John Kerry takes the reins at State….

Following behind two women, Rice and Clinton….

He will undoubtly have a LOT of work to do …..

The world IS a busy place these days for American Foreign Policy…..

Secretary of State John Kerry has “big heels to fill” as he starts his new job, he said Monday, taking the reins of the State Department for his first full work day.

After arriving in Foggy Bottom soon after 9 a.m., Kerry briefly addressed employees and asked, “Can a man actually run the State Department?” He succeeds not only Hillary Clinton but, before her, Condoleezza Rice.

“Job well done, thank you Secretary Clinton, the nation is grateful,” Kerry said, wearing a pale pink tie and navy blue suit. He also thanked President Obama, who “without any question has restored America’s reputation and place in the world.”

After spending close to three decades on Capitol Hill overseeing the State Department’s work from a seat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry cracked jokes as he assured the department’s staff that he’s aware of their work and their needs….



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