Political Roundup for October 1, 2012…Foreign Policy?….Red Racing Horses

by: BostonPatriot
October. S— just got real.


Romney: With the debate two days away, Romney shifted focus to foreign policy over the weekend. The Middle East might be the only pressing topic that Americans aren’tsick of hearing about, so it will be interesting to see if Romney can make this a winning issue.

Debate: Chris Christie is foreseeing Wednesday’s debate as a “game changer” for Romney. Obama has already promised that there will be no “zingers,” whatever that means.

Iowa: Selzer/DMR: Obama 49-45.

North Carolina: PPP (D): Tied at 48.

Ohio: PPP (D): Obama 49-45 (not a typo, same margin as Iowa).

Pennsylvania: Romney caused a mini-stir by declaring PA a “battleground” during a weekend rally. However, his campaign hasn’t invested heavily in the state as McCain did in 2008, only to lose by 10.

Virginia: Politico misses its deadline by four years.


Maine: The DSCC is moving in with a $410K, 10-day buy against Charlie Summers (R), which won’t mention either Angus King (I) or Cynthia Dill (D). For comparison’s sake, the NRSC directly supported Joe Miller in AK two years ago, despite Lisa Murkowski being much more of an R than King is a D.

Massachusetts: UNH: Warren 43, Brown 38. Brown just isn’t getting enough Democrats (12%), although the high amount of undecided Independents (Brown leads 45-23) leaves him a crease.

Missouri: Roy Blunt is doing the best he can to prop up Akin 2.0, arguing that the race is about Senate control, not either candidate. Of course, Blunt has a point–and if Akin somehow manages to win, it would be the downballot story of the year.

Nevada: The Hill looks at this under-the-radar race (big issues: polling Clark County and Berkley’s ethics) and reminds us just how annoying Jon Ralston is.

New Mexico: Heather Wilson (R) trails only 43-42 in an internal, with a Paulist candidate taking 9%. Nevertheless, she’s still down in her own poll…..