The 2012 Democratic Convention is September 4-6, 2012*…..

from 2012 Presidental Election news……

2012 Democratic National Convention

2012 Democratic ConventionThe 2012 Democratic National Convention details have been released. The convention will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Location: The Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina

Dates: September 4-6, 2012

Official Convention Website: Charlotte in 2012

Report on the decision to bring the event to Charlotte from the Sun Journal:

BURLINGTON – A key player working to put together the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte called next year’s event “rather historic.”

The last Democratic National Convention to be held in the South took place in Atlanta in 1988. Before that, it was in Miami in 1972, Kevin Monroe, deputy director of intergovernmental affairs and outreach for the Democratic National Convention Committee, told the Democratic Women of Alamance County gathering in Burlington Tuesday night.

Before that, you have to go all the way back to 1860 when it was in Charleston, S.C.

“The eyes of the world are on your city for a full week,” Monroe said. He said people will no longer have to put “North Carolina” after Charlotte. People will know where it is.

Efforts to get the convention in Charlotte were successful because of cooperation by both Democrats and Republicans, Monroe said. All Charlotte City Council members and congressional delegations – both Democrats and Republicans – signed letters of support, he said. Richard Vinroot, the former GOP mayor of the city and 2000 Republican gubernatorial nominee, is on the convention’s host committee, he said…..


The 2012 Democratic National Convention, in which delegates of the Democratic Party will choose the party’s nominees for President and Vice President in the 2012 United States national election, is scheduled to be held during the week of September 3, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On April 3, 2012, President Obama won the Maryland and District of Columbia primaries, giving him more than the required 2,778 delegates to secure the presidential nomination. He had previously announced that Vice President Joe Biden would be his vice presidential running mate in his re-election bid…..

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* the dates are the 4 th thru the 6 of September the original post had 3rd thru the 6th…..

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13 thoughts on “The 2012 Democratic Convention is September 4-6, 2012*…..”

    1. Democratic Convention’s ALWAYS seem to be MORE messy even with a President going for a second term….

  1. To hit a different note here;
    I hope they come up with something positive.. inspiring.. for the next 4 years and long term. Not all this “the others are so extreme” stuff..

    And a few other points;
    I’ve been watching Cavuto on FOX a few days now – and it’s pretty moderate, and interesting at times. In some ways it’s better then MSNBC lately…
    I’ve had it with this “all critique of Obama is racism” stuff… Chris Matthews have crossed the line too many times now..
    There IS a legitimate point to make that the “dovish” and passive Presidency of Obama is somewhat outside the mainstream of US Presidents – who are mostly aggressive and ambitious people – with huge drives. I do believe that is what some folks honestly mean by “un-american”.

    Last thing;
    I think there were many good speeches at the RNC – if only they were true…. If only they could escape the grip of big donors, agree to some necessary tax hikes, and start co-operating. This level of corruption is not necessary or helpful…..

    1. mac….

      you’re on to something….

      I just posted up a piece in which the President ADMITS he dropped the ball on dealing with the Republican’s after the 2010 elections….
      He seems to have finally gotten the point that it’s NOT enough JUST to be President….
      That HIS office’s power comes from HIS politics…..
      His work for HIS parties interest AND HIS own….

      Barack Obama is running on I’m NOT that Rich Guy…..
      It’s working…
      Just bearly in the polls ….
      But enough to keep him ahead in the EV’s….
      And that’s what counts

  2. I need to finish the outstanding 10 or so paragraphs for my unofficial Democratic Convention primer soon.

    Here’s how I think the convention voting will break down:

    Biden, JR-2941 votes
    Obama, Barack H.-2606 votes
    Others-9 votes

  3. Now its our turn(dems). amazing that escept for Rass(goper to the core) mitt recieved little if any bounce at all. my perdiction of a romney bounce so far to my pleasant surprize came to nawt. obama may get one at around 5 points ahead. even race now.

  4. I lived in Charlotte for 16 years. It is a great town with some great people. I still have friends there. The city is neither on the coast nor on a river yet has been able to prosper into a great city because of effective mayors through most of its history.

    The Democrats chose well.

  5. While I would have obviously preferred that the runner up city–my home of St. Louis–had been chosen to host the DNC I understand why the Democrats picked Charlotte.

    Demographically speaking NC and neighboring VA are trending Democratic (even if NC doesn’t go Democrat this year) and are gaining electoral votes

    Missouri is treading water in population and we lost an electoral vote after the last census.

    Unlike Charlotte STL is an older city that has struggled with decline–but is now making great strides to reverse that.

    The Gateway Arch would have been a great backdrop and a testament to what great things hated “big government” can accomplish. As my father (a union construction worker trained while in the Corps of Engineers in the Korean War) helped build the Arch it would have had a personal meaning for me as well.

    But all in all I understand why they went to Charlotte.

    1. They want North Carolina BAD Scott……

      And they have GOOD chance to get it again….

      I’ll have post later with more on NC and the democrats….

  6. I think the Dems will fall short in NC this time around. But this is more about the long game than just this particular election.

    It boils down to this. For a long time Republicans were strengthening their hold on the electoral college due to gaining support in states that were also gaining population

    That no longer seems to be the case. Most of the states that are getting redder are either losing or stagnating in population (examples: MO, AR, KY, WV) while states like NC and VA are examples of growing regions that are also becoming bluer.

    CO, NM, NV and to a lesser extent AZ are also examples of that.

    And it’s no accident. All of the growing states that are becoming more friendly to Democrats are ones that have seen a growth of immigrant population.

    1. Yea mac….

      Scott puts his finger on the demographics…..
      I mentioned that earlier from the MSNC show….
      The GOP is actually running out of voters….
      even in the south and southwest….

  7. Harry Reid on Mitt Romney, “When you look at the one tax return he has released it’s obvious why. It’s obvious why there’s only been one. We learned that he pays a lower tax rate than middle-class families; we learned that he chose Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Island tax shelters over American institutions.”

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