Political Roundup for October 19, 2012…Gallup ?…Red Racing Horses

by: BostonPatriot
PresidentPennsylvania: Well, here’s The Poll from yesterday. Susquehanna has Romney ahead 49-45 in PA, which seems too good to be true…but Susquehanna has a strong record in their home state. We certainly need more polling to confirm this, but Romney’s shift of resources into the Keystone State looks pretty smart now. Encouragingly, the poll suggests that Romney’s numbers in the stubborn Philly suburbs could be the best for the GOP since 1988.

Gallup: And lest I forget, here’s The Other Poll. Romney was up 52-45 in the tracker yesterday, but most are dismissing this as an outlier.

Swing States: Highlights of yesterday’s believe-it-or-not include good numbers for Mitt in Virginia, a mediocre Colorado PPP poll, and good news for Obama from NBC.

Women (and Men!): In the wake of “Bindersgate” (how can the media possibly be this bored?), Chris Cillizza looks at the numbers and finds that Romney is doing just fine with women, trailing by a respectable 8.5 points. (In 2000, Gore won women by 11.) No one seems to be noticing, however, that Obama could lose men by double-digits after winning them narrowly last time.


AZ-Sen: The NRSC can’t be happy that they’re still spending on this race, but they just bought $570K in TV time, hoping that will be enough to finish off Richard Carmona.

CT-Sen: Is Connecticut snapping back to its usual voting patterns? Chris Murphy (D) leads 44-38 in the UConn poll (yes, that’s a lot of undecideds for mid-October), and Obama is up 14. Quinnipiac should be out with numbers soon as well.

NE-Sen: Bob Kerrey is just 18 days away from heading back into retirement, and he wants you to know that he might not lose by as much as you think he will. At least, that’s the only reason why I would put out an internal in which I trail 50-45.

OH-Sen: Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel got down and dirty in last night’s debate, reportedly one of the ugliest of the cycle. It doesn’t look like either man scored a big win.

WI-Sen: From the same Marist/NBC poll above: Baldwin 49, Thompson 45. The poll has Baldwin ahead by 11 among Independents, which is a bit more than I would expect….


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