The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ show opens Center Stage….

The political headlines on the Cable News Channel’s are laughable….

Obama throws down HIS talking points yesterday.

The media goes back to the GOP and they cry…..

Now if you follow this stuff…

Two days ago there was a close thing on a agreement…

Where’s that?

Here’s better…

This morning Chris Jansing @ MSNBC is talking about throwing away the mortgage and student loan deductions….

Jansing, in my view isn’t a rocket scientist anyways……

But THOSE two things ARE NOT going anywhere…

This is a dance BOTH the President and Congress will do as long as the House has 60 Conservertive’s caucus members….


As advertised…..

Speaker John Boehner isn’t gonna make ANY deal that the 60 won’t be able to somehow swallow….

In fact, In the end look for Pelosi and Obama to HELP Boehner get headwind within HIS party whne the final deal comes down…

And as I’ve said here…

Look for MOST of the deal to be a punt of the issues into 2013…..

The MOST important thing for the parties involved will be to table the sequestor bullshit…

And NOT saddle the American public with a tax INCREASE…

It’s a show people….

We voted FOR the actors….

Sit back and enjoy the show!

And there is NO Cliff….

These guys can change the rules  ANYTIME they want….


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20 thoughts on “The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ show opens Center Stage….”

  1. Of course there is no “cliff”

    But you are arguing an insignificant point

    People (like me) who use the term don’t mean it literally

    We are simply referring to the fact that there may be no “deal” by the artificial deadline

    With that “silliness” out of the way lets get back to the argument itself

    Will there be an agreement before the end of the year?

    The odds are not very good right now

    it will be very difficult for the Republicans to cave on raising taxes for their party’s owners,the wealthy

    And Obama can hardly back down on that issue. But as I’ve said earlier

    I want it to happen for no other reason than to watch those Pentagon jaw flappers start wailing about “national security”

    Just think pretty soon we may not be able to destroy the world six times over

    But only FIVE times

    A sobering thought is it not?

  2. What’s that have to do with it Cold Warrior?

    Your buddies at the Pentagon have been all over TV lately bewailing the “bullshit” as you call it

    They either “believe” it or are Liars

    Which is it?

    1. Ok
      The White House ITSELF
      Has told Panetta to make cuts seperate from the sequester
      Congress has ALREADY disregarded some of the WH cuts
      The General’s work for the President
      So they have their marching orders
      They WILL make cuts
      But they do NOT want the DRAGONIAN sequester cuts
      So they are being used as political tools by their boss
      The President
      Cuts of the type that you would like would NEVER
      Be agreeded to by either party and would throw the economy
      Into a tailspin

        1. You get to be General’s by being able to follow orders

          If you don’t like what you are told to do

          You quit

  3. On the contrary cuts like I am advocating would be the beginning of healing the economy

    The outlandish spending advocated by people like you at what’s responsible for our fiscal mess

    As is you and your ilks obsession with fighting these absurd “wars” that you readily admit you can’t explain but think are a good idea

    Yeh Liars

    Since YOU say there is “no chance” of these draconian cuts

    Then why are Panetta and the Pentagon stooges bewailing them?

    Since they “know” they at not going to happen

    They are lying


    By advocating this continued mindless spending you are as much a problem as the House Republicans you criticize

    1. As usual Jack in black and white….

      Jack let me ask you?

      IF YOU where President ….

      Would you make A half a Trillion Dollars in cut’s starting January ?

      Knowing that the cuts would in fact put tens of thousands of American’s OUT of work?

      Knowing that the countries Economy would go into a recession?

      And your party members and the other party would so pissed you’d get NOTHING done for the next 4 years?

      Now that’s the question here…

      It isn’t just lets cut the Defense Budget….

      Because that budget is more than 50% PEOPLE….

      1. Yes,

        The Defense Departemnet WILL get by…

        That IS a given….

        The cuts would go for 10 years…..

        But every ten minutes there woudld ANOTHER fight over this…

        When they did base closing….

        They had to take it off line because Congress didn’t want get stuck

        Telling the locals’ they doing the closures…..

        There WILL be cuts…
        Lets have them bit by bit cuttinbg the fat…
        NOT with a meat cleaver….

        Which IS what’s gonna happen when they get that point in the next month….
        And again in the Spring….
        He, he, he…
        And again next fall….
        And agin next winter….
        And again next year…
        And again……

  4. Absolutely I would

    Would I get it?

    Probably not

    But I’d get some

    This has to start somewhere

    Just burying ones head in the sand is certainly no plan

    Anyone who says our economic problems can be solved without confronting this “monster” we have created with this out of control military budget is being STUPID

    As for your ritualistic “sympathy” for those in the military

    Would be nice if you had the same for old folks

    It is remarkable how we just casually talk about cutting their benefits yet seem intent on keeping in I place this,what you even concede, massive employment program in the military


    1. I am counting on MY social security in a few years in addition to medicare….

      I’ve paid for it…..

      And I look forward to getting the benefit….

      My feeling is that Obama IS willing to put medicaid and medicare on the table to bargain with the Republicans for a deal on the Budget…

      Social Security is actually solvent for at LEAST another 25 years or so and as the economy gets better the threshold goes back ….

  5. I presume we all do

    But you seem to be one of those toes that prefers to bury you head in the sand than offer any solution to outr fiscal dilemma

    In fact the only thing you seem to do is practice some sort of weird cynicism wherein you alternately bewail the facts but then dismiss any proposals to do anything about it

    Well unlike you

    I take this stuff seriously and am willing to offer some prescriptions

    And. Enforce I have to listen to your predictable claptrap about what is or is not going to happen

    I fully realize that much of this won’t immediately come about

    But instead of informing all us not as “insightful” types as you

    Perhaps we could hear something constructive instead of you usual tripe

    1.)Immediately raise the age to receive Social Security to 67(this will affect me directly)
    2.)Immediatly raise the cap on SS contributions to $500,000.with yearly increases in $100,000 increments to one million dollars.
    3.)Medicare and Medicaid will no longer pay for Doctors visits for minor ailments except for a once a year thorough physical.
    4.)Allow Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners have their own practices.
    5.)immediate cut in the military budget of 50 Billion dollars with yearly cuts in 10 billion dollar increments to One hundred billion.
    6.)freeze on all COLAS for the next five years.
    7.)Freeze on all Social spending for the next five years
    8.)End Bush tax cuts on all income over 500,000 dollars. ND increase taxes on all income over one million dollars.
    9.)End special treatment of capital as regular income.
    10.)End all corporate welfare including tax breaks or “exploration” by oil companies.

    All this would be a START.

    1. Jack will get back to ya later in detail
      But you and I KNOW
      Your suggestions have NO POLITICAL CHANCE
      Interesting though

    2. Ok Jack…

      I’m back off the road….

      inference to your list of action ….

      1)…Both parties have rulled out raising the age for Social Security benefits….The President didn’t even mention it his opening plan.

      2)…Good Idea…I like it…

      3)…No Chance…Goes to heart of Obama’s preventive care aim in the new law….

      4)…No Chance…Doctors aren’t giving up their turf…Big legal problems with this suggestion…

      5)…Actually Obama WILL impliment this suggestion on his own…Good one

      6)…No chance on a across the board freeze…There is talk of changing the way the increase is figured out…(Same thing..Differant Name?)

      7)…No Chnace…NONE…Democrats and the President would be deadmeat from the left….FORGET THIS

      8)…I WOULD embrace this…The Problem is it flys in the face of the GOP’s Holy Grail on NO TAX increases…Look for revenue increases inplace of an outright increase in rates

      9)…Probably a good one…DSD certainly approves and state that would be particulatrly aimed a the rich…Don’t know if the GOPer’s could eat that though…
      Maybe if the increase isn’t THAT big…
      10)…He, he, he….This IS funny!….NO WAY….NOT from the GOPer’s or Dem’s….Or Obama for that matter…

  6. Please don’t “get back to me”

    It is obvious you don’t want to have an intelligent conversation as many are trying to do

    Further,it is obvious by your comment that you either didn’t read what I wrote or worse yet

    Didn’t understand it

    1. I could see Obama raising the tax threshold to one million
      And coming down on the increasing amount and when it starts

      WTF would NY, NJ, CA, NV, CT, TX pols go with $250k
      THOSE STATES have a LOT of people that they would be giving
      Tax increases to
      Not a good look
      250 ain’t a lot in those places
      It gonna be let’s make a deal
      Obama threw Down HARD
      And he won less than a month ago
      But he can’t have

  7. Okay

    What are YOUR ideas?

    And please be specific

    Or gee could it be

    You have NO IDEAS!

    Because referring to my original post on this subject

    You are one of many that buries their head in the sand

    In other words a non serious person who just runs their mouth


    After observing your comments for several years I really believe that you just like to read your own words

    Come on


    With SPECIFIC suggestions on how to confront this fiscal crisis we are in

    I’ll hold my breath


    1. Ok….
      I see you’re in rare form tonight Jack….

      How about this?

      I Have NO idea’s….

      This is WAY above my pay level….

      I just make comments….

      I just do NOT want to pay MORE taxes…


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