Republican’s Change their minds…Ask for Offsets for Sandy Disaster Aid….

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and , NYS State Governor Cuomo have been the spokespersons for ALL of the state’s getting FEMA and other Federal money…

The total request for money from the Fed’s is $80 Billion…..

Katrina cost $81 Billion….

The cost for Sandy undoubtabilty will go over the Katrina amount in the end since the North East has more homes per square mile than Louisiana and the Gulf States….

House Speaker Boehner orignally indicated offsets would NOT be needed…..

The Democrats will push for the money to be allocated without offsets or ANY strings attached…

Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, signaling that Republicans may revive last year’s battles over offsets to disaster aid relief, says he expects that any package to help Northeast states hit by the superstorm Sandy will have to including matching cuts in spending elsewhere in the federal budget.

“We always help communities during disasters,” he said Wednesday after having met earlier in the day with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is pushing for quick passage of an aid package. “The difference you have got now is that it is going to have to be offset.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he does not expect to have a confrontation with GOP members over aid.

“This is something that I think is important that we do as soon as we can. We want to make sure that the numbers are basically in the ballpark,” the Nevada Democrat said. “I’ve been told that the Republicans in the House agree that this is something that need not be paid for, and I hope that, in fact, is the case because if there were ever an act of God, an emergency, this is it.”

Lawmakers are waiting to see how much the White House will seek for an initial disaster relief package to aid communities hard-hit by Sandy, which devastated portions of coastal New Jersey and metropolitan New York City. Officials from the region said in meetings on Capitol Hill on Wednesday that they want the White House to seek an $80 billion aid package for the region….


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3 thoughts on “Republican’s Change their minds…Ask for Offsets for Sandy Disaster Aid….”

  1. Heres an idea for an “offset”

    Cut funds for that useless “war” in Afghanistan

    As for Chambliss

    There is a good lesson here for all you “believers” in Republican HOGWASH

    Remember earlier in the week the media and some here were going goo goo over Saxbys harsh words for Grover Norquist, a saint in the Republican Party?

    Well after getting his ass chewed out by the Right Wing nutsos who control the Georgia GOP

    Ol Sax has backed off big time

    Indeed this “offset” talk is part of his attempt to show what a tough “conservative” he is

    Don’t believe all this garbage about “changes” in the Republican Party

    There will be none of significance

    And why should there be?

    Don’t you get it?

    They believe they are RIGHT!

    1. I NEVER beiieved the GOP was gonna get religion from their sulacking….

      I hope they ‘keep on ….keeping on ….driving to be ‘pure’ and right wingnuts….and keep putting themselves OUT OF BUSINESS…..

      Alternate Reality Stuff

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