Political Roundup for October 10, 2012…Red Racing Horses

by: shamlet

Veep Debate – Moderator: Moderator Martha Raddatz was married to now-FCC head Julius “Jay” Gechanowski from 1991 to 1997; at their 1991 wedding one Barry Obama was on the guest list. Obviously this raises some significant questions about Raddatz’s ability to be neutral in moderating the debate tomorrow.

Obama – Debate: He apparently walked out of the hall believing he had won the debate. If one needed a single instance that encapsulated all the nattering narratives of negativism now rising around the President, that would be it.

Veep Debate – Setting: For one brief night, Danville, Kentucky becomes the center of the political universe this Thursday. Here’s a bit more about the town of 16K that wants to be known as something other than “that town two counties south of Lexington”.


SuperPACs: Wonder-twin powers… Activate! Norm Coleman’s two groups, American Action Network and Congressional Leadership Fund, are teaming up to dump $13.5M on house races across the country, mostly supporting incumbents. One has to believe that this effort is something of an audition for a job Coleman most likely really wants, that of RNC chair.

MA-Sen: As Brown and Warren gear up for their third debate tonight (which we unfortunately won’t be able to liveblog), the obvious battleground is working-class white voters. NR agrees with a similar but also good opinion article. This contest has manifested itself in two opposing ads about Warren’s asbestos work which are, despite advocating opposing positions, almost indistinguishable from each other in style.

HI-Sen: Linda Lingle went a bit off-message in her debate with Mazie Hirono, criticizing Hirono for supporting John Edwards in 2004 and invoking Edwards’s sortid personal life.

NH-2: Annie Kuster has a bit of a problem keeping her hands to herself, in the second instance in just a few weeks. Coupled with his recent Simpson-Bowles endorsement, things are looking up for Bass, originially thought to be among the most vulnerable House incumbents.

WI-7: Sean Duffy apparently had a heckuva time getting his own mother to vote for him. I’m not sure how truthful the representation of their conversation was, but it makes for a cute ad.

NY-12: Carolyn “Malony” doesn’t exactly have a very inviting official campaign office.

NV-3: (pdf) Berenson for Oceguera (D): Heck 45 Oceguera 40.