The Fiscal Cliff Show No solution for now…..Things NEVER Change

This IS according to the secret script that will run until AFTER the stuff hits the fan…..

THEN the players will resume….

Several things will occur I’m gonna guess….

The President will get little of what he wanted……(Biden i s now the deal maker)

Taxes WILL go up….

The Senate WILL pass a frame work….

The House will take most of that framework….

The frame work will essentially be a punt……

Like the Congress ALWAYS does….

There will NO REAL Fiscal Cliff…..

We will have the Same SHIT again in a few months on the Debt Ceiling….

This will assuer that the Republicans WILL drag Obama and the Democrats thru the mud….

Over and Over …….

Senate leaders are racing against the clock to reach a “fiscal cliff” deal the House and Senate can approve on New Year’s Eve.

Leaders in the upper chamber narrowed their differences Sunday as Republicans agreed to drop a demand to curb cost-of-living increases to entitlement benefits, while Democrats showed flexibility on taxes.

Yet after months of talks on ways to avoid the fiscal cliff of tax hikes and spending cuts at the end of 2012, House and Senate lawmakers find themselves approaching the new year without a bill to present to their members.

Hopes for a deal appear to be in the hands of Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Vice President Biden, who spent much of the night in negotiations.

“The Leader and the VP continued their discussion late into the evening and will continue to work toward a solution,” a spokesman for McConnell said of the talks. The spokesman added that more details would be provided when they were available.

Biden and McConnell have a history of Senate deal-making, and their cooperation is seen as a sign that Democrats and Republicans in the upper chamber could still close in on an elusive deal.

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) on Monday called McConnell and Biden the two “best” negotiators for the talks…..


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30 thoughts on “The Fiscal Cliff Show No solution for now…..Things NEVER Change”

  1. This is a bit surreal.. in a few hours GOP will have raised taxes on the Middle Class.
    Or 98% of the voters. It’s boggling.

    1. mac….

      That will be the Senate….


      I’m betting that the House WILL NOT vote on the deal until AFTER 12:01 TOMORROW…..

  2. Yeah, it doesn’t really matter, does it? If it comes a few days later – with a fix.

    And it’s understandable tactics to call this a cliff, but it’s very misleading I think.. last summer was a million times worse.

    1. no mac….
      i think it DOES matter….

      Boehner is unable to deal with HIS party in HIS house…
      Obama has had to call on Biden and Reid to do the deal…

      And Taxes Will go up….

      The whole show IS disfunctional….

      But it just points to the fact that the House Conservative caucus IS a power center to be fed NO MATTER what the media is hyping…

  3. I’m also digesting “Lincoln” from last night btw… it was a bit slow at first – but then the last hour was massive. And a strong reminder about how big hard things do get through democracy and done in the end..

  4. re 11:35
    yep – but disfunctional is the norm, isn’t it? There are small bouts of cooperation and progress – and then decade long stretches of gridlock and sabotage.

    Tom Coburn seems to be about to explode though – yelling about disagreeing with GOP in reference to paying for Bush Tax Cuts. He’s not on the playbook!

  5. Btw; the Tea Pary Caucus is what – 15% of the House? They rule by fear and threats of primary money crushing incumbents – but it’s wearing thin.

    As November showed, money can only move the vote so far… which weakens the Reign of Terror on the right.

    1. on the Tea Party/Conservative House caucus….

      They simply have the VOTES….

      The Democrats lost their chance back in 2008…
      They…Themselves messed up by NOT having their act togethere when they HAD the votes….


      A female reporter on MSNBC has put out the $400,000 figure…
      And a small Estate tax increase

      She updates that the Sequester IS the problem….

      I REPEAT….

      It seems that the Payroll Taxes WILL go up….
      No Matter…
      The Payroll tax goes directly to Social Security…

      I still feel that the House will NOT vote till AFTER 12:01 Tonight….

  6. Yeah.. but one could imagine another time when the moderates in both parties voted together on stuff. And the fringe groups were bypassed.

    This one note all-to-the-rich current on the right has passed it prime I think..

    1. Well mac….

      I think you just nailed how the deal is gonna get done THIS time….

      The rich will ALWAYS get taken care of…
      Even in this agreement I’ll bet….

  7. With twitter on fire – I’d have to agree with some commentary that Obama’s swipes just now were unnecessary, unless he’s doing judo – and want them to vote no. And raise taxes on folks.

    1. He, he….

      Me and Jack went back and forth about this….
      I DID NOT want Obama doin the deal up close….
      Looks like Biden, McConnell and Reid where the parties in the room…
      But as usual…
      Obama got LITTLE of what he asked for…

      I think he just tried to throw his own little dig…
      That’s all…

      In the end they ALL….
      Including the Guy the who just won a second term as President ….
      Have to get past the House rightwingnut group…
      Obama knew this from the jump….
      and it’s why Boehner gave up….

      And it’s why this WHOLE Megalla is just a modified punt….
      It IS the way things get done…
      Or better yet..
      Patched up since Obama came to be President…

      You know we might have it that Obama just about NEVER gets a whole annual budget to vote on in one piece…
      The Republicans are just not gonna let him do that…
      They don’t want Obama to do ANYTHING without THEIR two cents involved…

      1. I mean ALL President’s grapple with Congress…
        But The GOPer’s seem to be MORE inclined to mess with Obama …
        That’s my look…..

  8. Got little? Define little please. If this goes down, big if, then Obama will have preserved tax cuts for middle America. Not a small accomplishment in this environment.

    And, to actually put forth the notion that the President wasn’t totally involved and speaking for his Party in this negotiation is to exhibit a total ignorance of how things work in Washington.

    1. Ok
      I’ll step back two paces
      That’s all
      Obama ASKED for increases in taxes
      My payroll taxes will go up
      Am I supposed to be happy about that?
      The Bush tax cuts w/n effect me
      The good thing is good
      But I ain’t over joyed

      1. On Obama and the deal?
        Point out to me what
        BIG things he got?
        Good but lets see how big the loop hole is
        Him doing the deal?
        Yea as the overlord
        But Biden has done


        I voted Obama twice…
        I’d vote for him again…
        If he ran…
        But like the progressives…
        I’m not gonna jump up and down on this emerging deal…
        The fact is the President IS getting whipsawed on it like he has been in the past…

        The man DOES deserve MAJOR props for the Healthcare Law….
        For what he has done for gays….
        For his steadfast aim of cutting back troops at war….
        And for his hard assed policy of going after bad guys abroad…

        But he…
        Like me and you has good and not so good’s….

        After the Democrats lost the House …..
        Obama has been going down a hard road with a flat tire…
        He’s motoring along…
        But it’s been a hard road….

    1. No mac….
      McConnell does NOT have the same problem as Boehner…
      The Democrats just need to pick off 5 to GOP Senator’s to get their way in the senate
      The Conservative House group IS the problem for 300 Million Plus American’s…
      Including the US Congress on the whole
      And because of their district’s support…
      They ARE insulated from everything else politicallly thrown at them….

  9. Yep exactly.. so I was wondering how this Biden-Reid-McConnell announcements of a deal means a deal is “done”.. those three were never the problem..

    Maybe it’s just a media thing, wrong headlines.

      1. from twitter…..
        Andrew Ackerman ‏@amacker
        McConnell says he agrees with President to pass tax portion of agreement then address sequester in “coming months.” #cliff
        Retweeted by Wall Street Journal

  10. And thus Boehner folds?

    From David Corn’s tweeeties
    “Will Mitch McConnell now walk smack into the House GOP cliff?”

  11. And not working tomorrow.

    And how come the House will be able to settle this next week – or ever?

    By 2011 logic any damage, the bigger the better, is Obama damage and Democrat damage.

    1. The House WILL vote on the Senate Deal shortly….

      The Alternate Universe effect will allow them to assauge their ego’s with a vote to re-INSTATE the Bush Tax Cut as a tax CUT…..

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