Defense Sec Panetta says deal won’t avert sequestration?

I REALLY don’t believe the guy….

Congress can do whatever they want…

The truth is sequester whould take months to impliment…

Plenty of time to turn off the sequester….

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has told him there “will be nothing” in the fiscal cliff deal to avoid sequestration.

“I was called by Leon Panetta last night…during dinner,” Graham said on “Fox News Sunday”, “and he said, ‘Lindsey, I have been told there’s not going to be anything in the bill to avoid sequestration going into effect.'”

Panetta says “if we do this, it will be shooting the Defense Department in the head, and we’ll have to send out 800,000 layoff notices at the beginning of the year. He’s worried to death that if we don’t fix sequestration, we are going to destroy the finest military in the world at a time we need it the most and this bill doesn’t cover defense cuts, on top of the ones we already have,” Graham said.

Sequestration, which would kick in on Jan 2 if there is no deal to avert it, would cut nearly $500 billion in defense spending over the next decade.


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3 thoughts on “Defense Sec Panetta says deal won’t avert sequestration?”

  1. Wonder what Leon is so worried about?

    After all he and the Pentagon cabal said they didnt even want 74 billion included in this years military budget

    The so called “seaquestration ” only calls for saving 50 billion a year over ten years,

    Cut the bs those boys say they dont want and theres your first year and a half right there!

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