Morning Roundup for August 14, 2012…Red Racing Horses

by: BostonPatriot

Ryan: Despite representing a district with a fairly average age distribution, Paul Ryan has raised more money from retirees this cycle than almost any other House candidate in America. Contributions from retirees have more than tripled since the release of the first Ryan Budget in 2011.

New Hampshire: Obama’s lead in the UNH poll is down to 49-46, with Romney improving for the third month in a row after being down by 10 in February. Romney led in the Granite State throughout 2011, but the primary process seemed to hurt him here, as Obama has led all recent polling.

Labor: The AFL-CIO is planning to up their efforts, but not through advertising–through protests. The megaunion’s PAC is planning organized protests at all upcoming Romney and Ryan events, apparently based on the model that was so successful in Wisconsin.

DWS: After pretending that she didn’t know anything about it on Sunday, Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to admit yesterday that Priorities USA (Obama’s SuperPAC, which is running the controversial cancer ad) does indeed support Democrats.


Arizona: After going dark for a while (a sign that he was perhaps throwing in the towel), Wil Cardon is back on TV with a smaller buy: $52K on cable.

Massachusetts: As expected, Elizabeth Warren moved quickly to tie Scott Brown to the Ryan Budget as best she could. Brown voted against the budget twice. (Aside: When this campaign is over, I’m going to parse Warren’s statements and see how many times she uses the word “families.” I’m guessing it will be close to once per sentence.)

Michigan: I’ve never fully understood why some Republicans want to repeal the 17th Amendment and return the power to elect Senators to state legislatures. Yes, it would remake the Senate into the detached, deliberative body that the Framers intended it to be, but is anyone thrilled with the condition of modern state legislatures? Anyway, Pete Hoekstra supports flipping the 17th.

Missouri: The DSCC shamelessly takes Todd Akin out of context in a new ad. This is what Akin said last year:

“Now, Social Security, through the years, for many, many people, has been a terrible investment,” Akin said in the C-SPAN appearance last year. “It’s really a tax, is all it is. Social Security is a tax. The government has taken the tax. There’s been more money coming in than going out. And we spend it. That’s not been responsible. I don’t like it. I didn’t design Social Security. It was, actually, came from Bismarck. FDR put it in place.”

And here’s what makes it into the ad: “I don’t like it. I didn’t design Social Security. FDR put it in place.” Thus, instead of Akin criticizing the waste in Social Security, it sounds like he hates the program itself and blames FDR. (Bismarck, for the non-history buffs, was the first Chancellor of Germany, and instituted the world’s first Social Security program in 1889.)

Nevada: Dean Heller, dressed for a casual Saturday at home and working under the hood of a retro car, talks about legislation he wrote to eliminate tax loopholes for oil companies, and his opposition to new energy taxes. Solid ad.

Wisconsin: Here’s the last-minute radio ad from Tommy Thompson, which ran yesterday afternoon and is running today. It features a clip of Paul Ryan praising Thompson at Sunday’s Wisconsin GOP rally. Is it enough?

AFP: Americans for Prosperity has an offense-defense buy: ads will begin running tomorrow in Wisconsin and Indiana, presumably attacking Democrats Tammy Baldwin and Joe Donnelly.


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  1. I’ve been singularly UNIMPRESSED with Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair

    I don’t think she handles herself very well

    Is a Talking points type with little substance

    Seems like Obamas people could have found someone better than her to represent the party on national tv

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