Missouri couple hopes to live as normally as possible after winning half of the Powerball $588 Million jackpot

When you win $294 Million BEFORE they tax it …..

You ain’t gonna live normally…..

….from the Washington Post….

“We will still be going down to the corner cafe for breakfast or fish day. I can guarantee you,” Cindy Hill said. “You know it’s just us. We’re just normal human beings. We’re as common as anybody. We just have a little bit more money.”

The Hills, who have three grown sons and a 6-year-old daughter, said they don’t play the lottery regularly. They spent $10 on five tickets with random numbers. The result: After taxes, they will take home a lump sum of $136.5 million.

“We’re still stunned by what’s happened,” said Hill, a former office manager who was laid off in 2010. “It’s surreal.”

The other winning ticket was sold in Fountain Hills, Ariz., near Phoenix. No one has come forward with it yet, lottery officials said.

Joining the Hills at the news conference were their children, with the youngest, Jaiden, sitting on her father’s lap clutching a black stuffed horse. She was adopted from China five years ago.

When asked what she wanted for Christmas, the little girl said simply: “Pony.”

Friday’s news conference made official what just about everyone in the town of 500 north of Kansas City already knew, thanks in part to a Facebook posting by Mark Hill, said their son Cody.

At first, the elder Hill told his son about the winning ticket but instructed him not to share the news with anyone. Cody Hill said he went to work and heard people commenting about how one of the winning tickets came from a local store.

He said nothing. But then a relative told him to look at his dad’s Facebook page, where his father had announced the family’s good fortune…..


Bank of America back’s off Increased Bank Fee’s….Again….

Last year they tried the same thing….

Raising fee’s to make more money on certain things that aren’t where the bank earns alot…..

Other Banks have refrained from fee increases these days when Bank’s do NOT need any bad press….

And unhappy customers….

The fees are unpopular with customers, regulators and many legislators, who see them as aimed at consumers who lack for low-cost options in handling their finances. Levying new charges opens banks up to criticism that they are punishing lower-income customers with policies that encourage users to hold larger balances and use multiple products. However, in choosing to delay new fees, banks risk alienating investors who want to see more revenue.

“Banks cannot continue to be on the front page,” …..

More here @ The Wall Street Journal….

Republican’s Change their minds…Ask for Offsets for Sandy Disaster Aid….

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and , NYS State Governor Cuomo have been the spokespersons for ALL of the state’s getting FEMA and other Federal money…

The total request for money from the Fed’s is $80 Billion…..

Katrina cost $81 Billion….

The cost for Sandy undoubtabilty will go over the Katrina amount in the end since the North East has more homes per square mile than Louisiana and the Gulf States….

House Speaker Boehner orignally indicated offsets would NOT be needed…..

The Democrats will push for the money to be allocated without offsets or ANY strings attached…

Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, signaling that Republicans may revive last year’s battles over offsets to disaster aid relief, says he expects that any package to help Northeast states hit by the superstorm Sandy will have to including matching cuts in spending elsewhere in the federal budget.

“We always help communities during disasters,” he said Wednesday after having met earlier in the day with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is pushing for quick passage of an aid package. “The difference you have got now is that it is going to have to be offset.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he does not expect to have a confrontation with GOP members over aid.

“This is something that I think is important that we do as soon as we can. We want to make sure that the numbers are basically in the ballpark,” the Nevada Democrat said. “I’ve been told that the Republicans in the House agree that this is something that need not be paid for, and I hope that, in fact, is the case because if there were ever an act of God, an emergency, this is it.”

Lawmakers are waiting to see how much the White House will seek for an initial disaster relief package to aid communities hard-hit by Sandy, which devastated portions of coastal New Jersey and metropolitan New York City. Officials from the region said in meetings on Capitol Hill on Wednesday that they want the White House to seek an $80 billion aid package for the region….


US birth Rate falls to lowest since the 1920’s…..

….from the LA Times…..

The U.S. birthrate fell to a record low last year, coming in at its lowest level since statistics began being collected in 1920. The drop was largely driven by a reduction in births by immigrant women, who may have decided to have fewer children due to the tough economy, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center’s Social Trends division.

According to Pew, the birthrate was 63.2 babies per 1,000 women of childbearing age in 2011. That number is about half what the birth rate was during the Baby Boom, when the rate was 122.7 per 1,000 women.

While the 2011 rate is based on a preliminary set of statistics that will be finalized sometime next year, the early numbers continue a trend that has been playing out for some time. Between 2007 and 2010, the birth rate also fell, from 69.3 per 1,000 women to 64 per 1,000.

The Pew analysis focuses in part on the differences among demographic groups, and the drop in births by foreign-born women was particularly striking. While the birth rate for U.S.-born women only dropped from 62.4 to 58.9 births per 1,000 women from 2007 to 2010, the foreign-born rate dropped from 102 to 87.8, a decline of 14%. The birthrate for Mexican women in the United States fell a whopping 23%.

The drop in births is attributable to the recent recession, according to another report issued by Pew. Birthrates fell the most in states with the most economic distress, like Nevada, while rising somewhat in states that fared relatively well, like North Dakota. And the recession has hit Latinos particularly hard, potentially explaining their outsized reductions in birthrates….



The Reublicans and Immigration Reform…Or ANY changes?

I’m with this guy….

I DO NOT see the GOP being able to change …

ONE SINGLE BIT on Immigration….

I do NOT care how many Latino’s they trot out with ‘R’s’ behind their names…..

Therefore I see the Democratic chances for the White House in 2016 as excellent.

Why Immigration Reform is Unlikely

Walter Shapiro: “House Republicans probably worry far more about a 2014 primary challenge on their own right flank than they do about the party winning the White House in 2016. So all the talk about the Republican Party recasting itself to appeal to Latino voters runs up against that very personal Capitol Hill question: ‘What about my reelection campaign?'”

“The gap between national parties and the parochial concerns of individual legislators is as old as the republic. But political polarization and the proliferation of one-party congressional districts make things far more acute. That is why the number of Republican volunteers–particularly in the House–willing to take personal political risks to help the party deal with its problems with Hispanic voters is probably limited.”

Wonk Wire: Republicans push alternative to the Dream Act.



Frankly I see little if ANY change in the GOP coming up in 2016….

And someone like Rick Santorum being a Front Runner amoung the Republican red meat ringwingnut crowd…..

The GOP is gonna be pure , in my opinion, even if its makes the party unable to win a General election in the America of 2016….

David Wright agrees to a $138 Million 8 year Mets contract extension….

The Mets currant franchise player stays…….

Shortly after 1 a.m., Wright and the Mets agreed to what industry sources told the Daily News is an eight-year, $138 million contract – not a seven-year extension, because Wright’s 2013 option was redone in the deal.  People familiar with the negotiations said it was important to Wright’s camp to have an eight-year contract.

The Mets would not comment on the agreement, which is pending a physical.  Wright is attending teammate Daniel Murphy’s wedding in Florida this weekend, so the deal might not be announced for several days.

The Daily News first reported on its website Tuesday that the Mets had offered Wright eight guaranteed years; WFAN reported early Friday that Wright accepted the offer. Major league officials familiar with the deal told The News that the proposed extension was backloaded with a structure similar to the contract Jose Reyes got from the Marlins last winter.

Reyes made $10 million in the first year of his deal, and will earn $10 million in the second. From there, the deal increases to $16 million and $22 million. The numbers in the offer to Wright are different, and specifics of his annual salaries are not yet known.

Additionally, there was deferred money in the offer, consistent with the Mets’ past agreements with Carlos Beltran and Johan Santana. Both of those players, who represent the largest contracts in team history, deferred about $5 million of their annual salary during many of their seasons in New York.



The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ show opens Center Stage….

The political headlines on the Cable News Channel’s are laughable….

Obama throws down HIS talking points yesterday.

The media goes back to the GOP and they cry…..

Now if you follow this stuff…

Two days ago there was a close thing on a agreement…

Where’s that?

Here’s better…

This morning Chris Jansing @ MSNBC is talking about throwing away the mortgage and student loan deductions….

Jansing, in my view isn’t a rocket scientist anyways……

But THOSE two things ARE NOT going anywhere…

This is a dance BOTH the President and Congress will do as long as the House has 60 Conservertive’s caucus members….


As advertised…..

Speaker John Boehner isn’t gonna make ANY deal that the 60 won’t be able to somehow swallow….

In fact, In the end look for Pelosi and Obama to HELP Boehner get headwind within HIS party whne the final deal comes down…

And as I’ve said here…

Look for MOST of the deal to be a punt of the issues into 2013…..

The MOST important thing for the parties involved will be to table the sequestor bullshit…

And NOT saddle the American public with a tax INCREASE…

It’s a show people….

We voted FOR the actors….

Sit back and enjoy the show!

And there is NO Cliff….

These guys can change the rules  ANYTIME they want….


Tic for Tac…Israel announces Settlements in East Jerusalem Area

The Palestianian’s get a vote in the United Nation’s General Assembly…

The Israeli’s move on more settlements in area’s they KNOW will rile the Arabs and complcate deal efforts in the end….





A senior Israeli official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said on Friday that the decision was made late Thursday night to move forward on “preliminary zoning and planning preparations” for housing units in E1, which would connect the large settlement of Maale Adumim to Jerusalem and therefore make it impossible to connect the Palestinian cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem to Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem. Israel also authorized the construction of 3,000 housing units in other parts of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, the official said.

The prime minister’s office refused to comment on whether the settlement expansion — first reported on Twitter by a reporter for the Israeli daily Haaretz — was punishment for the Palestinians’ success in obtaining nonmember observer state status at the United Nations, but it was widely seen as such. The United States, one of only eight countries that stood with Israel in voting against the Palestinians’ upgrade, has for two decades vigorously opposed construction in E1, a 3,000-acre expanse of hilly parkland where a police station was opened in 2008.

Hagit Ofran, who runs the Settlement Watch project of Peace Now, called E1 a “deal breaker for the two-state solution” and decried the decision as “disastrous.”

“Instead of punishing the Palestinians, they are actually punishing Israel,” Ms. Ofran, who is Israeli, said in an interview. “Instead of taking advantage of this bid in the U.N. and calling for negotiations to get to a two-state solution, this government is choosing to take actions that might prevent the possibility of a two-state solution.”


Christie Strong in New Jersey…..Hillary Stronger…PPP Poll…

Tell us something we didn’t know guys!….

But the poll does show Hillary Clinton beats ALL right now EVEN in New Jersey where Christie IS popular…….

Christie strongly favored for reelection, voters still lukewarm on 2016 bid

Chris Christie’s the most popular Governor PPP’s polled on all year, and he looks pretty safe for reelection next year. But New Jersey voters still aren’t sold on him as a Presidential candidate in 2016.

67% of New Jersey voters approve of the job Christie’s doing to only 25% who disapprove. He’s at 91/8 among Republicans, 65/28 among independents, and 56/32 even among Democrats. Christie’s standing outpaces outgoing New Hampshire Governor John Lynch whose 62% approval rating had previously made him the most popular in our polling. 89% of voters approve of how Christie handled Hurricane Sandy to only 9% who disapprove.

Christie would far outpace any of the Democrats who have been discussed as potential candidates for Governor. He leads Cory Booker 50-36, Richard Codey 53-31, Steve Sweeney 57-20, and Barbara Buono 60-20. Against Sweeney and Buono Christie actually wins the Democratic vote, something I don’t think PPP has ever found a candidate in any contest we’ve ever polled doing across party lines. We threw Bruce Springsteen into the poll just for fun and despite a 54/23 favorability rating even he trails Christie by a 61/25 margin in a hypothetical match up.

Booker is the clear first choice of Democrats for who they’d like as their candidate next year. 46% pick him to 23% for Codey with Buono at 7% and Sweeney at 6% far behind.

Despite Christie’s massive popularity only 38% of voters in the state want him to run for President in 2016 compared to 44% who don’t want to see him make a bid. Christie would trail Hillary Clinton 52-40 in a hypothetical match up among New Jersey voters, although he would lead Joe Biden 47-41 and Andrew Cuomo 50-35. That’s not really a knock on Christie so much as it is a testament to Clinton’s popularity- 67% of voters in the state see her favorably to only 27% with a negative view.

I was Wrong…Romney DIDN’T Know….

I have said here that Mitt Romney was told during the weekend before the election that he was going to lose the election….

I was wrong…

Mitt Romney…...7:39am Tue November 6th…photo…politicalscrapbook.net

The piece below from The New Republic describes how if you WANT to believe something….

You believe it…

A Problem that Mitt Romney HAD and the Republican’s STILL Have….

Neil Newhouse , the Romney pollster made NUMEROUS suppositions that where WRONG during the last weekend of the campaign…

We have the state total’s below and Newhouse now admits that the Obama voter numbers actually where significantly higher than they thought it would be….

The interesting thing is that the media is reporting that a lot of Romney lower level staff member KNEW that Newhouse numbers where skewed and they where NOT surprised with the Vote outcome….

They never entered the ‘Alternate Universe’ thing that infected others….

So much for ‘intrenal polls, eh?’

It’s no secret that the Romney campaign believed it was headed for victory on Election Day. Ahandful of outlets have reportedthat Team Romney’s internal polling showed North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia moving safely into his column and that it put him ahead in a few other swing states. When combined with Ohio, where the internal polling had him close, Romney was on track to secure all the electoral votes he needed to win the White House. The confidence in these numbers was such that Romney even passed on writing a concession speech, at least before the crotchety assignment-desk known as “reality” finally weighed in.

Less well-known, however, are the details of the polls that led Romney to believe he was so close to the presidency. Which other swing states did Romney believe he was leading in, and by how much? What did they tell him about where to spend his final hours of campaigning? Why was his team so sanguine about its own polling, even though it often parted company with the publicly available data? In an exclusive to The New Republic, a Romney aide has provided the campaign’s final internal polling numbers for six key states, along with additional breakdowns of the data, which the aide obtained from the campaign’s chief pollster, Neil Newhouse. Newhouse himself then discussed the numbers with TNR.

The numbers include internal polls conducted on Saturday, November 3, and Sunday, November 4, for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, and New Hampshire. According to Newhouse, the campaign polled daily, then combined the results into two-day averages. The numbers for each day along with the averages are displayed in the chart below, followed by the actual result in each state:



If I was Romney…

I’d want my money back from Newhouse…..

Susan Rice Update 11/30/12….


Lieberman urges ‘mercy’ for Susan Rice

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) on Thursday said Susan Rice’s inaccurate description of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, should not disqualify her from becoming secretary of State.

A number of Senate Republicans have suggested that Rice’s statements in September following the assault might disqualify her for the job as the nation’s top diplomat, should President Obama choose to nominate her….


“She’s not a typical diplomat,” says Ed Luck, a former special adviser to the U.N. secretary-general. “She doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and I don’t see why she should.”

Luck said he had his doubts when Rice was named U.N. ambassador four years ago. He wondered whether her style would chafe, but he was pleasantly surprised and, at times, moved, particularly when Rice gave stirring remarks commemorating the Rwandan genocide and acknowledging that the United States did not do enough to stop the killing. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite such a personal and emotional account given by a diplomat at the U.N.,” Luck said.

Rice viewed the Rwanda tragedy close up as a young National Security Council staffer and it plays a complex role in her public identity. She often cites her trip to Rwanda, where she saw evidence of unspeakable tragedies, as a major influence on her attitudes toward humanitarian intervention. But in a 2001 Atlantic Monthly article, the journalist Samantha Power — now an Obama administration adviser — seemed to portray Rice as favoring political concerns over humanitarian issues.

“If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November [congressional] election?” Power quoted Rice saying. In the same article, Rice said she didn’t recall the remark and said it would have been “inappropriate.”