Political Roundup for November 16, 2012…Red Racing Horses

by: Ryan_in_SEPA

RGA: Mitt Romney took the brunt of the blame for the Republican failures in 2012 at the RGA meeting in Las Vegas.  Common themes were Romney’s inability to connect with voters and waiting to the last minute to define himself well after Obama tried to define him.  I think they are missing the point of 2012:  Republicans have unrealistic expectations of their candidates and are too willing to stay home if they are not perfect.

Jindal: Governor Bobby Jindal has rejected Mitt Romney’s gifts theory for why he lost the presidential election.  Romney has stated to donors he thought Obama won the election by giving handouts to women, young voters, and minorities.  Jindal has attacked this and says Republicans need to quit dividing people.  Someone needs to inform Jindal we have entered a new era of identity politics where giving out gifts to interest groups is the means of getting elected.

PA-12: PoliticsPA has a good look at how Rothfus won and what the impacts will be southwestern Pennsylvania and future Democratic prospects.  What is amazing is how badly Obama performed in the district, but Critz was able to keep it close.

NJ-10: Donald Payne Jr. has taken his seat in Congres replacing his late father for the Newark centered seat.  Payne also won the full two year term starting in January.

CA-7: Ami Bera has defeated Dan Lungren to represent California’s 7th District.  Bera has over a 5000 vote lead, which has grown substantially since election day where he held a lead of less than 200 votes.

UT-4: How did Jim Matheson win in Utah-4?  It appears Matheson’s approval ratings never dipped as he marketed his own personal brand and Mia Love never connected with voters due to her rising national stardom.

TN-4: The festering Scott DesJarlais scandal has Tennessee Republicans silent, but speculation is rife what would happen if a resignation occurred.

FL-18: Allen West might be battling into the next year with Patrick Murphy over who won the 18th District.

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