Political Roundup for November 21, 2012…Red Racing Horses

by: Ryan_in_SEPA
We have a short roundup today as the political world seems to be drifting into holiday hibernation mode for now.

Iowa Straw Poll: Iowa Governor Terry Branstad says the Iowa straw poll has outlived its usefulness and should be eliminated.  Glad to see Branstad stand up for common sense in the face of the populace of his state which will reach out and cling to any institution that brings it attention.

Jackson Jr.: Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has scrapped plans to hold a conference call with staffers to discuss his future.  Jackson has been out of contact from his staff for months due to his alleged treatment at the Mayo Clinic.  He has also been rumored to be under Federal investigation.

MA-Sen: With the rumors of John Kerry heading to the Cabinet swirling, Democrats are searching for his potential replacement.  Obviously they don’t want a candidate who does not like shaking hands outside Fenway Park in the cold.

The Conventions: It appears both parties might opt for earlier conventions in 2016 as a means of filling the dead air between the end of the primaries and Labor Day better.

Allen West: How did Allen West lose even though he spent $17 million on his reelection campaign?  It sounds like his style in a moderate district played a part in it….


Scott P

“How did Allen West lose even though he spent $17 million on his reelection campaign?”

Maybe he should have saved his $$ and not been such a hateful, batshit crazy loon? Just a thought.

The second sweetest part of West losing is that he was singled out by Sarah Palin as an “ideal” VP candidate. Ha!