Open Thread for October 29, 2012…Campaign on hold for Obama and Romney….

Well a LOT of us are gonna be sitting the house for the next 48 hours…

The East Coast of the United States is closed down due to Hurricane Sandy….

Winds, Rain and water surges are starting to be felt from the storm….

This ole Dog just came back from making sure stuff is tied down in the back of the house….

I’ll be typing away here and NOT making any money from work which is closed down….

(As long as I have power..Cross ya fingers!)

I can use the rest….

I’ll have to give up the money….

At least the NY Football Giants won yesterday , right?

The polls are one thing these days…

The Republicans are selling something else….

There are 8 days until election day …November 6, 2012

(And the Big guys ain’t campaigning till Wednesday at the earliest!)

October 29, 2012

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146 thoughts on “Open Thread for October 29, 2012…Campaign on hold for Obama and Romney….”

  1. Romney Pollster Neil Newhouse calls Q-Pac Ohio Poll a “Piece of Crap”

    “Mitt Romney’s pollster lashed out Wednesday at a new Ohio poll showing President Obama up five in the state, calling the survey “a piece of crap.”

    Neil Newhouse, in a conversation with Washington supporters, was harshly critical of a Quinnipiac-New York Times-CBS survey that has raised concerns among Republicans about whether Romney can win the crucial state, according to a source familiar with the conversation.

    The poll, which was released Wednesday morning, shows Obama taking 50 percent of the vote to Romney’s 45 in battleground Ohio.

    Newhouse’s complained that the poll’s model projected both a broader pool of Ohioans as likely voters than is realistic and was based on a partisan composition of the electorate that was far more favorable to Democrats than he thinks is plausible. In an afternoon call with reporters, Newhouse made a similar case.

    But in his discussion earlier in the day with the GOP insiders, Newhouse made clear his frustration with the drumbeat of polling that have showed Obama enjoying a narrow advantage in such key states as Ohio.

    The pollster complained broadly about each day bringing another unfavorable public survey. Romney’s campaign and others in the GOP believe the samples in the media polls show a partisan breakdown that is overly favorable to Democrats and is therefore misrepresenting the electorate. Most pollsters don’t weight by party, but rather attempt to gauge partisan identification along with other preferences. The new Quinnipiac Ohio poll was made up by 37% of Democrats, 30% independents and 29% Republicans. That’s comparable to what exit polls showed as the composition of the Ohio electorate in 2008”

  2. What else would Newhouse say, the poll is spot on? This is hysterical. Romney is now sinking in any number of polls, so little Neilly will have his work cut out for him tomorrow.

  3. If Nelly starts using the term “CRAPTASTIC”, I will become concerned. Otherwise, I am enjoying his outrage.

  4. Jack, You think Chris Christie’s (the GOP’s keynote speaker and top Romney surrogate) effusive praise of Obama is only worth one point? My new prediction: Obama 70%, Romney 30%.

  5. LOL Zreebs, even I think that is too optimistic, but I like to see you think so.

    It appears things are now flowing to Obama. The raw early voting numbers indicate that the Democrats are voting in big numbers.

    And, I am enjoying the President’s Bro-mance with Christie.

  6. Daniel G., I’ve seen the internal polls of Independents and Romney still LEADS by double digits: 51 percent to 39 percent and the early voting numbers show Romney leading 52 percent to 46 percent.

    Romney will carry Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire. He also needs both Wisconsin (GOP massive ground game remember in the Walker recall) and Ohio (Kasich thinks Romney will squeak by there).

  7. The Economist: “As a result, this election offers American voters an unedifying choice. Many of The Economist’s readers, especially those who run businesses in America, may well conclude that nothing could be worse than another four years of Mr Obama. We beg to differ. For all his businesslike intentions, Mr Romney has an economic plan that works only if you don’t believe most of what he says. That is not a convincing pitch for a chief executive. And for all his shortcomings, Mr Obama has dragged America’s economy back from the brink of disaster, and has made a decent fist of foreign policy. So this newspaper would stick with the devil it knows, and re-elect him.”

  8. Morning folks. I just saw the unemployment numbers, rose to 7.9, which is NOT good news for the President.

    Remember in 1980 when Carter was sent packing, the unemployment rate was 7.5 percent, but nobody wanted to talk about that, it was his HORRIBLE handling of the Hostage Crisis that sealed his doom.

  9. Business people who look at the jobs report will view it favorably. Jobs growth was quite strong. If we keep getting job growth like that, the unemployment rate will come down steadily. But because this is a survey, sometime you get numbers that overstate the improvement (such as last month when the unemployment rate fell from 8.1% to 7.8%) and sometimes, the unemployment rate will understate the improvement (such as this month).

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