Political Roundup for August 30, 2012…Social Conservatives rally to Akin…Red Racing Horses

by: Ryan_in_SEPA
Sorry for a later than usual roundup, but I have been suffering some technical issues, which I hope to have resolved shortly. President/RNC

Ryan: Scathing is a fitting description for the critique launched by Paul Ryan against Barack Obama last night.  Ryan’s strong performance capped a night of good speeches.

More Ryan: Roll Call provides a good analysis of Paul Ryan’s awesome speech last night. Joe Biden is hiding somewhere.

Romney: Michael Barone goes into great detail describing how Mitt Romney’s electoral hopes rest largely on Americans hoping for something different than what they might hope for if they support Barack Obama.

Diversity: The Republican speaker list shows the growing diversity in the Republican ranks.  Specifically the National Journal leads with Mia Love, who seems to have capitalized off her strong performance Tuesday night with a six figure money bomb.

Sandoval: Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is taking an increasing role in Hispanic outreach for the GOP.  Sandoval is one of the most popular governors in America and has strong support in the Nevada Hispanic community.

Would Be VPs: The second night of the RNC featured a long list of Romney short listers.


Connecticut: The strange twist on the road to the Connecticut US Senate election is throwing the Democrats on defensive.  Chris Murphy, a candidate many considered a shoe-in a few months ago, now behind Linda McMahon in some polls and facing her self-funding capabilities.  The changing landscape might give the Republicans their 51stseat according to the RCP map.

Missouri: Todd Akin is receving strong support from social conservative groups despite his weeklong distraction and attempt to prevent the Republicans from controlling the Senate.  Akin’s comments have been a rallying cry for some social conservatives and the treatment he has received has led to a circling of the wagons by some.