Political Roundup for January 31, 2013…Red Racing Horses

by: shamlet
After the giant glut of the past few days, we seem to be back to a more manageable amount of news.


NJ-Sen ’18: Things are not looking so good for Sen. Bob Menendez (D). FBI agents raided the office of a South Florida doctor linked to the new Foreign Relations committee chair and his… well, Foreign Relations. For his part, Menendez says the allegations are politically motivated, which tends to be the kind of thing you say when there’s no good answer to give. The timing of these investigations can be very unpredictable, but if the hammer comes down before summer, a special election would be scheduled for this November… which means it would occur on a ballot topped by Christie.

MA-Sen: Poor Barney. Patrick appoints random hack and his crony indisputably qualified public servant Mo Cowan to Kerry’s Senate seat. Cowan, of Stoughton, previously served as Patrick’s Chief of Staff, and now becomes one of two African-Americans in the Senate.

More MA-Sen: PPP (D): Brown 48 Markey 45, with most undecideds Warren voters, under a 2012-style electorate.

GA-Sen: Some unorthodox R candidates are floated, including Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler.


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4 thoughts on “Political Roundup for January 31, 2013…Red Racing Horses”

  1. This should give Senator Zero pause. Really tired of his, “Ed Markey never comes home BS,” since Brown spends most day, everyday, in New York with the girls shopping.

    Brown should re-think the Governor’s race quickly. Much better chance for him there, but then he would have to work.

  2. Yeah if Brown loses again he’s done. Sure Massachusetts Republicans may look to him to run for office again just because they have no one else, but he won’t be taken seriously.

    He’d be better off standing down now and going for the governor’s office in 2014.

    But all signs indicate he’s not going to.

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