And here come the debates…My Name is Jack….

Of course deep down everyone knows the “debates” are no longer of ANY significance as to laying out policies or even elucidating much of anything about the candidates

With the advent of the Internet plus totally saturated coverage on twenty four hours a day very few persons who will actually vote don’t know more than anyone would ever want toknow about the candidates

In recent years the debates have become PURE gotcha television entertainment

Nobody is watching to “find out” how a candidate stands on issues

Instead they are watching to try to catch the magical word or phrase where they can say(preferably of the candidate they oppose)


Further there is little evidence that these what have now become “rituals” have any significant effect on the election

Indeed the overwhelming verdict even among Bush supporters is that John Kerry”won” all three debates in 2004

Still they have become a part of the filament

To be endured and over analyzed for days afterwards always in search of that aha moment

Just so everyone knows I haven’t watched one of these spectacles since 1988 nor do I intend to break my pattern this year

And I’m sure I will miss nothing of substance but perhaps I will miss that AHA! Moment

Come to think of it

No I won’t

Because if it occurs it will be rebroadcast a hundred times in the ensuing days

Maybe I’ll catch it

Maybe I won’t

Enjoy everyone!

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One thought on “And here come the debates…My Name is Jack….”

  1. You should watch Jack, we need to devise a drinking game — like every time Romney says “them” we should all have to take a drink (but I fear we would all have to go into an alcohol program if we picked that word).

    Went to a party with lots of Republicans last night (lots of former RNC folks there) and they all just rolled their eyes over Romney and his tortured attempt to try to talk his way out of the 47% comments. They were particularly upset that he used the term “them” when he described his concern for America’s poor in his latest television ad — one that I have seen at least three times in the last hour of Law & Order.

    Now, having said that, I expect the polls to tighten. This race will draw up in many of the swing states, and it will be a turnout game over the next 30 days.

    I expect that Obama’s early focus on field work will pay huge dividends.

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