Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest…Sept 6, 2012… Mike Coffman contracts another bout of Coffman’s Disease

by David Nir

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by David Nir

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Leading Off:• CO-06: Looks like GOP Rep. Mike Coffman’s come down with another bout of Coffman’s Disease, the affliction where a mouth-breathing movement conservative fails to remember that he’s running in a very moderate district and lets his lizard brain do the talking:

Speaking at an event last month, Republican Rep. Mike Coffman said that he has a “fundamental concern” that President Barack Obama might conduct an October surprise of sorts that could help his bid for re-election. […]In his comments, Coffman alluded to a Washington Post column by Jack Anderson that said there was going to be an “October Surprise,” by the Carter administration in the hopes it would help him gain re-election. Ultimately Carter ended up losing that November to Republican Ronald Reagan.

“So, would Barack Obama do something that Jimmy Carter maybe would have done? It would be superficial, that would not be substantive, but would be a rally around the flag for the American people to boast his presidency. I don’t know. I don’t know about that. But that was interesting in terms of my own experience,” is how Coffman ended his comments to the question at the August 15 event.

For the original diagnosis of Coffman’s Disease (the illness which bears the congressman’s name), click here.
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3 thoughts on “Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest…Sept 6, 2012… Mike Coffman contracts another bout of Coffman’s Disease”

  1. I don’t even see how this rated as a news story in any publication. As Bill Clinton was admonished, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

    All I know is that gasoline prices has doubled since Obama became president, food prices are up, my adult children can’t find jobs, but they now will have to compete for finding one with illegals their age. The problem is they will have to go out and buy a health insurance policy, but their illegal peers won’t.

    I’m beginning to understand what Coffman meant when he said of Obama “In his heart he’s just not an American.” It wasn’t a statement about a birthplace; it was about a sense of purpose and loyalty to this country. I don’t want a global president. I want a president who will put America first. If he doesn’t, then who in the world will?

  2. Hmmm…. Elaine arrives just-in-time for a little trolling with “her” quotes from rightwing lunatic Coffman (who will lose his seat this fall).

  3. Jeez, and I always thought that October surprises were a Republican specialty (like encouraging South Vietnamese diplomatic intransigence in 1968, or discouraging releasing the Iranian hostages until 21 Jan. 1981, or signing the congressional Authorization of Force against Iraq in the Rose Garden in October 2002).

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