Alaska Senate 2014: Is Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) finished?….Daniel

At least 3 Republicans are lined up to run against Begich Roll Call reports….

Unless Republicans are nominating 2010 Senate Candidate Joe Miller (R-Alaska) the GOP has a very good Chance at winning. Honestly, Democrats having a Senate Seat in Alaska is pretty much a JOKE.

I’m fine with Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell (R), Governor Sean Parnell (R) or Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan (R) as a Challenger to Begich.
Daniel G.

21 thoughts on “Alaska Senate 2014: Is Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) finished?….Daniel”

  1. Isn’t it sad to watch a Tea Party REPUBLICAN melt down in full view

    What a sick sick specimen they are

    Full of hate bitterness and venom and

    of course like the good Richard Mourdock/Todd Aken loving Right Wing nut that he is

    An obsession with the horrific crime of


    Take time out Tea Partier

    Head over to one of those Right Wing nutso sites where you bigots gather to share your hate and anger

    Then turn on FoxNews for a final dose from those paid corporate whores

    Then come back for more!

  2. jack is right, daniel is nuttin but a bold face liar. he is like dick morris whom is always wrong. danny boy has no credibility.

  3. That’s just it Dave, CD, Daniel, Manila, and Corey are all members of the same party. A nice big white tent.

  4. Who gives a damn if you vote for some goofball running as a “Democrat” for County Coroner


    You are a hardcore radical Right Wing EXTREMIST

    Who supports some of the worst radical Right Wing political CREEPS in the country

    You are the epitome of a Tea Party Republican as Keith says

    The REAL Blue Dog Democrats always supported Democrats down the line so don’t pull that CRAP

    You are a REPUBLICN

    Spell it boy and be proud of what you are!

  5. You’re a teabagger boy, a racist teabagger who pretends he is a Democrat. And, Jack is correct about your predictions. Your prediction rate matches Daniel’s — calling Virginia and Florida for Romney — and that was just for starters.

    If Joe Miller runs then Begich has an even chance to survive. But, of course, this, like so many of Daniel’s predictions never come true (see Senators Thompson and Mourdock).

    Besides, Begich has been a good Senator, taking care of his constituent services and going home frequently. He knows this is an uphill battle. But, I expect him to be competitive — very competitive. Especially if they nominate another nut job Republican.

  6. First of all, Parnell will NOT run for the US Senate in 2014, he will seek re-election to a 2nd full term as governor and wait for Murkowski to retire.

    Begich is finished anyways in 2014 because he was a FLUKE.

  7. Yes the midterm electorate will be whiter and older than it was last Tuesday. But even in those elections the minority and youth % will continue to grow.

    But by all means continue to hang your hopes on an angry, old, white, rural voter to save the day for you Republicans!

  8. Wrong Jack,

    The Electorate will look vastly different in a Midterm Election than in a Presidential Election.

    All what Republicans have to do is nominate a halfway decent Candidate. Parnell tried to unseat Rep. Don Young (R) in 2008 but barely lost the Primary.

  9. The days of you Right Wingers pronouncing any Senator as finished are OVER

    Who knows what kind of a nut those goofy Republican nut jobs in Alaska are going to nominate?

    Begich being senator is no more of a joke than a party that would nominate nutsos like Richard Mourdock,Todd Akins, Sharon Angle,that witch lady in Delaware

    Come on Alska !

    You Rush Limbaughj listening nut nuts nominate us a good one now!

    Joe Miller your public awaits!

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