Morning Roundup for August 17, 2012…Thompson NOT releasing tax returns?…Red Racing Horses

What’s going on here????

Now Thompson copying Romney on the tax returns info?


Rich guys ain’t gonna tell anything but their names soon? 

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Whiteboards: If we tracked every talking point, this blog would get pretty boring, but Romney had a cool moment yesterday when he channeled his inner Ross Perot and broke out a whiteboard to explain his Medicare plan. Obama quickly responded by sending out his own Medicare whiteboard via email.

Ryan: And the Amodei Strategy churns into motion. Paul Ryan’s mother, who lives in Florida and whom he describes as a “Medicare senior,” will campaign alongside her son at The Villages (Florida’s Friendliest Hometown!). I’ll take a wild guess that the rally at the retirement megacomplex will touch on Medicare.

Michigan: Mitchell: Obama 49, Romney 44. The last Mitchell poll actually gave Romney a 1-point lead, but this finding is more in line with all other polling of the state.

Wisconsin: CNN, in one of its first polls of the year, found Obama ahead 49-45 in Wisconsin, closer than most pre-Ryan polls have had it but not as good as yesterday’s Ras poll. I wonder if there will be Senate numbers coming?

RNC: Artur Davis has completed his 180 and will speak at the RNC, four years after seconding Obama’s nomination at the DNC. The convention also confirmed five more speakers: Kelly Ayotte, Rob Portman, Bobby Jindal, Bob McDonnell, and Connie Mack.

Debates: Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the ranking Dem on the Budget Committee, will stand in for Paul Ryan when Joe Biden rehearses debating (insert your own joke). John Kerry is standing in for Romney; Mitt’s campaign hasn’t announced its stand-ins, but Rob Portman has been the go-to guy in the past.


Florida: Ann Romney will headline a Connie Mack fundraiser during the RNC, on what appears to be the afternoon before her speech. Mack is polling well but needs all the fundraising help he can get, as Bill Nelson has one of the larger war chests of any incumbent.

Indiana: Two polls of this race yesterday: The Chamber has Mourdock (R) up 41-39, while a Dem internal has Donnelly up 45-43. The high number of undecideds corresponds well with the number of people who showed up to vote for Sen. Lugar in May, so it looks like most of them haven’t come around to Mourdock yet.

Maine: Ex-Gov. John Baldacci (D) wrote a fundraising letter for Democratic nominee Cynthia Dill, who is near-cashless and polling in the single digits. Republicans need Dill to eat into Angus King’s Democratic support for Charlie Summers to have a shot. If Baldacci is so opposed to the idea of King as the de facto Dem, why couldn’t he have gone through with his bid? (Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce endorsed Summers.)

Nebraska/NE-02: WAA: Deb Fischer (R) 55, Bob Kerrey (D) 34. (Also, the poll contains a subsample for NE-02, where Rep. Lee Terry is only ahead of his Democratic opponent 46-40. Sleeper race, or bad poll?)

North Dakota: Crossroads GPS added $162K in North Dakota to their recent buy. The linked ad, which I think is one of Crossroads’ better outputs (many of their recent ones have been fairly tired), attacks Heitkamp on pay-to-play cronyism, and does a good job of explaining a complex scheme in 30 seconds.

Virginia: More outside spending here: two new ads from MajorityPAC (D) against George Allen (buy: $1.6M), and this ad from the Chamber of Commerce attacking Tim Kaine. And if you’ll recall, Crossroads launched a $1.5M buy yesterday. I’ll wager $10 that the polls won’t budge.

Wisconsin: Tommy Thompson says he will not be releasing any tax returns. I wonder if we’re going to see a united front of GOP candidates flatly refusing to make their taxes public from here on out?