Open thread October 31, 2012

Five days out

the storm is gone

the polls  and excuses

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104 thoughts on “Open thread October 31, 2012”

    1. Jack’s daily numbers are in line with the general
      Call out there that President Obama WILL get hired for ANOTHER

      As he points out with Ohio holding
      Mitt Romney cannot Win

    1. Good evening guys

      I’m checking in after spending a day trying to get on line w/o success

      Ok a little run down

      Obama takes the jersey tour
      Assuring him media coverage looking presidential
      And being ALL OVER the media helping out

      Chris Christie gets an A in leadership

      The GOPer’s are BACK to attacking the polls that they
      Where showing everybody had hiccups for Romney in selected states

      The deal remains Ohio or bust for Romney
      And the thing don’t look like it”s gonna change
      If the attack the polls saying the same thing
      That Obama holds a STEADY 5% or so lead there

      I’d know but Florida KEEP bouncing back and forth between the two guys

      I’m gonna be REAL glad on Election Day that this is OVER

      Side Bar
      It sucks waiting for theses guys to turn the damn power on
      It socks even MORE when you wait on line for 30 minutes and gas station runs out of gas!

      1. I did do a new thread since the old one was a bit ragged at 135 comments
        When I can finally get the darn computer on line I’ll start posting up!

        Daniel you really need to channel you dealing with mitt’s upcoming loss better that resorting to calling people names
        I really have NO idea how old you are

        1. I’m really expecting a another Saturday visit from Corey
          Hopefully the power’s back for me do we can joust in
          Real time …

    1. And THIS guy wants to be President?

      He and his campaign have consistently shown themselves to be the
      Rookie Squad

    1. Terry the fact is as I’ve been pointing out ALL ALONG
      there NEVER was a time that Mitt Romney ACTUALLY was listed as the winner……

      He, he

      Even Jack ‘s odds Never had Romney ahead

      Over the last weekend a half we’re gonna have
      GOPER’s crying and trying to re-arrange the numbers

  1. Danny is a trrip. For several years he trashes romney on bigoted rants. Then when it looks like maybe mitt might win he is a big cheer leader. Danny is a frontrunnin lying as troll.

  2. Bottom Line is this:

    37 % Democratic
    30 % Republican
    29 % Independent

    Electorate in Ohio will NEVER HAPPEN. I’m anxious to see the Exit Polls on Tuesday. IF the Electorate in Ohio is less favorable to the Democrats than these Polls are predicting ROMNEY IS GOING TO WIN OHIO.

    Obama is leading the State PURELY on the Party Breakdown.

    1. Good morning folks!
      It’s 45 deg outside and I’m up and out looking for a gas line that ain’t too long!

    2. No matter how many names you call Keith
      The fact is Mitt Romney STILL needs Ohio
      And he’s NOT gonna get it
      The people there
      Who he is
      And Who he

    1. Daniel
      Take a deep breath
      Go for a walk
      And get a hold of yourself
      And figure out what you’re gonna do come
      Wednesday morning when you and
      Others wake up and find that Obama
      Is Still gonna be president come January
      21, 2013

      1. Folks the NY Metro area is fucked up
        I’m going to park my vehicle on line for gas at a gas station
        That hasn’t received gas yet
        They are not letting cars into NYC that have fewer that 3 people
        So the trucks delivering stuff are stuck in the traffic
        Lower NYC has spotty power

        1. Most people vote in schools
          So they will get the schools up by Monday
          But this place is gonna be messed up till the weekend
          For sure

  3. james,

    This has nothing to do with Romney winning or losing.

    I just find KEITH A BAD PERSON. He’s basically mocking everyone who’s having an (R) after his Name starting with Corey, continued with SE-779, mocking NJ Governor Chris Christie in the Storms Aftermath.

    What have Republicans DONE TO HIM to mock them? I really questioning his motives. Republicans are not bad People, Democrats like KEITH are.

    1. Daniel
      Keith is a rational guy who does not like the policies
      Forwarded by the RIGHTWINGNUTS in your party
      He has never been vicious about this
      You have come across as mean spirited about
      Democrats and mitt Romney also

  4. Good to hear things are getting better James. I seriously think you should now take some of Daniel’s threats seriously. He seems unhinged, and may do some damage to your site. Not sure what you can do about it.

  5. james,

    I know Keith doesn’t like the Republican Policies BUT he has to deal with it – Period.

    It doesn’t him the RIGHT mocking EVERY STATE or FEDERAL OFFICIAL who has an (R) to his Name.

    Maybe if your Guy who sits in the Oval Office would reach across the aisle we wouldn’t have this mess and high UE of the last 4 years.

    Obama doesn’t have a real plan for this Country and is only committed to his BLAME GAME. And foolish American Voters believe him. So sad this is.

    1. Ok let’s get something straight here
      You don’t remember but it was YOU
      And other GOPer’s that pushe the idea of NOT
      Helping Obama get anything done
      So lets cut the Obama hasn’t do anything
      People here know that Line was YOUR PARTIES

      1. Just came back from a gas line that was so messed up they had to call the local cops
        That while certain places have gas stations with no lines

        The good thing is power is being restored close to me
        And power company trucks are around

        An Army Blackhawk chopper just flew by

  6. James, Good 10:32 post. Obama reached across the aisle but Republicans were afraid to touch him for fear of the reaction from their base – which includes people like Daniel.

    On a related item, I see lots of Republicans are now criticizing Christie for his praise of Obama, but each time Christie responds to the criticism, he is getting angrier and angrier. Leave it to the GOP to argue that we shouldn’t even come together in a crisis.

    1. Z
      Those are politican’s that have forgotten that they
      Where elected to rep their citizens
      NOT their party

    1. Folks
      This could be long shot
      But I Believe Kerrey could be within a stone’s throw come Election Day
      Who would think?

  7. Great news. Employers added 158,000 employees last month, exceeding economists’ estimates of new jobs.

    1. Obama and Romney are going back on the campaign trail
      With only FOUR DAYS
      I believe they will Both be going to Iowa
      Obama to keep the energy up
      And Romney to try to steal some votes
      Obama leads in the state

      I haven’t been able to extensively check the polls
      Like usually do
      But I see the Swing states are STILL in the
      Obama column

  8. How many straight months of job growth is that now Zreebs, 34?

    The Hagel endorsement is huge for Kerrey who is closing in the polls.

    Now, will all those who made all of these predictions before the election going to stay around the days after to see just how correct they were?

  9. I wouldn’t use the word


    I still rate the President a narrow favorite

    But using the word “comfortably?”

    No I don’t think so

    Indeed Romney is within striking distance in EVERY “swing” state except Nevada (which I have called for Obama)and in my view has already won both Florida and North Carolina

    It appears increasingly likely that the President will hold the three Blue states of Wisconsin,Pennsylvania and Michigan ,which at various times have been listed as “battlegrounds

    So it’s back to Ohio where Obama holds a consistent yet narrow lead and which is a MUST WIN state for Romney

  10. Obviously you and I have different definitions of the word


    Consistent five to seven point leads rank as
    “Comfortably” in my book

    Not consistent one to three point leads

  11. Chuck Todd this Morning on “Morning Joe”:

    Obama basically giving up FL, VA, CO, NC in the Final Days of the Campaign. They concentrating their efforts on Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa.

    For all this about Virginia’s Early Voting. I read in various Blogs (Left & Right) that Obama is “underperforming” his Numbers in Northern Virginia from 2008.

  12. The Daily Odds
    November 1
    Seriously Fair and Balanced

    Obama 53%
    Romney 47%

    Narrow yet consistent lead in Ohio.Obama+1.

    Projected Electoral vote as of today:

    Obama 253(incl.Pennsylvania,Michigan,Wisconsin and Nevada)
    Romney 235(incl.Florida and North Carolina)
    Tossup 50(Colorado,Iowa,Ohio,Virginia and New Hampshire)

    Tossups leaning slightly to Obama:Iowa,Ohio
    Tossups leaning slightly to Romney:Colorado
    No discernible lean:New Hampshire,Virginia

  13. If Todd is correct

    Then Obama must believe he has Nevada,Colorado and New Hampshire in the bag

    That would be the ONLY reason to “concentrate” on Iowa

    As a “firewall” if he loses Ohio and as Todd says has “given up” on the others. Otherwise Iowa is just gravy

    Doubt that

    iInseed Todd has been singularly


    During this election cycle

    All over the place with all sorts of unlikely “scenarios”

    1. Agreed jack

      I also believe that Obama
      HAS OHIO
      THOUGH I WOULD EXPECT one more trip
      There by Obama , Biden or Clinton

      1. With the seemingly slow returning of power on LI
        The Governor of NY
        Is setting up to drop the blame on the LI Power
        A LI based semi- Govt Org that was invented to save us money
        But isn’t real good at unusual situations
        Cuomo is gonna let them take the political heat
        It looks like from all us waiting to get power back
        He cleans house and looks good in the

  14. I never said he was

    This WHOLE time I have been saying “Odds”

    Not the actual vote

    Simply the “odds” of Winning

    Further you once said you “understood” this and was urging me to “lower” the odds

    So you are either a LIAR or a DUMBASS

    Which is it?

  15. College football coaches likely to be fired:
    1. Joker Phillips of Kentucky
    2. Derek Dooley of Tennessee
    3. Jeff Tedford of Cal: he hasn’t lived up to competing for the Pac-12 championship expectations.
    4. Frank Spaziani of Boston College
    5. Jon Embree of Colorado: he just got the damn job.
    6. Randy Edsall of Maryland
    7. Skip Holtz of USF
    8. Gene Chizik of Auburn: if they continue to lose more games, they’ll be forced to pull the plug.

  16. James, Obama isn’t giving up in VA, FL or CO. Why would you believe Daniel? The only battleground state Obama isn’t really competing hard in is NC and that is because of all the battleground states, NC is the biggest stretch for him.

    But even in NC, I don’t expect him to lose by fewer than 5 points.

    1. He, he,he
      Don’t worry
      I’m keeping the faith
      It just that if
      Obama was to get all but two of the swing states
      We’re up over 300ev’s
      And THAT
      Is MAD SCARY
      After all the bullshit

      1. I wonder if Tim Tebow will with the Jets come next year

        I hoping for power tomorrow so I can start posting

        I’ll try to be back later

  17. Why Friday’s jobs report should be taken with a grain of salt

    Friday’s jobs report is likely to sway some voters – and therefore have an impact on this tight race. But Reich says it shouldn’t.

    By Robert Reich, Guest blogger,
    The Christian Science Monitor

    Three times today I’ve been asked on media outlets about the likely effect on the presidential election of Friday’s jobs report, depending on what the Bureau of Labor Statistics announces.

    Unfortunately, the BLS report is likely to sway some voters — and therefore have an impact on this tight race. But it shouldn’t.

    The report surely will be used by one of the candidates to make a sweeping case for himself and against his opponent. An unemployment rate above last month’s 7.8 percent, or a number of new jobs below September’s 114,000, will be wielded by Mitt Romney as evidence the economy is slowing – while a rate below last month’s, and a number above it, will be used by Team Obama as evidence the economy is moving in the right direction.
    RELATED: 6 job interview mistakes to avoid

    In truth, no one should base their vote on tomorrow’s labor report is because a single month’s report isn’t a reliable gauge of which way the economy is heading. A report that the unemployment rate is 7.8 percent, for example, means only that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is 90 percent sure the real rate lies between 7.6 percent and 8.0 percent. By the same token, an announcement that the economy created 100,000 jobs in October means the BLS is 90 percent sure the number of new jobs is between 90,000 and 110,000.

    A small shift one way or the other from September’s readings may have huge political significance but has no statistical significance, and therefore should have no political significance.

    So much uncertainty attaches to a single report that the BLS is continuously revising its job numbers as more information comes in…

    … continued at

    1. DSD
      I that mentioned before
      I agree with ya!
      Good jobless numbers get Obama
      A climb back over 8%
      Gets him grief!

  18. I don’t expect that the unemployment report will influence the election – unless it goes up to 8%. My bet is it will stay at 7.8%.

  19. Obamas Final Campaign Schedule:

    4 Stops in Ohio
    3 Stops in Wisconsin
    2 Stops in Iowa

    compare that to

    2 Stops in Colorado
    1 Stop each in Virginia, Nevada and Florida

    Pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know. IF they thought they had a better chance in VA, FL or CO they would have added more Campaign Rallys.

    It’s all about the Midwest for the Obama folks.

  20. Romneys Final Campaign Schedule

    Thursday: Virginia
    Friday: Ohio & Wisconsin
    Saturday: Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado
    Sunday: To be determined (Pennsylvania)
    Monday: New Hampshire.

    james is WRONG:

    Obama won’t get over 300 Electoral Votes.

    Romney will WIN Florida, North Carolina and Virginia (Those 3 are pretty much a given)

    New Hampshire is looking good according to NBC/MARIST…

    AND then we’ve to STEAL OHIO.

  21. RealClearPolitics’ no-tossup map has flipped Colorado back to Obama, so it and Election*Projection both predict 290-248, inc. Colo, Nev, NM, Iowa, Wisc, Ohio & NH for Obama and Ind, Va, NC & Fla for Romney. counts N.H. & Fla as ties (33), but puts Va into Barely Obama, so its total varies by +9 for Obama (+ 13 Va – 4 NH) and –42 for Romney (– 29 Fla – 13 Va) to give:

    299 Obama
    206 Romney
    _33 Tied (NH & Fla)

    I haven’t yet tabulated Jack’s calls.

    See also my post in this thread:

    1. Maybe Bloomberg wants to be Treasury Sec?

      I mean really?
      The guy started of as a Democrat
      Got in bed with the GOP
      SO he could run and get the Mayors job x ‘s 3
      And NOW he back’s Obama?

  22. Of course, that could be a two-edged sword if Mayor Bloomberg (or Pres. Obama or Gov. Christie) is blamed for doing too little to alleviate the loss, suffering and difficulties caused by Sandy.

    An endorsement by Ray Nagin or Kathleen Babineaux Blanco wouldn’t have helped too many candidates in 2005.

    1. I DO NOT LIKE
      Mike Bloomberg
      Who I look at as
      Rich Guy
      Who thinks he knows
      And can buy
      The people of NYC
      Vote for only 2 terms for their
      And this guy worms a 3rd term

  23. Chrysler Executive Calls Out Trump

    The Detroit Free Press reports Donald Trump tweeted today that President Obama “is a terrible negotiator. He bails out Chrysler and now Chrysler wants to send all Jeep manufacturing to China–and will!”

    The comment drew a heated tweet from Chrysler Group Vice President for Product Design Ralph Gilles: “You are full of shit!”

  24. DSD, I don’t see this crisis being handled anywhere near as incompetently as Bush/Blanco/Nagin handled Katrina.

    The Bloomberg endorsement will help.

  25. Dave, don’t you think it is a little too early to assign blame for hurricane recovery before election day? Especially, since the President has such a great reception in New Jersey.

    Oh, I noticed that Daniel never answered the question, dumbass or liar Daniel?

  26. Why do you think I was assigning blame to anyone for anything, Keith? You can’t see expressions on my face or intonations in my voice, so read my words instead.

    I was saying that if by Tuesday, voters are assigning blame more than credit, fairly or unfairly, then Bloomberg’s endorsement might not help Obama.

    Bloomberg, Christie, Obama and Andrew Cuomo might all be looking very good by Tuesday. I have no way of knowing.

    Staten Islanders are already feeling overlooked and abandoned, wondering why effort is being put into preparing for Saturday’s New York Marathon.

  27. Clearly all the polls show Obama with a lead, and now the Post has the President moving into the lead in their daily tracking poll. Peaking at the right time I think.

    But, I go with enthusiasm. Today Romney had a tepid and relatively small reception in Virginia, and Obama had a massive, very loud, and raucus reception in Wisconsin. Romney’s supporters said they were praying for him to win, Obama’s supporters were assigned precincts to walk.

  28. A trusted Democratic operative sent us some data on the early and absentee ballot vote in Florida so far to make the point that Barack Obama is crushing Mitt Romney when it comes to banking the votes of sporadic and infrequent voters before election day. So far more than 3 million Floridians have cast a ballot by absentee, mail-in ballot or in-person early vote ballot. Democrats lead by more than 60,000 votes, but it’s the unlikely voter numbers that jump out:

    Of the nearly 414,000 Floridians who did not vote in the last three general elections, Democrats have an advantage of more than 53,000 votes. Of the more than 482,000 Floridians who have only voted in one of the last three general elections, Democrats lead by more than 77,000

  29. Keith, Thanks for sharing those interesting and encouraging numbers.

    James, I’m a Bloomberg fan, and I’m certainly not going to hold it against him for being rich. I think this is a nice catch for Obama – especially since he is now running ads about the Powell endorsement.

      1. Sorry
        Going back
        DSD has a
        It’s Thursday night
        I’m on my iPhone
        My wife and oldest son are in the house
        We have no electricity
        Except for the power from our generator
        We’re lucky to have one
        But my wife IS already pissed at Cuomo
        LIPA and the gas people
        If things ain’t right in about 24 hours a
        LOT OF NEW YORKERS are gonna want a piece
        Of SOMEONE’s ASS

        Obama will NOT be that person

  30. During Hurricane Hugo, I didn’t have power for about 10 days. I managed, but NC in October is much warmer than NY in November.

  31. He was appealing to a rural crowd in Virginia Zreebs, he really is stuck in the 50s.

    Early voting certainly has taken off and shows no sign of abating in Virginia, or Florida for that matter. They have extended early voting in Maryland (not that it matters, but we should pick up a house seat there), and not sure of what is going on in Pennsylvania. New Jersey will have to scramble to get polling places set, New York seems in better shape.

    Finally, I have decided that our friend Daniel is a cross between Corey and Ethan (we all remember millionaire Ethan right). Poor Corey, his dream candidate seems to slipping away.

    Saturday will be big in Northern Virgina, teams of Obama volunteers are going out from the District to campaign. At last count there are over 5,000 people signed up for work in Fairfax county alone. It will be a busy day.

  32. Obama ISN’T WINNING VIRGINIA. The Information I have is that Obama is underperforming his Strongholds from 2008…

    Regarding Florida:

    Look at Orange County (Orlando). 25 % of the Vote is already in there and Romney leads 60-40.

    I don’t know from which Region did Keith have this Information in Florida. Should that be Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties that isn’t surprising. Dems trend to do well on the Florida Gold Coast.

    However, Republicans doing well were it matters and were Elections are being decided in the State of Florida and THAT’S THE I4-CORRIDOR.

    I don’t gave a damn how Obama does on the Florida Gold Coast.

  33. Well, Daniel says the things that Corey only alludes to and that Ethan came right out and said. They are all cut from the same cloth. For example, Daniel is on here cheering on voter suppression efforts by the Republicans (and clearly at this point they can only win the election if they engage in wholesale voter disenfranchisement). And, Corey, would find subtle reasons in support those efforts, while, of course, never admitting that his Party was even engaged in any of those activities.

    Think about it. Yesterday Daniel even threatened to hack this site. How many times has he said he wants the economy to collapse so the Republicans can win the next election, or talked about how white voters hate Obama. He is out of control like Ethan was out of control in his anger and racism.

    The only difference between Daniel and Corey is that Daniel is at least honest in his anger. Both of them know exactly what their party stands for and will do to gain power.

  34. Excellent jobs report. 171,000 new jobs, 184,000 private sector new jobs, but unemployment rate ticks up to 7.9%. Stock futures are up as a result of the better-than-expected news.

  35. Rasmussen now has Obama tied with Romney, clearly they are now self-correcting to both reflect the Obama surge and save their reputation.

    The jobs report will continue the swing to Obama.

      1. The situation has gone political
        Has been on the air
        I’m on LI
        But SI is actually worst
        Two things
        If the gas situation in the NY metro area continues
        Things will come to a halt
        That’s gonna generate POLITICAL PROBLEMS
        For Bloomberg, the LI polls and Cuomo

        The next problem is for Obama
        The President Will carry ny and nj
        But his margins are sure to drop is voting locations are closed
        And people can’t drive anyways

    1. It seems that the polls are ALL
      Morning to confirm OBAMA’s EV leads
      In the end
      People will only remember if your poll is correct
      In its final call
      I was hoping to post up today
      Maybe not
      I will put up a new thread

  36. Daniel G., the liberal folks on the Dog need to realize that 7.9 is NOT good news for them especially Obama, who is desperate to distract voters with non-story shit.

    I’m so looking forward to Romney winning the presidency and accomplishing what his late father couldn’t do….WIN the White House.

  37. James B, remember in 1980 when the unemployment rate was at 7.5, but it wasn’t enough to save Carter, who was doomed two years in advance ?

    He should have know full well that folks from DC weren’t working with him period because in their viewpoint, he was an outsider who had no business being President.

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