversy after the sweeping measures taken by the U.S. government to bring the country’s economy back from the brink. The worst days of the financial crisis have passed, but Lew still has a tricky job ahead of him.

As President Obama’s recent chief of staff and a former director of the Office of Management and Budget, Lew is no stranger to the ongoing fiscal debate in Washington. But he will also have to delve into the world of banking; a large part of his role will involve taking steps meant to avoid a repeat of the financial crisis.

“At this critical time for our economy and our country, there is no one more qualified for this position than Jack,” Obama said in a statement after Lew’s confirmation.

Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) said Lew had cleared one of the most thorough reviews ever done by the Senate Finance Committee of a Treasury nominee.

Lew met with 41 senators, Baucus said…..


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American’s and Food….PPP Poll….

Some interesting stuff about what we eat America…..

He, he, he…..

Republicans LIKE MEXICAN Food over Democrats? 

(There IS something ironic about THAT!)

More on the food issues that divide America

Day 2 of our food poll results show the following:

(Day One’s food polling piece here.…)

– Mexican food (69-22), seafood (74-19), Italian food (85-10), American food (91-6), and Chinese food (71-21) all get favorable marks from voters

– Republicans (73-21) like Mexican food more than Democrats (69-21), while Democrats (74-19) like Chinese food more than Republicans (69-26)

– Subway (43%) beats out Panera (22%) and Quizno’s (6%) for favorite sandwich chain. Women (30%) have a much stronger preference for Panera than men (12%)

– 31% choose Taco Bell as favorite Mexican chain, 19% go for Chipotle. More men (35%) than women (28%) like Taco Bell. 34% of white people choose Taco Bell as their favorite Mexican chain while Hispanics prefer Chipotle over Taco Bell by a 33-23 margin. In fact more Hispanics list Taco Bell as their least favorite Mexican chain (33%) than their favorite

– Pepperoni is by far America’s most favorite pizza topping at 27%, 14% say mushroom, 12% sausage, 10% bacon. – 65% of men choose some form of meat as their favorite pizza topping to just 25% who prefer a vegetable. Women were more vegetable-friendly, with 34% choosing a vegetable and 48% a meat

– Among voters with a preference, 27% choose wine as favorite alcoholic beverage, 22% say beer and 18% take liquor. 36% of women prefer wine over liquor (16%) or beer (12%), but men like beer best (36%) with 19% each for wine and liquor.


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Women Work Longer and Harder Than Men?

That’s what a new study says…..

(The study results on the women vs men work habits where a by product of a privacy studey actually)

Women work harder than men, according to a new study by the Ponemon Institute, an independent research consultancy:

Researchers observed 274 subjects working at companies scattered around the United States in financial services, consumer products, education, health care and energy. Approximately 53 percent of subjects were female and 47 percent were male.

During a ten-minute experimental trial, female subjects worked 2.5 minutes compared to 2.1 minutes for male subjects without a privacy filter installed and 4.9 minutes versus 4.3 minutes for male subjects with a privacy filter installed.

When given the opportunity to walk away during an experimental waiting period 38 percent of female workers walked away compared to 52 percent of male workers.

Researchers also noticed that men work less when women are around. Thanks, guys! No problem, we’ll take care of that extra work for you while you continue making a dollar for every 70 cents we earn.

Alternate takeaway: privacy filters really work.



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Jack Lew will be confirmed for Treasury Today….

The vote will come tonight giving the President his Treasury Secretary the same day as he swore in his Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel….

The Senate began consideration of Jack Lew to be the next Treasury secretary on Wednesday, with a final vote slated for later in the day.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) set up the vote to take place after no more than eight hours of debate, meaning the vote could happen any time before 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Both sides could yield back debate time, allowing the vote to happen earlier in the day.

Baucus said that he strongly supports Lew’s nomination.

“We need a strong man at the helm to help tackle the many fiscal challenges facing this nation and I believe Jack Lew is that man,” Baucus said. “He is eager to work with all of us here in Congress to strengthen the American economy.”

The Senate Finance Committee cleared his nomination Tuesday in a 19-5 vote.



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Sec of State John Kerry’s first Foreign Trip…A view…

Ah, It’s gonna take sometime to get up to speed….

America’s new top diplomat is already facing trouble and confusion as he begins a two-week trip whose major focus is on coalescing international action on Syria.

With John Kerry in London Monday on the first leg of his nine-country tour of Europe and the Middle East, administration officials were scrambling to salvage a planned meeting between the new U.S. secretary of state and the leaders of the Syrian opposition coalition scheduled for Thursday.

Following a Monday meeting in London with British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Kerry condemned the Syrian regime’s use of rockets to attack civilians in Aleppo but declined to specify any of the steps he suggested earlier this month the Obama administration is “evaluating” to change the situation on the ground in Syria. He downplayed the notion that any new American initiatives would be unveiled at the upcoming Friends of Syria meeting in Italy.

“Now, let me make clear, we will continue to work closely with our British allies to address the growing humanitarian crisis, and to support the Syrian Opposition Council. We are coordinating with the Syrian opposition coalition, we’re coordinating with the U.N. and with others in order to help get relief to the victims who need that help,” Kerry said.

The leaders of the Syrian opposition council are threatening to boycott the Rome meeting,according to the New York Times, “to protest what they see as fainthearted international support.” The administration sent U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford to Cairo to try to persuade the coalition leaders to show up in Rome.

Kerry urged the opposition leaders to attend the Rome meeting Monday, casting the meeting as a unique opportunity for them to discuss ways the United States can help persuade Syrian PresidentBashar al-Assad to change his thinking.

“They should come and meet because in fact, countries have been helping them, and because we are precisely meeting to determine how to help President Assad change the calculation on the ground,” Kerry said. “I said that previously in the United States — that President Assad needs to be able to change his calculation. And President Obama has been engaged in examining exactly in what ways we may be able to contribute to that. That’s the purpose of this meeting in Rome.”

Kerry said he would meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Tuesday in Berlin, and that he plans to discuss specific proposals Syria at the Rome meeting.

More….(This piece went up on Monday 2/25/13)

It since been announced that the US will begin supplying Non-Leathal aid to the Syrian Rebels…..Weapons for the rebels IS back on the table…..


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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest 2/27/13: Robin Kelly scores a huge win and sends a message to the NRA

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by David Nir

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest banner

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Leading Off:

• IL-02: On Tuesday night, former state Rep. Robin Kelly powered her way to an enormous victory in the special Democratic primary to fill ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s vacant House seat. With 98 percent of precincts reporting, Kelly held a 52-25 lead over her nearest rival, ex-Rep. Debbie Halvorson, meaning she took a majority of the vote in a massive 16-candidate field. A general election will be held in April, but in this solid blue district covering Chicago’s South Side and southern suburbs, it’s only a formality: Kelly will soon be headed to Congress.

Of the three leading contenders who began the race, only Kelly had earned an “F” rating from the NRA, which she wore as a badge of honor. Halvorson and another rival, state Sen. Toi Hutchinson, had both scored “A” grades from the rifle association, putting them badly out of step with a district that has been plagued by gun violence. These incongruous stances prompted NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Super PAC, Independence USA, to run ads in the district targeting Halvorson on guns.

Meanwhile, Kelly, pushing a strong message on curbing gun violence, started consolidating support within the 2nd. Daily Kos then became the first progressive group to endorse her, ultimately raising over $113,000 in small donations for her campaign. CREDO Super PAC got involved as well, spending six figures on field operations to benefit Kelly, and ultimately Independence pivoted to attack Hutchinson as well—and endorse Kelly, too. Following this move, Hutchinson dropped out with just 10 days to go, throwing her support to Kelly.

That left Halvorson and Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale as Kelly’s only legitimate opponents, but by then it was too late. The grassroots infusion of cash had already allowed Kelly to get on the airwaves and expand her voter outreach program well ahead of any other candidate. At the same time, Bloomberg’s PAC kept their boot on Halvorson’s neck with their continued air assault. Kelly continued to rack up local endorsements, including those of four members of Congress—all of whom, rather pointedly, had served with Halvorson but declined to back her.

In the end, Halvorson was only aided by a comically awful monochrome mailer from the local affiliate of the NRA—and it’s indeed the NRA who was the biggest loser on Tuesday night. Many Democrats had long been terrified of the organization’s political might, but in the wake of Sandy Hook, more are fighting back in support of sensible gun safety regulations.

Robin Kelly, though, was never afraid, and her victory sends a real message to those who oppose any efforts to stem the scourge of gun violence. This most definitely won’t be the last election where an “F” rating from the NRA turns out to be an “A” with voters.

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Political Roundup for February 27th, 2013…Red Racing Horses

by: Imperial

Rand Paul:
 The curious breakdown of how Rand Paul became the only Senator to vote against cloture and ultimately for Hagel’s confirmation.

Christie: The New Jersey Governor was not invited to CPAC.


Georgia: The Club for Growth recently released a scorecard rating different potential candidates in this seat. Rep. Paul Broun has the clear edge with a 100% rating this session and a 99% lifetime rating. The next closest Representatives, Tom Graves, has a 93% rating, but he is not likely to run. After that, Rep. Phil Gingrey boasts 89%, Rep. Tom Price 86% and Rep. Jack Kingston 85%. Will this trigger CFG money to go to Broun? The organization is mum so far.


Wisconsin: PPP finds Governor Scott Walker (R) in much the same position he was in right before the election, with 48/49 approval. Against a host of Democrats with a bit of a deficit in name ID Walker leads, the best known being Ron Kind who he leads 46-42. Former Senator Feingold (D), however, leads Walker 47/49 and has a bit higher approval ratings in the sample at 53/37. This isn’t shocking- he has higher name ID than all of the other Democrats, and that is part of Walker’s lead right now.

Kansas: PPP also finds Governor Sam Brownback (R) with some rough approval ratings in his state at 37/52. However, he still leads all comers, including his best-known potential opponent, former Governor Kathleen Sebellius 48-43. However, less known Democrats with less unfavorable baggage keep the race close as well, including 44-40 over Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer and 45-39 over former Governor Mike Parkinson.


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Senate Republicans divided on sequester action….

…from twitter…..

Bernanke: The sequester could make it harder to reduce the deficit, not easier 

The Republicans are a mess…..

They can’t do ANYTHING in the House so they have thrown the thing over to the Senate where Majority Leader Reid is gonna have a vote….

The President is gonna meet with all these people on Friday while he keeps putting out MORE local cuts that he will introduce….

The Sequester kicks in Friday but won’t actually start until April….

But notices and movement on this stuff WILL begin THIS Friday….

It’s all theatre folks….

But it’s real if you get laid off…..

Hell of a way to HELP the economy, eh?

A split among Senate Republicans over what to propose as a substitute for the sequester has complicated plans for Senate votes this week on competing GOP and Democratic deficit reduction proposals.

A GOP plan to grant federal agencies more flexibility to implement $85 billion in fiscal 2013 spending cuts worries some Republicans, who fear the White House would use the measure to circumvent congressional budgeting authority.


Two days before $85 billion in automatic spending cuts hit the government, Senate Republicans are divided over a bill backed by their leadership that would replace the sequester.

The measure would require that $85 billion in spending be cut, but give President Obama more flexibility in manage the spending reductions than given by the sequester, which requires across-the-board cuts to nearly every part of every agency.

But some Republicans fear it would help the White House use the cuts as a political weapon, while defense hawks worry the Pentagon would not escape harm.

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) said the plan doesn’t address the damage that the sequester cuts would inflict on the military.

“I don’t care how flexible you want to be, the top-line numbers don’t add up to me on defense. That’s my problem,” Graham said after a contentious GOP meeting where the plan was discussed.

Coming up with a favored approach is important as both sides try to win public support over how they are handling the sequester.

The Senate is expected to vote this week on rival legislative measures backed by Democrats and Republicans. While both bills are expected to fail, they could help give each party political cover.

Leaders on both sides will be looking at the vote count carefully, raising the stakes for Republicans to rally their members around one alternative.

So far, Senate Democrats look like the more unified side.

Most if not all Democrats are expected to support their conference’s $110 billion sequester replacement bill that would phase in a new minimum tax on those making more than $1 million a year, close corporate tax loopholes, end direct farm payments and delay defense cuts.


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House Republicans Backing Down On Violence Against Women Act…Leaving it up to Pelosi Again…

In ANOTHER display of the House under Speaker Boehner’s GOP leadership ducking …..

They have scraped their OWN Violence Against Women bill and will use the Senate’s to keep pressure off their members….

If the Democrats can get the votes THEY will scrap together a minority to pass the Senate’s version on the bill….

What a pattern eh?

Seems like Nancy Pelosi as Minority leader IS getting stuff thru the House NOT GOP Speaker John Boehner, who is politically handcuffed by the Conservatives in HIS party…

After nearly a year of resistance that has damaged them politically with women voters, House Republicans have found a clever way to back down on the reauthorization of an expanded Violence Against Women Act, aides confirmed to TPM late Tuesday.

The original plan was for the Republican majority in the House to pass its version of the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization and then go to conference conference committee with the Senate. The Senate has already overwhelmingly passed a more aggressive bill, with protections for LGBT, Native American and undocumented women that have been at the heart of the dispute with House Republicans.

But all that changed Tuesday night. The Rules Committee instead sent the House GOP’s version of the Violence Against Women Act to the floor with a key caveat: if that legislation fails, then the Senate-passed version will get an up-or-down vote.

Read More

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