Oversea’s Staffing for Presidential Candidate trips….

Obama 2008 European trip staff count…..14

Romney 2012 European trip staff count……3

Obama trip in general  …….A+

Romney trip in general ……C+

photo… washingtonpost

Did Staffing Make the Difference in Overseas Trips?

The Washington Post compares the campaign trips abroad taken by Barack Obama in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.

“So what’s the difference — other than four years and two vastly different candidates? Here’s one big distinction: the Obama campaign loaded up on staff firepower while the Romney camp had a relative ghost crew.”

“For his trip, Obama got assists from at least 14 top staffers and advisors, many of whom were heavy hitters with serious foreign policy and economic credentials… Romney, on the other hand, has only three senior staffers with him for the entire trip: policy director Lanhee Chen; foreign policy aide Alex Wong; and press secretary Andrea Saul.”


The traveling press secretary for Mitt Romney’s campaign cursed at reporters on Tuesday who were attempting to ask the presumptive GOP nominee about some of his missteps during his foreign policy trip.

The incident occurred as Romney made his way to his vehicle after visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw. Reporters from the traveling press corps accompanying Romney attempted to shout questions at the candidate, who ignored their calls.

But when reporters began shouting questions about whether gaffes — including comments about Britian’s Olympic preparedness and Israeli culture that leaders in the United Kingdom and Palestine denounced publicly — had overshadowed the foreign trip, traveling press secretary Rick Gorka admonished them to “show some respect.”


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4 thoughts on “Oversea’s Staffing for Presidential Candidate trips….”

  1. You give Romney a C+ on this trip? Sounds like grade inflation to me. I guess getting the Lech Walsea endorsement was good news for him. And he got a lot of money from a fund raiser in Israel. But did this help his image in any way? I cant see how.

    1. Ok….
      I’m trying to be fair…
      We’re Dem leaners….
      Romney MADE the trip….
      He’ll get good images for it…
      Most people who ARE going to vote for him….
      Won’t be as negative as we will….
      They didn’t staff it well….
      But he showed up…talked to people…and went home
      I don’t see him doing worst than the C+….
      It’s Romney Really in general….


  2. I read this article but wasn’t impressed by it

    I don’t get how more staff would have kept him from saying the dumb things he said

    I mean this isn’t George W Bush who was notoriously intellectually lazy

    Romney has been noted for being very interested in policy matters

    One must conclude that he was merely expressing his true opinions

  3. If Romney was trying to show what he (like most of the other Republican presidential candidates) has been asserting for months or years — a huge contrast of his sure, confident, proud assertion of American power and ideals with a wimpy, amateur Obama administration that makes our allies nervous and gives strength to the enemies of freedom — then Romney failed.

    Only those who already strongly believe in such a contrast (and who think, well after the fact, that the only good Democrats in foreign policy are Jackson, FDR, Truman, JFK and maybe Woodrow Wilson) will believe that Gov. Romney actually strengthened anyone’s confidence in his superior ability to handle foreign affairs.

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