Political Roundup for September 11, 2012…Akin Staying?…Red Racing Horses

by: BostonPatriot
It’s been 11 years, and it’s still entirely unsettling to type out “September 11” as if it’s just another date, as I did for the title of this diary. 9/11 has unquestionably and permanently changed American politics, although in this third presidential election since the attacks, the wars stemming from the attacks are playing far less of a role than they did in the previous two. As the campaigns (largely) pause today to honor those who died 11 years ago, RRH also takes a moment offer thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families.And now, today’s politics:President

ABC/WaPo: Most pollsters are showing a convention bounce for Obama, but not these guys. POTUS leads 49-48 in a survey taken just after the DNC.

North Carolina: Civitas has Romney up 53-43 in what they term a “flash poll”, but what otherwise seems to be a normal three-night sample. The nights in question are the three nights of the DNC, so the big Mitt lead could be a combination of an RNC bounce, plus Dems being too busy watching their own convention to answer the phone. An average of this poll and PPP’s from yesterday would seem to make sense.


Connecticut: Linda McMahon has called for an ethics investigation of Chris Murphy’s apparent sweetheart loan (which Murphy still managed to default on). McMahon would be wise to let others dig Murphy’s grave here, as she got burned in 2010 by being too aggressive in attacking Richard Blumenthal’s complicated relationship with the truth.

Florida: Connie Mack’s SuperPAC, helped by a big check from Sheldon Adelson, is going up with a two-week, six-figure buy in Central Florida. The ad hasn’t been released yet, but it will be a positive spot.

Maine: Republicans are in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation in Maine: ignoring the race essentially cedes the seat to Angus King (I), but spending against King only decreases the odds that he’ll caucus with the Senate GOP. The NRSC obviously thinks King will join the Dems regardless, as they made a big $600K buy in support of Charlie Summers yesterday.

Massachusetts: Scott Brown leads 46-45 in a new poll from Kimball, which had him up 6 just 2 weeks ago. This poll was in the field immediately after Elizabeth Warren’s convention speech, which could plausibly explain her gain. If Warren can’t post leads in September, she’s probably going to lose, as Brown is the type of pol who closes strong.

Missouri: It appears that Todd Akin’s drop-out deadline may be September 21, and not September 25 as  previously thought, due to laws regarding military ballots. Regardless, Akin is less likely to drop out with each passing day, especially with the conventions taking his name out of the news.

New Mexico: The same poll that had Obama up 5 has Martin Heinrich (D) up 49-42 on Heather Wilson in this open-seat race.

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