Red State on Rep. Steve LaTourette (“R”- OH)….Bye!…We won’t miss ya….

The depature of moderate Republican’s continues unabated …..

They will NOT be missed by the rightwingnuts….

Best News of the Century: Steve LaTourette Retires

Posted by Daniel Horowitz (Diary)

“To the extent that we have not reached the level of fiscal dissoluteness of Greece, it is precisely because of the uncompromising “extremists” like the Tea Party.”

Most people outside of Congress never heard of 9-term liberal Congressman Steve LaTourette (“R”- OH).  But his surprise announcement that he will retire at the end of the year is a big relief to all those who desire limited government.  Whether his seat is won by a Democrat or (hopefully) a conservative Republican, we will be better off with LaTourette out of Washington.

Steve LaTourette is an example of a Rockefeller Republican who not only voted the wrong way, but viewed his mission in Congress as one of undermining conservatives and limited government principles.  LaTourette is a senior member of the appropriations committee and uses his seniority and friendship with John Boehner to interject himself into every major legislative battle in a negative way. He is not happy to merely quietly vote with the left; he seeks to reshape the party in his image. He referred to some of the conservative freshmen who opposed his statist highway bill as “knuckle-draggers.”



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9 thoughts on “Red State on Rep. Steve LaTourette (“R”- OH)….Bye!…We won’t miss ya….”

  1. The surprising thing is not that he retired. The surprising thing is WHEN he retired. He already was the GOP nominee, and would have easily been re-elected over a weak opponent.. There has to be more to this story.

    1. a LOT of House members are dropping out it seems….
      and the last minute stuff could put some of the seats in at risk for their party

  2. There is more to the story Zreebs, he was told that even if they do keep control of the House he would not be given the Committee Chairmanship he thinks that he has earned. He sees the writing on the wall, and given yesterday’s results in Texas it will only get worse — the teabaggers run the Republican Party. No compromise, full speed ahead to the disaster waiting around the next government shutdown corner.

  3. The Tea Party may hurt the GOP in that it makes it more difficult for Republicans to be elected, but it also hurts the country. Government shutdowns make no sense; they only hurt the country, but they will increase markedly with tea partiers in control.

  4. Ultimately they will Zreebs, but since most of them have their heads firmly planted in their ass, they don’t see it.

    Had dinner last night with a bunch of ex-Hill staffers who now live in Northern California. They were all their when this began with the gang of seven (Little Ricky Santorum was one of them). Those early “teabaggers” were going to change the world, and they only made it more unpleasant to work in Congress – nasty and personal. LaTourette just decided he didn’t need that any more. It is too bad really, he was a responsible fellow who saw the importance of the federal role, especially in infrastructure investment. But, he was too liberal for the no-compromise folks — so, no Chairmanship for him.

    Now, perhaps we can pick up that seat.

  5. On the local teabagger station this morning they were tossing Dick Cheney under the bus for admitting the truth about Sarah Palin–that she should have never been picked for VP.

    Funny how these folks supposedly so concerned about the debt stood by ole Dick when he said “deficits don’t matter” but utter the truth about a woefully unprepared diva who could have been a 70 something year old heart beat away from the Presidency (and give Cheney credit for knowing something about 70 something yr. old heartbeats!) and they have a caniption.

    But yeah, it’s all about the “deficit” with these folks.

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