Morning Political Roundup for September 21, 2012…Red Racing Horses…Daniel

by: Right Reformer
Welcome to the end of a rough week. The news continue to thaw a little for the good guys, though clearly there’s a lot of time left to continue to make up ground, or falter once more.


Obama, Immigration: Who thought Univision would be the toughest news outfit on Obama this week? The Spanish language network went off on Obama, hitting him on breaking his promises on immigration, retaining AG Eric Holder despite the Fast and Furious Scandal, and foreign policy flubs. Good for Univision!

Obama, Change: The President made a weird comment yesterday, saying you can’t change Washington from the inside, but rather only from the outside. To which Republicans said, be our guest!

Romney, gay marriage: In his own Univision interview, Romney says he’d want his grandkids to be happy, if they were gay, despite not being able to marry. He defers to the states on gay adoption and other rights.


MA-Sen: Scott Brown bested Elizabeth Warren in their first of four debates last night. Brown was aggressive from the start, but avoided coming across as a jerk by lightening up toward the end of the debate. Going forward, he’s going to need to maintain that balance of hitting Warren hard while keeping his nice guy image. A Kimball Consulting (R) flashpoll (pdf) shows that voters believe Brown won the debate, 50-40, and local political analyist Andy Hiller agrees.

WI-Sen: Thompson needs to get a handle on this race and figure out how to catch his footing. Another poll has him down, this one by NBC/Marist has him down 2 points to Tammy Baldwin.

MO-Sen: Military ballots in Missouri go out today, meaning that effectively, Akin’s window to withdraw has closed and he’ll be on the ballot in November. The powers that behave also given up. My personal preference is that Akin lay low, run a good generic 30-day campaign starting in October, and maybe see if the anti-McCasill vote can somehow give him a narrow victory in November.

CT-Sen: Chris Murphy apparently missed numerous hearings and votes during the heart of the 2008 financial crisis. Where was he? He won’t say, but the McMahon campaign says they think he was attending several Yankee games instead of being in DC representing his congressional district.

VA-Sen: YouGov answers the polls showing Kaine possibly breaking out, and give their latest result at 43-42, with Kaine leading. Coming before Kaine’s comments this morning about a minimum tax, Allen may be poised to keep this even and maybe even pull ahead in the next month. (Obama leads by 4 in the poll)

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