When President’s Travel……Updated 10/28/17…

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President Trump about Air Force One…image…telegraph.co.uk


President Obama is going on a 10 day, four nation trip as of today (11/5/10)…The trip will be to India for 3 days…. First landing in Mumbai…then traveling to New Delhi……He then moves on to Jakarta, Indonesia for about 24 hours……The President then will travel to Seoul Korea for 2 days of the G-20 Meeting……After that he will go to Yokohoma, Japan for the ….Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum before leaving Japan for Washington…….

Obama has had to cancel this trip TWICE in the past…..

There has been a Republican outcry about the COST of the trip ever since some guy in India mentioned that the trip would cost about $200 Million A DAY in India…..

The White House denied that figure…

But this Dog will try to list some of the things that go with the President when he leaves the country on a state trip……

Air Force One……That’s his ride….

A second B-747-200 back up plane…..In case the one the President is traveling on has trouble….

Presidential Limo’s…..For EACH stop there are 2 Limo’s or Suburban SUV’s….Armored… that the POTUS (President) will travel in….

Update...An Air Force One replacement is in the works….See here.

The Secret Service even has a bus to transport the President or Presidential candidates….(Stagecoach One)

Image result for white house medical team vehicle


Secret Service ‘Back-Up’ Vehicle’s…..These Suburban’s transport the President’s Security Detail…..

Image result for white house medical team vehicle


White House Communication’s Vehiclee…..This SUV will be in the motorcade to help keep up contact with the US anywhere on the planet…

Image result for white house medical team vehicle


Secret Service Counter Assault Team SUV…..Heavily Armed Firepower to protect the POTUS in addition to the Security Detail…

Hazmat Vehicle….A Marine Detail on hand to handle if there where a chemical assault on the POTUS group….

Image result for white house medical team vehicle

image …flickr

White House Medical Team Vehicle……Usually a US Doctor from the WH Staff and Paramedic or Military Medic with their equipment…

Image result for white house medical team vehicle


All of the above vehicles (about 8 to 10 ) are airlifted by Air Force C-17 Cargo planes to EACH stop the POTUS makes…..I assume that they can leap-frog a group of about 4 or 5 groups of vehicle’s to each stop…..

Police Escorts ….

Presidential motorcades are movents of a LOT of vehicles, they can amout to over 20 vehicles if you include escorts , the presidential package, staff vehicles, support staff, medical teams and media ….

The WHOLE movement ‘s responsibilty falls to the local or state police wherever the President goes anywhere on the planet…..

Image result for police escourt us presidential motorcades

image of German Police escorting a Obama motorcade….Alamy

(Several motorcycle police officer have been hurt doing these escorts)


Image result for marine one helo's


When needed…. the POTUS will travel by Marine One Helecopter’s…..He travels in one….But because his Security Detail,  Staff and the Press Pool goes where he goes….When he does travel by Helo..there are 4 to 5 other helo’s that go with him….

As with the vehicle’s….They are transported by Air Force C-17  to EACH stop needed…

A look at the interior….Here..

Update 9/1/14….

The Marine Helo drivers in HMX-1 now have new Helicopter to transport support staff and media….NOT the President….The Boeing MV-22 Osprey Tilt-rotor....

image …wikipedia
A new Marine One helo has been approved for production after the last approved replacement was cancelled by then Defense Sec Robert gates for cost and equipment overruns……
The new Helo will be based on the Sikorsky S-92 ….
image …cardatabase.net
The finished order won’t be ready for another NINE years….The first Helo was the MH-101 , made by Augusta-Westland and Lockheed…It was bigger and had 3 engines, but add on’s by the White House Military Office and Secret Service over weighed the aircraft…..

Staff….At each stop months in advance White House Staff check and negotiate the best place for the POTUS to appear…..Also in those advance party’s are Secret Service Team’s that handle the security workups once the White House staff decide the venue….

State Department staff in-country will welcome the advance teams and work with them and the host country….

Press.….When a US President travel’s …The largest group traveling with him is the media…..

For Obama’s trip there is no doubt at least two ‘Official Pres Planes’…..These journalist are in addition to the White House Press Pool…..The WH Press Pool travel with the President …..by Presidential Motorcade and even in one of the Marine One Helo group….

Sleep Over’s…..When the President sleep’s over it’s a big thing…..

There must be a security ‘lock down’ of the hotel in a most area’s and the POTUS will stay in a embassy or US military facility in area’s where the Secret Service and State Department don’t feel comfortable with the local Hotel’s….

Before a POTUS arives…The Hotel is swept by flown in EOD/Explosive Ordonnance Detail’s and then secured by separate groups of Secret Service, State and borrowed Federal Special Agents and other agencies people like Border Patrol….

All of the on site people are flown in for EACH stop in advance…..And have to have somewhere to stay …

Other Military Assets…..

It is not unreasonable to assume that the US military does in fact ‘adjust to the movements of its Commander-in- Chief….

While there was unsubstantiated reports of 40 US Navy ships involved in the President’s trip……It is not hard to in vision the nearest US Carrier Battle group moving to with 200 or miles of where the POTUS would be ‘just in case’….

Special worries.…..India has seen a big political assignation about 5 years ago…..Indonesia is the largest Muslim country outside the Middle East…..These are special worries for the Secret Service outside their regular ones……

The list I provided above will be heavy over augmented  in the two above countries…..

Note.….All of the above mentioned costs money….LOTS of money……

$200 Million a Day?…….No…..But the figure is up there……


The US President is the ONLY President that travel’s this deep….The Russian’s come close bringing their own vehicles….But most countries send their President’s or Prime Minister’s with a small Security Detail on their own planes and rely on the Host counties vehicle’s and security  and police assistance……That’s not to say that the US POTUS doesn’t either….Once he leaves the Continental US ….The American President is a HOST of another country…He and his staff must work with the host country for their trip…there have been numerous incidences of US Secret Service agents getting into trouble with host countries security people….

The only thing that keeps these things civil….. is the fact that ALL of the Heads of state travel to The UN and America…so their people are mindful of ‘what goes around….comes around”….


For those of you concerned about this ‘Great Traveling Show”…..


Yes…. Indeed it is…

What it becomes is ‘One upsmanship at its worst’

But ever since 9/11, The Munbai bombing and the Bhutto assignation….

Security procedures have tighten in the area’s Obama will be traveling in ….

Remember this…

NOBODY wants to see another counties Head of State get hurt on their watch..in their City or Country….

They ain’t thinking about the money….


If you want to learn more about the Secret Service check the links below….




Note….I forgot something important!

FLOTUS(First Lady of the US ) is traveling with her man!

We have an addition to do…..

For EVER stop the President makes that he has to do business…The First Lady of the United States will have a SEPERATE function to go to…..With HER own Transportation, Detail, Press and Support staff….

Image result for ms trump protective detail

image ….dailymail.uk.co

Limo’s.…..The FLOTUS will travel in a armored Suburban SUV…..

Protective Detail…..The FLOTUS has her own detail that flys in Air Force One……When the President is traveling with his wife, HER detail gets slotted into the motorcade and gets put a Marine Helo…..

If she goes on a separate trip while her husband is working …..That trip must be advanced……

The site….The place she going to has to have agents in place  and be checked out before she gets there….

In the countries on this trip I wouldn’t be surprised if she get’s here own CAT team…..

Oh, yea…..She gets a separate C-17 transporting HER vehicles……

You can see the trip just KEEPS getting


and Bigger.….

Update …..Here’s an Updated breakdown of a typical Presidential Motorcade from Marc Ambinders 2/11 Piece on the Secret Service at the UN General Assembly in NYC….

Update…..Presidental Limo’s….Suburban’s …..and yes Lady’s and gentlemen……

The Limo (The Beast)……

The Presidential Suburban…..

While all the hoopla has been made over the ‘Beast’ ….The fact is sometimes the 44th President of the United State travels in an amoured Chevy Subrban which is simular to the 

ones the Detail, The control and CAT teams travel in….Except it’s the President’s vehicle…

And now we have a Presidential Bus folks…

Updated…Stagecoach One ( with the President aboard….( Two of them )…..Rebranding Obama's buscapade

Here’s More….. on them…..


A five minute video on President Obama’s trip to NYC in June 2012…Here

A look at traveling aboard Air Force One from a young journalist....Here


More Air Force One photo’s….Here…..

You’ll notice if you look carfully that the pictures include President Obama traveling in the Boeing 747 AND the smaller single aisle Boeing 757….

Reminder…..ANY Air Force aircraft that the President travel’s in is assigned the call sign Air Force One for air traffic controllers information….And that includes the B-757 and the  G-550 used to get the President into smaller field locations…..President Bush 43 flew onto a carrier in Navy One (S-3 Viking  a two engine cargo transport jet) and President Obama flew into Afghanistan on Army One a (Ch-47 Chinook).….

Update ….11/10/13….

The New York Times is out with a piece that illustrates how the President of the United States travels with a ‘secure tent’ to cut out other countries doing what we do….

Listen in…..

‘Even when Mr. Obama travels to allied nations, aides quickly set up the security tent — which has opaque sides and noise-making devices inside — in a room near his hotel suite. When the president needs to read a classified document or have a sensitive conversation, he ducks into the tent to shield himself from secret video cameras and listening devices….’


Update ….1/5/14….

When ever the President of the United States leaves the continental US (that incudes goig to the state of Hawaii)…A US Air Force E-4B is deployed to airfield within several hundred miles  of Air Force One…..



Here’s a piece on the Press Poll traveling to New York with the President April 11, 2014….


Air Traffic Control…..

When the President moves around the country a whole security cape travels with him….

We’ve described it above….

But there is also a part of it handled by air traffic controllers who handle a 30 mile circle  security NO -Fly Zone  above any spot the President is in , be it in Air Force One, Stage Coach One or talking  walk….

The enforcement of that No Fly Zone is done by Air Force fighter jets……

Bust the inner zone any you WILL get a serious vist from an armed F-16 most likely and reception on the ground….Aircraft cleared thru the No-Fly Zone will be sreened by the TSA…

Here’s more on this…..

Update …1/23/15…..

A year of President Obama’s travel, mapped….Here....

Update ….5/8/15…..

President Obama has traveled to ALL 50 state’s as of this date (He’s the fourth to do so)….Here….


It appears that British Prince Phillip (93) is about the ONLY person to actually drive a vehicle that  the American President and First Lady  have traveled in beside’s an American Secret Service agent…The Prince did the driving (In a British Land Rover) on his property @ at Kensington Palace during the Obama’s visit there in today ….

The Obamas in the car with Prince Philip (driving) and the Queen


Update…. 10/30/16…..

Our post on President Obama’s trip from Wash DC to Chicago  to Palm Beach , Florida…. it’s cost and what equipment made the trip…..Here…


A look at the  President Donald Trump’s expenses and the fact that his children are now receiving  details that go with them around the world for Trump business ….Here.


Excellent Update piece on Air Forec One and Marine One programs progress in the early Trump Admin….



Piece on the E-4’s, B-757 and Gulfstream Air Force jets that can accompany a Presidential travel mission…Also a reveal on a ‘secret’ location used to house the President if an emergency situation would to occur in the nation’s capital and how he would get there…


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  1. Trump is airborne in Air Force One, US Air Force N number 28000, enroute to Saudi Arabia ….

    En trails is the backup Air Craft N 29000 with his staff….

    This post for info on what it takes to move the President of the United States around the planet…

  2. For those who have come here to ask about ex-President Obama’s travel?

    Barack Obama and his family left Joint Base Andrews in one of the Presidential B-747….Because Obama was NO longer the President…The Call sign of the aircraft would have been ‘SAM’ and probably the tail number which could have been 2800…Hence ‘SAM 2800 or 2900’…..

    From this day on Barack Obama flys commerical or more likely private jets…
    He and Michelle Obama will prbably have Secret Service details for the rest of their lives…His children will retain detail for a short , while then one would assume the Obama’s will hire private security people….

    Vice President Biden will keep a detail for 6 months to a year….
    The he loses a protective detail…

    Sec of State Kerry also loses his protective detail..But his will go sooner…

    Bidenn traveled home to Deleaware by Amtrak like he has during the time in office….

    1. Secret Service agents in Obama’s detail sent home from Netherlands after night of drinking

      Three Secret Service agents responsible for protecting President Obama in Amsterdam this week were sent home and put on administrative leave Sunday after going out for a night of drinking, according to three people familiar with the incident. One of them was found drunk and passed out in a hotel hallway, the people said.

      The hotel staff alerted the U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands after finding the unconscious agent Sunday morning, a day before Obama arrived in the country, according to two of the people. The embassy then alerted Secret Service managers on the presidential trip, which included Secret Service Director Julia Pierson.


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  6. Okay, james, this is great. I’m glad you pointed me to it – I’m going to update my own post with a link to this one or maybe a new post with some outtakes from here and a link as well. Great stuff.

    1. Thanks Moe……

      It’s one of the most popular here at the PDog…..

      People have NO Idea what it takes to move the President, VP, and First Lady….
      The Sec of State and Defense Sec use equipmentin in place which makes their travel MUCH cheaper…..

      1. On the state level it can go from BIG details for the Governor’s of Cali and New York to some states where the Governor has just a driver….Same goes for big city Mayors vs small cities….

  7. Ah, Correction on the airport closures….

    Most Large International/Domestic Airports ARE NOT closed when Air Force One arrives and departs….

    The Runways ARE closed….

    But Airports like JFK or Miami simply can’t have things shut down for
    a half an hour like that…..It would mess up the whole Eastren Seaboard air traffic….

  8. Update for the inauguration 1/21/13….

    You’ll notice all the vehicle’s described by this piece in evidence on the Ave…..

    Capitol Police Bikes….

    Marked Police Lead cars….


    Detail care with agents hanging on running boards…

    Support vehicles for extra agents….

    Agents flanking the Limo to protect against ‘runners’ to the motorcade limo’s…

    Press vehicles in close for TV….

    Police Offices, Troopers, and Military People doing the crowd control (And freezing )

    1. The Secret Service is using the Caddy Limo’s
      This is a ad for the limo

      More often then not when the President travel’s
      Suburban SUV’s are used giving the protected much more room

  9. I saw a C-17 departing JFK to the West an 1/2 hour ago, no doubt carrying the limo’s and vehicles from Obama’s trip to SI to view Hurricane Damage back to Andrews AFB…

    In a day or two the President will be traveling to Cambodia, Thailand and Burma.

    The trip will involve, I would guess more than a dozen C-17’s flying out Marine Helo’s , vehicles, appearnce props, WH Comm, Medical staff stuff, and Spec Weapons staff….

    Also as indicate in this piece, a backup AF One goes , a Press plane and a E-4 most likely goes in theatre, even though there will be satellite connects for the President…

    Incidently…The US Sec of Defense uses the E-4 as his means of transport whenever he leaves the country to stay in tounch with the National Command Center…

    So HE flys in a B-747….
    The Sec of State is relegated to narrow body B-737 for HER travels which are times TEN more numerous than his ….

  10. Here’s my issue with these vipers. Where were these complaints George w. Was flying all over the place?

    1. Terry …good to here from ya…..
      Stop by and pipe up more….
      Hope you’re doing well!

      ALL President’s travel….
      Each new one more that last one….
      Comes with the job….
      Air Force One…
      and The Marine One chopper are either 20 years old ….or older….

  11. i find it funny these rightwingers are attacking president obama for actually traveling with airforce one, armed limos, staff and security support teams! THE NERVE! were they complaining when george w. bush and every president since flight for this support team for our commander n chief? NOOOOO!

    1. Correct Terry……

      FYI……The incoming House Majority leader will receive…… unpon his assention to that postion a 24/7 Capital Police Protective Detail (wherever he goes on the planet ), Air Force Transportation to his Home state and local and/or state police protection…..Just as Pelosi current has…..

      Comes and goes with the job….

  12. yeah how much did we spend so Bush could go back to Crawford every other weekend and clear that brush on his ranch?

    These “fiscal conservatives” should have told their guy it’d be a hell of a lot cheaper to get some Mexicans to do it!

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