Special “Hawaiian & Ryan” Roundup for August 12, 2012…Red Racing Horses

by: shamlet
Since there’s been a lot of news this weekend, here’s a special Sunday roundup for your reading pleasure, covering results from the HI primaries and lots of reactions to Paul Ryan’s VP selection.

Hawai’i Results: 

HI-Sen: Hirono 58 Case 41Lingle 92 on the R side. This result should be surprising to nobody here, and it’s hard to see Case being nominated for anything on the D side again.

HI-2: Gabbard 55 Hannemann 34. Pretty amazing victory for the former and I’d guess the latter’s career in politics is over, at least as a Democrat. Like Case, I could see him going Indie, or maybe even all the way to the Republicans, at some point if he doesn’t retire.

Honolulu Mayor: Cayetano 45 (anti-rail D), Caldwell 30 (super-liberal and pro-rail D), Carlisle 25 (Bloomberg-ish and pro-rail I-inc). The two Democrats head to a November runoff. Surprising 55% victory, at least for now, for the pro-rail side; however, they nominated a flawed messenger here. The key group to watch in the fall are pro-rail moderates and Republicans, who are closer to Cayetano ideologically, but may balk at his strident opposition to the rail system. Looks like a pure tossup in the fall.

Big Island Mayor: Kenoi 43 (Union backed D-inc), Kim 35 (I), Yagong 20 (Fiscally conservative D). Kenoi and Kim head to a runoff. This is very surprising as Kim didn’t seem to be running a functional campaign; he’ll head onto the fall runoff with Kenoi likely to pick up most of Yagong’s upport.

State Senate: In SD-11 (Manoa) Incumbent D Taniguchi beat fellow incumbent Fukunaga 55-45. In SD-25 (Kailua to Hawai’i Kai), Incumbent D Pohai Ryan has been ousted by party-switching former Lingle Admin official Linda Thielen. This seat is a strong potential R pickup in the fall with ex-State Sen. Fred Hemmings seeking a comeback.

State House: In HD-33 (Aiea) Incumbent D Taka walloped fellow incumbent Giugni 73-27. In HD-48 (Kane’ohe) Incumbent D Woolley beat fellow member Chong 57-43. And, yes, there was an interesting R primary last night: In HD-47 (North Shore Oahu) incumbent R Gil Riviere was ousted 53-47 by newcomer Richard Fale.

Ryan Reactions & Analysis:

WI-1: Even if he doesn’t win the Vice-Presidency, Ryan should have an easy re-election to the house as a backup plan.

“Bold But Risky”: Seems to be the consensus.

The Even Couple: A look at Mitt and Ryan’s stylistic similarity.

Attack Dog: Ryan has slipped into the role nicely.

Better Half: A profile of Ryan’s wife Janna, a former staffer to then-Rep. Bill Brewster (D-Okla.) in the 90s.

Taxes: Here’s a preview of Democrats’ next line of attack on Romney’s taxes.

Weekly Standard: The pick shows that Romney isn’t “Dewey without the Mustache”.

Erickson: The famously hard-to-please conservative blogger pronounces Ryan “a good start.”


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