Daily Odds for October 29, 2012….Two Calls…My Name is Jack…

I long ago called North Carolina for Romney

I am now ready to call two more “swing” states

Nevada for Obama

Florida for Romney

Which leads to

The Daily Odds
October 29
Slightly Fair and Balanced

Obama 51%
Romney 49%

The polls remain tied basically about a week out.The ONLY thing keeping me from going straight tossup is that Obama still has a very slight advantage in Ohio and that state plus Nevada which I called above with him holding the normal Blue states would assure victory.Obama -1.

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17 thoughts on “Daily Odds for October 29, 2012….Two Calls…My Name is Jack…”

  1. twitter….

    PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls
    All three North Carolina polls in the last week done by NC based organizations- one Dem, one GOP, one college- have shown race within 1 pt

  2. I think you mean electoral votes Zreebs. I think that the President will finish with around 300, and if he loses the popular vote expect a hue and cry unheard in this nation since they invented television.

  3. The Quinnipiac poll – which is historically one of the more reliable polls – has Obama up by one in FL. I see Romney is campaigning there today, so I guess he doesn’t agree with Jack that it is locked up yet. My guess is that Romney wins FL, but I wouldn’t bet too much on it.









  4. The Quinnipiac Poll has also a Democratic House effect of 1-2 Points according to Nate Silver.


    Give me one plausible & and good Reason how you can win Florida without winning in Central Florida. It’s just NOT POSSIBLE. Trust me.

    1. There is report that Romney is gonna try to STEAL Pa
      By micro ad targeting the areas around the major cities

        1. Afternoon people

          My update if anyone cares

          LI, NY is a MESS trees Down all over the place
          I can get my computer up but the Internet is out
          Right now things ARE better because I’m iPoning
          This in

          Spend this morning running to bank
          And cleaning up the tree that fell in backyard

          I’m off to find a hot spot for the lap top

          1. I do notice that our GOPer brothers here have begun to
            Double down on the polls are WRONG!

            These are the same people who have reminded us about Romney LEADING IN FLORIDA AND STEALING Ohio

            Like their candidate

            BOTH WAYS!

            I haven’t been on the net much for the last two days
            But someone correct me if things haven’t remained

  5. The liberal media and others on this BLOG trying to spin their way out of the mess they’ve created for the last 4 years.

    Once Romney wins on Tuesday, I want to see the looks on the liberal media’s faces including Juan Williams once the AP declared Mitt Romney as the 45th Prez.

  6. If anything, I consider the media rather conservative. If you are suggesting that the “mess (the liberals) created” is the economy, you would never know from the so-called liberal media that economists overwhelmingly support Obama over Romney.

    But if you hear on Fox all of time that the media is liberal, then some people begin to believe it.

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