Political Roundup for October 2, 2012…Red Racing Horses

by: Ryan_in_SEPA

CNN:  CNN’s latest poll shows a tightening presidential race with President Obama holding a 50 to 47 lead over Mitt Romney.  This is down from a 52 to 45 percent edge for Obama in the last poll.  This poll is in line with other polls showing a tightening race with a small Obama lead.

Crossroads: Crossroads will be running $16 million worth of presidential and senate ads over the next week.  The ads will target Democrats on the stimulus with specific ads also produced for the individual senate races.  $11 million will be aimed at the presidential race alone.

Early Voting: President Obama and his campaign are hoping to gain an edge through early voting.  As President Obama leads in many of the polls and early voting already beginning, his campaign hopes it transpires into lasting results.


Orphan States:  The NRCC has invested heavily in promoting Republican candidates and party structures in so-called orphan states, states with weak state parties and that are uncompetitive at the presidential level, but have competitive house seats.  While the RNC usually fills this role, the NRCC has been helping candidates in states like California, Illinois and New York.

MA-Senate: Could John Kerry have a reason to root for Scott Brown?  It appears the same special election law that brought Scott Brown to Washington might bring him back to Washington if he loses and John Kerry is appointed Secretary of State.  This could throw a wrench in the often discussed plans to appoint Kerry Secretary of State.

Downballot races:  Here is a good list of some downballot races that are worth watching in the early voting states.  They provide an awful broad categorization with California though.

McCain: The warhorse from the last election, John McCain, is hitting the road for Republicans.  He has campaigned for Linda McMahon in Connecticut and is now starting a tour of Florida for Mitt Romney.

Berman/Sherman: The Howard Berman Brad Sherman saga continues with Berman launching attacks against Sherman for using campaign funds as a vehicle for personal profit.  Berman is attacking Sherman for charging interest on personal loans to his campaigns….


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