I was Wrong…Romney DIDN’T Know….

I have said here that Mitt Romney was told during the weekend before the election that he was going to lose the election….

I was wrong…

Mitt Romney…...7:39am Tue November 6th…photo…politicalscrapbook.net

The piece below from The New Republic describes how if you WANT to believe something….

You believe it…

A Problem that Mitt Romney HAD and the Republican’s STILL Have….

Neil Newhouse , the Romney pollster made NUMEROUS suppositions that where WRONG during the last weekend of the campaign…

We have the state total’s below and Newhouse now admits that the Obama voter numbers actually where significantly higher than they thought it would be….

The interesting thing is that the media is reporting that a lot of Romney lower level staff member KNEW that Newhouse numbers where skewed and they where NOT surprised with the Vote outcome….

They never entered the ‘Alternate Universe’ thing that infected others….

So much for ‘intrenal polls, eh?’

It’s no secret that the Romney campaign believed it was headed for victory on Election Day. Ahandful of outlets have reportedthat Team Romney’s internal polling showed North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia moving safely into his column and that it put him ahead in a few other swing states. When combined with Ohio, where the internal polling had him close, Romney was on track to secure all the electoral votes he needed to win the White House. The confidence in these numbers was such that Romney even passed on writing a concession speech, at least before the crotchety assignment-desk known as “reality” finally weighed in.

Less well-known, however, are the details of the polls that led Romney to believe he was so close to the presidency. Which other swing states did Romney believe he was leading in, and by how much? What did they tell him about where to spend his final hours of campaigning? Why was his team so sanguine about its own polling, even though it often parted company with the publicly available data? In an exclusive to The New Republic, a Romney aide has provided the campaign’s final internal polling numbers for six key states, along with additional breakdowns of the data, which the aide obtained from the campaign’s chief pollster, Neil Newhouse. Newhouse himself then discussed the numbers with TNR.

The numbers include internal polls conducted on Saturday, November 3, and Sunday, November 4, for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, and New Hampshire. According to Newhouse, the campaign polled daily, then combined the results into two-day averages. The numbers for each day along with the averages are displayed in the chart below, followed by the actual result in each state:



If I was Romney…

I’d want my money back from Newhouse…..

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16 thoughts on “I was Wrong…Romney DIDN’T Know….”

  1. Maybe Romney should have written a concession speech as an option, but he chose to write a victory speech.

    The dude looked shell-shocked for sure and wasted $$$ in Pennsylvania ?

    He should have focused harder on Florida and Ohio.

    It didn’t help that he picked the WRONG person as VP and should have went with Portman or Rubio.

    1. Romney ran a lousy campaign…


      Winning the primary doomed his chance to win the Election……

  2. In retrospect, both Obama and Romney should have spent more in PA. That state was actually closer than a few so-called “swing states”.

  3. Obama spent a hell of a lot more time in places like WI, NV NH and IA in which I believe he won all four by larger margins than in PA. I know Biden and Clinton campaigned in PA, but I don’t think Barack did.

    1. In the beginning Obam might have dropped in…

      But you’re right…

      I remember themn sending Biden….

      He’s orginally from Pa. right?


  4. The real “question” here Dog

    Is how you “knew” that Romney was “told” he weekend before tht he was going to lose?

    I mean I knew this was just some BS from your overly active imagination

    So in effect you are admitting that you just made this up ala SE used to do

    1. If you read my post on this in the first place I correctly
      Reported that candidates get a last minute weekend review polling report
      I WAS wrong because , as the piece reports
      Newhouse messed up
      Everybody KNEW Romney went flat the last week
      In the piece Newhouse cops to telling Romney
      Even when the numbers Actually showed Romney
      Would only get to 267

      But YUP

      There is another piece that reports some other GOP
      On the outside of the campaign reported the eventual loss
      But wasn’t saying what they wanted to hear

  5. Actually, they told Romney he would win. All those private jets didn’t show in Boston because they thought they had a loser on their hands.

    1. Keith

      I’d NEVER HIRE Newhouse for a campaign
      Everybody KNEW Romney wasn’t gonna make it
      All the outside polling showed that clearly
      Heck, even Gallup and Ras called for Romney over the last weekend
      Newhouse admits that his numbers have Romney getting to LESS
      THAN 270

      1. If Romney gave Newhouse a BONUS he’s a fool…..
        Essentially the guy told Romney
        What he WANTED TO HEAR?
        Not what the numbers where

        The ALTERNATE UNIVERSE effect?

        1. Then he actually made his client look bad?
          I WAS WRONG
          These guys where dumber than they appeared
          And if Romney paid the full freight ?

          I’m glad the guy DIDN’T
          This shit IS

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