The US pledges $60 Million for Syrian Rebels…Begins steps to send more….

Senator John McCain has to be smiling….

While a LOT of us have applauded the President’s stand AGAINST aiding the Syrian rebels….

That’s about to go out the window….

There are unsubstantiated reports that the Us and other Allies are in-fact providing training for certain groups of rebels….

There has been a re-examination of the US ‘hands off’ policy with the point of getting the US involved to be able to have a say AFTER the Syrian war ends….

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pledged an additional $60 million in aid to Syrian opposition forces Thursday, including food and medical support directly to armed rebels for the first time but turning aside their demand for weapons.

Kerry, on his first foreign trip as America’s top diplomat, said that the extra assistance would help “the legitimate voice of the Syrian people,” who have been trying in vain for nearly two years to topple President Bashar Assad. Kerry said Assad had “long ago lost his legitimacy…and must be out of power.”

The $60 million more than doubles the amount that the Obama administration has so far given to the political opposition in Syria, and, in a policy shift, some of the aid will be funneled directly to armed rebels for the first time….


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2 thoughts on “The US pledges $60 Million for Syrian Rebels…Begins steps to send more….”

  1. Wasted money and a slap in the face to Every Anerican being asked to take a furloughed day off to help our budget ” crisis”

    True its not a lot of money,but why give these so called “rebels “ANYTHING?

    We have no dog in this fight.

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